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They say happiness is a warm puppy and that dogs are man’s best friend, and while this is certainly true if you are dealing with dog behavioral issues, this can dampen the joy of your relationship. Fortunately, at Tip Top K9, our dog behavior training in West Jordan can fix these problems and maximize your enjoyment of your furry friend.


Dog training in West Jordan can transform any dog with irritating or dangerous behavior into a near-perfect companion. Through the years, we’ve worked with thousands of dogs whose issues ranged from mild to severe and we specialize in dealing with the following behavioral issues.


  1. Dog Aggression Issues

Aggression in dogs is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. If your dog attacks other dogs or animals or people, this is a liability issue, of course, but no one wants a dog that causes injury to others. In fact, aggression is one of the biggest reasons why people rehome their dogs and sometimes dogs are put down due to aggression.


Our specialized dog training for aggressive dogs in West Jordan can address these issues and remediate the situation.  We’ve intervened in many critical situations, preventing euthanasia or rehoming, and have successfully mitigated aggression, transforming these dogs into safe, loving companions. If you’re facing any form of aggression from your dog, reach out to us for an evaluation and a tailored training plan to address and resolve these behaviors.


  1. General Disobedience & Nuisance Behaviors

Is your furry friend ignoring commands to sit or stay? Perhaps they don’t come when called, only responding on their own terms or when enticed with a tasty morsel. Obedience dog training in West Jordan can address these challenges, ensuring your pet obediently sits, stays on command, and comes every time you call. An obedient dog is not only more manageable but also safer, as they’ll heed your commands instead of chasing after distractions or darting into danger.


Dogs, with their endearing looks, loyalty, and boundless enthusiasm, are hard not to adore. However, their behavior can sometimes be troublesome. Our dog behavior training in West Jordan is designed to also amend common issues such as:

  • Potty Training
  • Begging
  • Excessive Barking
  • Jumping
  • Digging & Destructive Behavior


Whether your dog is a jumper, a barker, or has other bothersome habits, addressing these behaviors is crucial, and our training at Tip Top K9 can assist in making your pet a more pleasant companion.


  1. Separation Anxiety

It’s natural for dogs to prefer company, but some exhibit severe distress and destructive behaviors when left alone. Dog separation anxiety training in West Jordan aims to alleviate this stress, minimizing the unwanted behaviors linked to this issue.


If your dog damages furniture, scratches doors, has accidents indoors, or barks and whines excessively in your absence, they’re likely experiencing separation anxiety. Our training approaches can help your dog feel more secure when alone, significantly improving their demeanor when you’re away.


  1. Proper Walking & Leash Skills

This could have been grouped under the nuisance behavior due to the frustration of being pulled rather than walking calmly alongside you. But leash pulling is also a safety concern, as a dog lacking proper leash manners could potentially break free, posing risks to themselves and others.


Additionally, a dog could entangle you (or a passerby) in their leash, creating a hazard that might result in falls and injuries. If you dream of peaceful walks in the park with your dog, our leash training services can make that a reality. Many people avoid walking their dog because of improper leash etiquette, so fixing this can ensure that both of you get plenty of fun outdoor time and exercise.


Our Dog Training Options

We provide personalized in-home dog training, an immersive dog boot camp in West Jordan, and group training sessions. Here’s a quick look at each of these options.


In-Home Training

Using an in-home dog trainer in West Jordan naturally offers unparalleled convenience and is perfect for pets that need basic obedience training without addressing severe behavioral issues. This method is ideal if your dog needs to master commands or if you’re looking to manage habits like excessive barking or jumping.


Doggy Boot Camp

For canines grappling with aggression or profound behavioral challenges, our dog training camp in West Jordan is generally the recommended route. Here, pets reside full-time with a dedicated trainer, ensuring a thorough and focused training regimen.


This immersive board-and-train setup not only yields quicker outcomes but also, within a span of two to four weeks, significantly mitigates or resolves aggression and other behavioral concerns. Should more time be needed to achieve these goals, the duration of the camp can be extended. Our commitment is to address these issues, regardless of the time required.


Group Lessons

Group sessions are designed as a follow-up to either in-home training or boot camp completion. Included in most of our packages are lifetime group classes, allowing you and your pet to periodically revisit our center for skill enhancement and socialization. Additionally, we offer ongoing telephone support for all our clients, ensuring your dog’s exemplary behavior is maintained for life.


How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

The cost is indeed a major consideration for most. Our approach is to tailor training programs specifically to meet the unique needs of each client, which is why we don’t list prices upfront on our website.


The complexity of your dog’s behavioral challenges dictates the intensity and duration of the training required. For instance, a dog with deep-seated behavioral issues will necessitate a more robust and extended training plan compared to one that requires basic obedience refinement and minor habit adjustments.


Our mission is to deliver effective solutions to your dog’s behavioral problems within a budget that works for you. Our passion is in educating dogs, although we acknowledge that some cases present more of a challenge than others. To start, we offer an initial lesson for just $1, during which we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your dog to establish the necessary training extent, methodology, and the associated cost.


With our track record of over 5,000 five-star reviews and a 99.3% success rate, we’re confident in the value of our training. We stand by our commitment to resolve 95% of your dog’s issues, offering a money-back guarantee if we fall short. Our time-tested training techniques are designed to make a significant difference, resulting in a well-mannered pet you’ll enjoy for many years.


Tip Top K9 – We Fix Dog Problems!

Don’t struggle another day with dog behavioral issues, our experienced trainers can help with just about any problem you might be facing. In addition to providing dog behavior training in West Jordan, we serve the entire greater Salt Lake City area. Contact us at any time to set up your $1 initial lesson.