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Are you a dog owner grappling with behavioral challenges such as aggression or lack of obedience? You may have heard about the concept of dog boot camp. A dog boot camp in Tulsa isn’t just a training program; it’s an intensive approach to reshape your dog’s behavior and strengthen the bone between you and your pet. Let’s take a look at this training option and how Tip Top K9 can help you solve all of your dog’s behavioral issues.


What Is Dog Boot Camp In Tulsa?

With a human boot camp, we refer to the military or perhaps a tough-as-nails approach to fitness, but with a dog boot camp, this option refers to an intensive board and train program tailored to meet the needs of your specific dog.


With a dog boot camp program, your dog will spend 24 hours a day living with one of our experienced dog trainers. The camp lasts for about two to four weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the number of issues and the severity of those issues.


Our boot camp training can be used to train puppies, rescue dogs and even older dogs with behavioral issues. Whether you’ve attempted dog training in the past or are simply tired of dealing with problem behaviors, boot camp can be an excellent option to consider.


Through the years, our expert trainers have helped dogs with an array of problems, including dogs that have attacked and injured people, dogs with severe anxiety and phobias, feral dogs, dogs previously used as fighting dogs, dogs with severe past trauma and much more. Many of these dogs were close to being put down or medicated because of their behavior, and we were able to control or eliminate problem behaviors successfully.


5 Issues We Can Address

Typically, the dogs that come to us for boot camp are ones with serious behavioral issues, and curbing aggression is often the top priority, but it’s just one of several issues we can correct through proper and consistent dog behavior training in Tulsa.


  1. Aggression

There are many types of aggression that dogs might demonstrate, and none of these behaviors should be ignored because they can put your dog in danger as well as other animals and people.


Obviously, if you have a dog that is aggressive to people or aggressive with other dogs, that needs to be corrected. Whether these issues are fear-based or dominance-based or caused by a previous trauma, they can create dangerous situations. We also can work on reducing or eliminating resource guarding and food aggression. Resource guarding is when an animal will guard an item and growl, snap or bite when someone tries to remove the item from them.


  1. Obedience Training

While aggression is a serious issue, all dogs need to be taught basic obedience skills. Learning these skills not only makes life easier for dog parents but also keeps your dog safe from harm. We will teach your dog to sit, stay and come on command 100% of the time, as well as ensure your dog does not jump on people or drag you by the leash. All of this can be addressed during dog boot camp.


  1. Potty Training

Puppies and rescue dogs will need to be taught where they are supposed to go to the bathroom. In some cases, crate training can be beneficial for this process, but our trainers also have other methods that can teach your dog the correct place to do their “business,” and this can be a component of dog boot camp.


  1. Socialization

Dogs need to be comfortable around humans as well as other dogs, and boot camp training can address these issues. While you might want a dog to be a bit territorial for home protection, you don’t want a dog that constantly nips or barks at people or other animals.


A well-socialized, well-behaved dog can be taken just about anywhere dogs are allowed, and that’s always the end goal of our training. We want to provide you with a sweet, socialized pooch that your entire family with cherish and enjoy throughout their lifetime. If you are constantly worried or irritated by your dog’s behavior, it’s time to give some thought to training and fixing these issues.


  1. Anxiety Reduction

Sometimes dos are aggressive because they are fearful, but anxiety can manifest in other ways, as well. Dogs that scratch furniture, chew on your items or perhaps urinate in your home when you are away, despite being potty trained, might be suffering from anxiety. While dog boot camp often is used to reduce aggression and improve obedience, our camp also can be used for dog separation anxiety training in Tulsa.


3 Reasons To Consider Doggy Boot Camp In Tulsa

At Tip Top K9, we provide both in-home dog training in Tulsa and dog boot camp in Tulsa, but our dog boot camp can be a good option to consider for several reasons, including the following:


  1. Enjoy Faster Results

Generally, in just two to four weeks, we can train your dog and present you with a well-behaved, happy pet. In-home training often takes several months, and dog parents also will need to do some homework to keep training consistent and reinforced. With boot camp, the trainer handles all of the homework, and once your dog is returned, we will explain the obedience commands and how to reinforce good behavior.


  1. Training Is More Consistent

With boot camp, your dog undergoes pretty much round-the-clock training. While we know that dogs have short attention spans and might not be able to handle long training sessions, with camp, they will be immersed in training. Every moment of the day provides the trainer with an opportunity to correct problem behavior and reinforce skills.


At home, you likely have work and family obligations that limit the amount of time you can devote to training. With boot camp, that’s the trainer’s entire job – to improve the behavior of your animal and they can devote much more time and provide a higher level of consistency, and this generates faster results.


Once you’ve completed boot camp, we do offer group classes to reinforce obedience skills and boost socialization, and these typically are included on most of our training packages.


  1. It’s A Personalized Approach

At Tip Top K9, both our in-home lessons and boot camp are personalized to address the specific behavioral issues that need to be corrected or controlled. We don’t simply utilize a one-size-fits-all approach to training, and this is crucial because every dog is unique and they not only exhibit unique behavior but the reasons behind the behavior also are unique.


Get Started With A $1 Lesson

Before we dive into dog training in Tulsa, we will evaluate your dog with a comprehensive in-home introductory lesson. Not only will we spend some time with your dog to get a sense of their personality, but we will sit down with you and discuss all of the issues you hope to resolve.


In some cases, an in-home dog trainer in Tulsa might be all you need, and we can provide that. However, with more serious cases, we will recommend our dog boot camp in Tulsa. We know it can be tough to send your dog away for several weeks, but not only will they be perfectly safe with our trainers, they will return to you with a significant improvement in behavior and you will enjoy them all the more because they will be well-behaved and well-socialized. To get started, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage! We serve the entire Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks and beyond.