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If your dog’s behavior leaves something to be desired and you are tired of struggling with an unruly pooch, our dog behavior training in Fayetteville can fix these issues allowing you to fully enjoy your furry companion. At Tip Top K9, we’ve trained thousands of dogs, and our training goes far beyond simply teaching your dog to sit and stay.


Through the years, we’ve fixed a wide range of behavioral issues. These range from minor obedience problems to full-scale aggression. Our goal is to determine the root cause of the problems, evaluate your dog’s unique personality and create a training program that addresses all of the problems you face. Here’s a quick look at some of the issues we can tackle.


Aggressive Behaviors

Exhibiting aggressive actions such as snarling, snapping, or even biting can be due to various causes including fear, defending territory, guarding resources like food or toys, discomfort, or previous reinforcement of aggressive behavior. Our specialized aggressive dog training in Fayetteville aims to address and modify these behaviors effectively.


Reducing Separation Anxiety

Dogs showing signs of distress or problematic behaviors in their owner’s absence may suffer from separation anxiety. This could stem from not being trained to handle solitude, traumatic experiences, or changes in their usual environment. Our dog separation anxiety training in Fayetteville focuses on enhancing your dog’s independence and reducing their stress levels.


Ignoring Commands To “Come”

A dog’s failure to respond to recall commands can be due to distractions, insufficient training, or negative connotations associated with the command. Our training emphasizes teaching dogs to consistently respond to recall for their safety.


Persistent Barking

Barking serves many purposes for dogs, including alerts, anxiety expression, or seeking attention. However, when barking becomes incessant, it often indicates unfulfilled physical or emotional needs, which can be addressed through structured obedience training.


Inappropriate Chewing

Dogs, and especially puppies, use chewing as a way to explore their surroundings. When chewing turns destructive, it’s usually a sign of teething discomfort, boredom, surplus energy, anxiety, or a lack of guidelines on suitable chewing objects.


Greeting People With Jumps

Dogs jumping up on people is often a sign of excitement or a plea for social interaction. Without the right training, dogs may not learn the appropriate way to greet people.


Leash Pulling

The excitement of a walk or the desire to explore can lead dogs to pull on their leash, a behavior often rooted in inadequate leash training or a dog’s instinctual urge to wander.


Food Begging

Begging is a behavior dogs learn when they are rewarded with food, leading to persistent and sometimes annoying begging habits. Discouraging this behavior is crucial, as many human foods are not suitable for dogs.


Habitual Digging

Dogs may dig out of boredom, to satisfy their hunting instincts, due to anxiety, or in search of a cooler place to relax, which can be managed with appropriate training strategies.


Potty Training Issues

Problems with indoor elimination can be attributed to incomplete housebreaking, environmental changes, health issues, or anxiety. Including potty training in our dog behavior training in Fayetteville can help address these indoor accidents.


Why Opt for Tip Top K9?

With an impressive roster of over 15,000 satisfied clients and more than 7,000 five-star evaluations, Tip Top K9 is recognized as the leading dog training provider in the country, achieving a success rate of 99.3% through our carefully crafted training methodology.


Navigating the path of dog training by yourself can seem like a Herculean task, but that’s where our seasoned trainers step in. They bring extensive experience to the table, having successfully trained more than 100 varieties of dogs.


Our expertise covers a broad spectrum, from hyperactive Australian shepherds to headstrong bulldogs and Shih Tzus and even traditionally timid dogs such as whippets and greyhounds. Beyond training your furry companion, we also focus on empowering dog owners with the knowledge and techniques to sustain their pets’ positive behaviors.


Our options include tailored training sessions right in your Fayetteville home, an immersive dog boot camp in Fayetteville, and engaging group classes. For most dogs, we will recommend an in-home dog trainer in Fayetteville.


During these sessions, we teach your dog essential skills, from leash manners to obeying fundamental commands like sit and stay, and we ensure that your dog will come to you when called – 100% of the time.


We’re also equipped to address and rectify behaviors such as separation anxiety, excessive barking or jumping on people. For dogs struggling with intense aggression, our dog training camp in Fayetteville is the advisable choice.


In this program, your dog will stay round-the-clock with a professional trainer for a concentrated two to four weeks of dedicated training. We’ve reduced aggression for dogs that were days away from being euthanized or surrendered to a shelter, so if you are struggling with aggression, please give us a call.


After your in-home training or doggy boot camp is complete, we usually encourage participation in our group classes. These are structured to reinforce the training skills of dog owners, rather than introducing basic behavioral training.


Most of our training packages include group classes because we’re committed to your and your dog’s prolonged success in maintaining trained behaviors and ensuring their proper socialization. We also provide you with lifetime phone support to make it as easy as possible to reinforce proper behavior throughout your dog’s life.


Understanding Our Pricing

We recognize that every dog is unique, which is why we don’t subscribe to a one-price-fits-all model. Our trainers will conduct a personalized assessment with you and your dog to determine the specific training needs. This initial consultation is priced at only $1, during which we’ll discuss your training goals and evaluate your dog’s learning potential, temperament and more.


Following this assessment, we’ll develop a customized training program aimed at addressing all of your dog’s behavioral challenges, from basic command adherence and leash training to more severe issues.


Begin Your Training Journey!

For unparalleled dog behavior training in Fayetteville, Tip Top K9 is your ideal partner. To schedule your $1 first lesson, head over to our website’s homepage, click on the Schedule Lesson tab, and fill out our simple contact form. We’re not just limited to Fayetteville; our services extend to Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, and surrounding areas.