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If you are struggling with your dog’s behavior, particularly with issues regarding aggression, basic dog obedience training likely won’t be enough to correct this issue. However, our intensive dog boot camp in Norman can curb aggression issues and can be the best option for dogs with severe behavioral problems.


What Is Boot Camp? Is It The Right Choice For My Dog?



While boot camp might conjure up images of a platoon of young recruits verbally assaulted by a hard-charging sergeant, doggy boot camp is not as extreme. However, it is equally immersive, allowing for 24/7 training opportunities and near-constant reinforce of proper behavior.


Unlike using an in-home trainer in Norman or attending group dog training classes, with our doggy boot camp in Norman, your furry friend will live with one of our experienced trainers for about two to four weeks, depending on the severity of their behavior. This allows us to provide training throughout the day, and many of our trainers also have their own dogs, which allows us to socialize your animal.


Dog boot camp in Norman is the ideal choice for dogs with severe issues. If your dog is sweet-tempered but doesn’t obey or understand obedience commands or perhaps barks too much or tugs while on their leash, these are issues we typically can address with basic training in your home.


Boot camp, however, can fix serious issues and we’ve dealt with some of the toughest cases imaginable. We’ve successfully trained dogs that constantly attack other dogs or perhaps bite humans. We’ve worked with abused animals, including dogs subjected to horrors such as dog fighting, as well as dogs that were days away from being euthanized.


5 Behavior Issues We Fix In Dog Boot Camp

Aggression is typically the main reason why dog parents bring their animals to dog boot camp, and it’s an important issue to solve. However, it is just one of several issues a professional dog trainer can address during behavior modification dog training in Norman. Here’s a look at what we work on during camp.


  1. Aggression

There are many different types of aggressive dog behavior, and none are acceptable. Dogs become aggressive due to issues such as fear, poor training or traumatic events in their past and this can manifest in many ways. For instance, dogs might practice resource guarding and act aggressively around their food or toys. Dogs might snarl and bark at anyone passing by your home or even attack other dogs or people. We can tackle these issues with intensive, consistent training.


  1. Obedience Skills

All dogs should be taught basic obedience skills, not only because it keeps them safer, but also because an obedient dog is simply more pleasant. Who wants to have to constantly manage a dog that won’t sit when commanded or won’t come when called? This is unsafe and annoying, and it just doesn’t have to be that way. Dogs can be trained to obey commands 100% of the time, and they also are happy when they understand the rules and know what to expect.


  1. Separation Anxiety

Many dogs, especially rescue dogs, suffer from anxiety when separated from their family or favorite person. This can manifest in destructive and unpleasant behavior, such as chewing on furniture, urinating and defecating inside your home and excessive barking. In addition to curbing aggression and boosting obedience, we also offer dog separation anxiety training in Norman, which can alleviate your dog’s fears and allow them to feel more comfortable and safer when you have to leave the house.


  1. Social Skills

If you long for a dog you can take to the park, an outdoor café or any place where dogs are welcome, we can help. An aggressive or untrained dog is not one that you want to take out into public, but we can work on socializing your dog so that they know how to behave around other dogs and humans. We also will teach them to behave properly on a leash, which will make those daily walks a lot easier.


  1. Potty Training

While puppies certainly need to understand your rules regarding where to potty, rescue dogs often have this issue as well. If this is a problem you have been having, let us know, and we will work on it during dog boot camp in Norman.


Benefits of Enrolling in Dog Training Boot Camp

At Tip Top K9, we’re proud to offer both personalized in-home training and our comprehensive dog training camp in Norman. Each option has its unique advantages, but there are several key benefits to choosing our dog boot camp:


  1. Quick & Effective Transformation

Our dog boot camp in Norman is designed to achieve remarkable improvements in your pet’s behavior within a mere two to four weeks, turning them into obedient and happy pets. On the other hand, traditional in-home training could take months to see significant changes, requiring a substantial effort from pet owners to ensure consistent training.


At our boot camp, professional trainers take on the full responsibility of training your dog. When your pet returns home, we provide you with the necessary guidance to continue their training effectively.


  1. Customized Training Solutions

At Tip Top K9, we reject the “one-size-fits-all” approach to dog training in Norman. Whether you choose our in-home sessions or dog boot camp, we tailor our training to meet the specific needs and challenges of your dog. This personalized strategy is essential, considering each dog’s unique personality and behavioral issues. Following the boot camp, we also offer group sessions to reinforce obedience and promote social skills, an integral part of most of our training packages.


  1. Focused & Intensive Training Regimen

Our boot camp provides an immersive training environment that facilitates constant learning and behavior modification. Unlike in-home training, which may be sporadic due to personal schedules, boot camp ensures your dog receives focused attention and training throughout their stay. This intensive approach allows for faster and more consistent progress.


Our Special $1 Introductory Offer

Your journey with Tip Top K9 begins with an introductory session for just $1. In this session, one of our skilled trainers will visit your home to assess your dog’s behavior and discuss your training objectives. Following this assessment, we’ll recommend the most suitable training path for your dog, based on their needs.


After completing in-home dog training classes in Norman or dog boot camp in Norman, your dog will be transformed into a more obedient and joyful family member. We understand the difficulty of being away from your pet, but the results will undoubtedly justify the temporary separation. At Tip Top K9, we confidently address and resolve 99% of behavioral issues, ensuring a positive outcome for your pet.