While it’s been said that there are no bad dogs, there definitely are dogs out there that display dangerous and unpleasant behavior. If your dog is aggressive, anxious or generally a behavioral mess, our dog boot camp in OKC could be the answer to these problems. Here’s a look at Tip Top K9’s boot camp and how it can transform your dog’s behavior.


Dog Boot Camp: What Is It?

When you hear the words “boot camp,” you probably think about soldiers working through weeks of intensive training and, essentially, this is correct. Our doggy boot camp in OKC provides intensive, immersive training for two to four weeks (and sometimes longer). During this time, your dog will live around the clock with a professional dog trainer.


Dog training camp in OKC can be a great option for dogs of any breed or age, but it is particularly suitable for puppies and dogs with severe behavioral problems. Puppies can thrive either with camp or typical in-home training, but if you have a dog with severe problems, dog boot camp can be the best option.


Through the years, we’ve tackled some of the most difficult behavioral challenges, including dogs that have such aggressive behavior they are near being surrendered to a shelter or even put down.


This includes dogs that were rescued from dog fighting rings and dogs that have been severely mistreated by previous owners as well as dogs with severe anxiety. Whether you need dog training for aggressive dogs in OKC or dog separation anxiety training in OKC, we can remediate these issues and transform your dog’s behavior.


Why Opt For Boot Camp?

We know that it can be tough for families to consider sending their dog away for training, but while this can be a sacrifice, there are some compelling reasons to consider the boot camp approach rather than in-home lessons or group classes.


  1. Boot Camp Is Faster

While in-home lessons can be a great match for many dogs, especially those with less serious issues, dog boot camp in OKC is going to yield much faster results. With a lesson, you might work an hour a day on obedience skills, but with boot camp, these skills are reinforced again and again throughout the day. Boot camp is a completely immersive experience, and this simply works faster than typical lessons.


  1. Intensive Training

Most dog parents can’t spend eight hours or more each day working on dog training. However, for a professional dog trainer, this is their job, which means they can devote the time. Of course, our trainers also are dog behavior experts, which means they know how to train even the most difficult dogs.


Immersive training with an expert aggressive dog trainer can be the best way to truly eliminate problem behaviors. Obviously, once the dog returns home, the family will need to continue reinforcing positive behavior, but this will be much easier once we’ve provided that initial training.


  1. Personalized Training = Better Results

Actually, at Tip Top K9, we provide customized training for all of our dogs. So, whether you opt for in-home dog training classes in OKC or dog boot camp in OKC, we will tailor all of the lessons to suit your dog’s unique personality.


Many trainers simply use one methodology when working with all of their dogs, but we’ve found that training is much more effective when we carefully evaluate the animal and determine which training strategies will work best. Just like all children are unique and benefit from individualized instruction, dogs are just the same. They have unique personalities and learning styles, and we will develop a training plan that suits your special furry friend.


5 Main Issues We Target

While the serious issues will be the main focus of dog boot camp in OKC, our goal is to provide you with a well-behaved dog that follows commands, is well-socialized and is an enjoyable member of your family. With that in mind, here are some of the key issues we work on during our intensive training camp.


  1. Eliminating Aggressive Behavior

We encounter different types of aggression in dogs, necessitating specific strategies to ensure the safety of the dog, other animals, and humans. Our approach covers addressing aggression directed at humans or other dogs, which might stem from fear, dominance issues, or past traumas. We also focus on behaviors such as resource guarding and aggression related to food.


  1. Social Skills

It’s important for dogs to be comfortable around people and other animals. While some territorial behavior is acceptable for home protection, excessive aggression is problematic. Our aim is to train dogs to be well-socialized and well-behaved, making them a delight in dog-friendly environments.


  1. Mitigating Anxiety

Often, a dog’s aggressive behavior is rooted in anxiety, which can also manifest in destructive actions like damaging furniture or inappropriate urination. Our trainers specialize not just in obedience and aggression but also in targeting canine anxiety, including training for separation anxiety as a core part of our boot camp.


Our goal is to transform your dog into a well-mannered, sociable family member, free from the challenges of behavioral issues. If you are dealing with such difficulties with your dog, our boot camp might offer the change you need.


  1. Fundamental Obedience Training

Besides aggression management, it’s crucial to teach basic obedience to all dogs. These skills simplify the owner’s life and protect the dog’s safety. Our curriculum focuses on commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” and discourages habits such as jumping on people or pulling on the leash.


  1. House Training

Essential for puppies and rescue dogs, house training can be included with our dog behavior training in OKC. It teaches dogs the appropriate places for their needs. Our trainers use a variety of effective techniques, including crate training, to instill these important habits.


Contact Tip Top K9 Today!

We offer dog boot camp in OKC and throughout the entire Oklahoma City metro area. To get started with dog training in OKC, you simply have to click on our Schedule Lesson tab and fill out our quick contact form. Once you’ve submitted that form, a trainer will be in touch to set up your first lesson, which costs just $1. From there, you will be just weeks away from enjoying a well-trained, happy furry companion.