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At Tip Top K9, we hold the conviction that no dog is inherently “bad.” However, it’s a fact that many dogs exhibit behaviors that are less than desirable. These can range from mildly irritating actions like relentless barking to more serious concerns like aggressive tendencies. Regardless of the specific challenges your dog may present, our top-notch dog behavior training in Norman can address and rectify these issues.


Dogs exhibit a variety of behavioral challenges that can range from mildly annoying habits to more severe issues impacting their well-being and their relationship with their owners. Grasping the root causes behind these behaviors is essential for effective resolution and management. Here’s a rundown of common canine behavioral issues and the typical reasons they occur:


  1. Displaying Aggression: This includes actions like biting, snapping, or growling. Aggression in dogs can be due to a multitude of factors such as fear, defending territory or resources, discomfort or pain, or previous negative experiences. Sometimes, it’s also a learned response if aggression has previously worked in the dog’s favor. At Tip Top K9, we do offer dog training for aggressive dogs in Norman and usually can resolve even severe aggression issues.


  1. Ignoring Recall Commands: Dogs might not respond to being called back due to distractions, insufficient training, or negative associations with the command (like associating it with the end of playtime).


  1. Excessive Barking: Dogs bark for various reasons like alerting to potential threats, feeling anxious, seeking attention, or even out of boredom. When barking becomes overly frequent, it often suggests that the dog’s mental or physical needs aren’t fully met.


  1. Anxiety When Separated: Manifesting as distress or disruptive behavior when apart from their owners, separation anxiety in dogs can stem from inadequate training to deal with being alone, past negative experiences, lifestyle changes, or inherent tendencies. Our dog separation anxiety training in Norman can go a long way toward reducing anxiety and increasing your dog’s confidence.


  1. Destructive Chewing: Chewing is a natural exploratory behavior in dogs, particularly in puppies. However, it turns into a problem when it causes destruction. This behavior can be attributed to factors such as teething discomfort, boredom, excessive energy, stress, or lack of guidance on what is acceptable to chew.


  1. Jumping on People: This behavior is often due to excitement or a desire for social interaction. Dogs may not understand that jumping on people is inappropriate without proper behavioral guidance.


  1. Leash Tugging: A common issue where dogs pull on their leash, driven by excitement, a desire to explore, or insufficient leash training. Some dogs may also have an instinct to roam, leading to this behavior. A professional dog trainer can teach your dog (and you) how to walk together properly.


  1. Compulsive Digging: Dogs may dig out of boredom, an abundance of energy, instinctual hunting behavior, anxiety (such as trying to escape), or to find a cooler place to rest.


  1. Potty Training Issues: House soiling can be a result of incomplete house training, environmental changes, health issues, or stress and anxiety. If your dog or puppy is struggling with potty training, this can be addressed during dog behavior training in Norman.


  1. Food Begging: This is a learned behavior where the dog has been positively reinforced in the past for begging, encouraging repetition of the action.


Tip Top K9: We Fix Dog Behavior Issues!

With more than 15,000 satisfied customers and more than 7,000 five-star ratings, Tip Top K9 stands as the most highly acclaimed dog training service in the country. Our success rate is an impressive 99.3%, a testament to our effective, step-by-step training approach.


While self-training your dog can seem overwhelming, our team of expert dog trainers brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having worked with 134 different dog breeds, we’re adept at handling a diverse range of canine personalities, from energetic retrievers to more obstinate bulldogs. Our training goes beyond just working with your dog; we also empower owners with techniques to maintain and encourage their dog’s good behavior.


Our solutions for dog training in Norman encompass in-home training, dog boot camp in Norman and group classes. We generally advise the in-home training route for most dogs. In these sessions, we cover essential skills such as leash walking and obedience commands like “sit,” “stay” and come, as well as targeting minor behavioral issues such as jumping, scratching furniture, barking or potty-training problems.


Dogs with serious aggression or anxiety might benefit more from our doggy boot camp in Norman. This involves an immersive two to four-week stay with a professional trainer, focusing on consistent and intensive training. Over the years, we’ve saved many dogs that were close to being surrendered due to their excessive behavioral problems.


After completing in-home training or boot camp, group classes are a great next step. These are designed to help dog owners solidify their training skills, rather than serving as an introductory training phase. Group classes are meant to be supportive and are not the first step in behavior modification.


Our packages typically include group classes, as we aim to provide ongoing support for your dog’s training journey. These classes also offer a fantastic chance for your dog to remain well-socialized throughout their life.


Custom Training = Custom Pricing

Our pricing approach at Tip Top K9 is personalized, as we recognize that each dog has its own set of needs and characteristics. That’s why we avoid listing generic prices on our website. Instead, our trainers prefer to have an initial meeting with you and your dog to assess the specific training requirements. To get started, we offer an introductory lesson for just $1, where we’ll discuss your training goals and evaluate your dog’s trainability, temperament, and other relevant factors.


Based on this assessment, we will develop a tailored training plan designed to address the unique behavioral challenges of your dog. Whether your needs are basic, like mastering fundamental commands and proper leash walking, or more complex issues, our team is equipped to assist you in achieving your training objectives.


Book Your First Lesson Now

If you’ve been searching for quality dog behavior training in Norman, Tip Top K9 trainers have the expertise to solve just about any behavioral issue. To book your first lesson, which, again, is just $1, head to our homepage and click on the Schedule Lesson tab. We serve customers in Norman and throughout the entire area.