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Our Norman dog training location serves the greater Norman and Moore Oklahoma area. We specialize in the hard to handle, out of control dogs that hobbyist trainers may struggle to tame! We want people to enjoy their dog for the rest of their life and show them how to communicate with their pup in a way they may never have before!

If you are in Norman or Moore and need help with dog training our Norman dog trainers are highly trained in the Tip Top Method of Dog Training and ready to show you how quickly we can get you real results!

About Our Location: 

Our Norman dog training facility if ran by full time dog trainers. Everyone on our team is passionate about dog and helping people enjoy their dog more!

Our Norman dog trainers not only love training dogs but they are sold out dog junkies!! If you have seen the dog freaks that are with their dog 24/7/365 and don’t have a life without their dog… thats us! We do this not just as a job but as a calling. Helping Norman clients train their dogs and teaching people how to communicate better with their beloved dogs is what wakes us up in the morning!

With our team your first lesson is only $1.00 so if your interested please call us today at 833-484-7867 to get started!

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Norman Dog Training Piper

Piper the German Shepherd

Our journey with Piper’s training has been nothing short of remarkable. She’s been surprising us with her capabilities, accomplishing feats we never thought possible for a pup her age. One of our immediate concerns was her tendency to jump, lick, and nip at us. We decided to nip this in the bud and started training from day one. The transformation was astounding and brought us immense relief

Our decision to choose Tip Top K9 for Piper’s training was influenced by a glowing recommendation from another family we know. They had previously tried several other training courses for their pet, who had a host of behavioral issues. However, it was only after they discovered Tip Top K9 that they saw a significant improvement. Their pet became more obedient, responding well to commands, and their problems seemed to melt away.

Watching Piper’s progress under the guidance of Tip Top K9 has been a truly rewarding experience. We’ve seen her grow, learn, and adapt, and it’s been a joy to witness. We wholeheartedly endorse Tip Top K9. Their approach to training has not only benefited Piper but also enriched our experience as pet parents. It’s been a fantastic journey for us and our darling Piper!

Norman Dog Trainer Roxy

Roxy the Mini Poodle

Having never owned a dog before, Roxy’s arrival four months ago was a delightful yet challenging experience. As a puppy, she was full of energy and curiosity, which, while endearing, also presented some behavioral challenges such as chewing on EVERYTHING, being erratic on a leash, running away and jumping all over our children.

Our training sessions with Tip, Top K9 have now concluded, and we are thrilled with the progress Roxy has made. She has become more disciplined and her behavior during walks has significantly improved. We attribute this positive change to the excellent work of our trainer, who not only did a commendable job training Roxy but also made the process enjoyable for all of us. She can even go to Bass Pro now!!!

We are grateful for the professional guidance and support provided by Tip, Top K9. Their expertise has made a significant difference in Roxy’s behavior and has enhanced our overall experience as first-time dog owners. We look forward to continuing our journey with Roxy, confident in the knowledge and skills we have gained from our training sessions.

Norman Dog Training Bella

Bella the Mini Bernadoodle

Our beloved dog, Bella, was once a living nightmare. We got her and she is literally the cutest mini bernadoodle ever but she has anxiety and aggression and we now feel like her breeder was probably more of a puppy mill for profit breeder.

She is literally perfect with our family. Her unpredictable behavior towards both new humans and dogs was a constant source of anxiety. The fear of her nipping at unsuspecting individuals or engaging in aggressive behavior with other dogs made us hesitant to take her out in public or even include her in family activities.

We decided to invest in private lessons for Bella and the transformation was nothing short of amazing! After completing our sessions with the professionals at Tip Top K9 Office, Bella became a different dog. She was no longer the unpredictable, aggressive pet we once knew. Instead, she was manageable, well-controlled, and a joy to be around.

We could now confidently take her on our hiking adventures, knowing she would behave appropriately. Even more importantly, we could trust her around our family, no longer fearing she might lash out unexpectedly.

We are eternally grateful to the team at Tip Top K9 Office for their expertise and guidance. They have given us a new lease on life with Bella, transforming our family dynamic and allowing us to fully enjoy our time with our beloved pet. Thank you, Tip Top K9, for helping us turn our nightmare into a dream come true.



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