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Dogs can be great for home protection, barking to ward off potential intruders and generally keeping your property safe. However, if your dog is crossing the line between protective and aggressive and you struggle to keep your dog from attacking people or other animals, it’s time to make a change. Our dog training camp in Troy can transform your dog’s behavior, increasing safety and allowing you to truly enjoy your furry companion.


Our Dog Boot Camp In Troy: An Overview

At Tip Top K9, our specialized dog training camp in Troy caters to dogs dealing with significant behavioral problems. This program entails your pet living full-time with one of our seasoned trainers, essentially transforming it into an all-inclusive board and train experience for dogs. Such an environment permits our trainers to conduct thorough and dedicated training sessions all day long.


It may be hard to imagine being away from your pet, but for those facing severe behavioral issues, including aggression, this dedicated training regimen is the most effective approach. While home-based dog training in Troy may suffice for pets lacking basic obedience, the complexities of more severe issues necessitate the immersive experience our camp provides.


Our team has a long history of rehabilitating dogs that were once considered lost causes, such as those with a record of aggressive behavior or those that have been repeatedly returned to shelters.


We are also adept at treating dogs with extreme anxiety and phobias, including those suffering from separation anxiety, which can be incorporated into our camp’s customized training plans. If your dog engages in problematic behaviors like incessant barking or destructive actions when alone, it’s likely experiencing separation anxiety, a condition we are equipped to manage with some intensive dog separation anxiety training in Troy.


Our board and train in Troy is effective for dogs of all ages, including older dogs with deep-seated behavioral issues, as well as young dogs and rescues. After your dog completes our camp, we’ll equip you with the strategies and knowledge to continue reinforcing positive behaviors at home. This not only guarantees a well-mannered pet but also strengthens your bond and trust with your canine companion, fostering a more peaceful and enjoyable home life.

Our Pricing

We don’t list a bunch of prices on our website because we offer fully customized training programs. Each dog has its own set of behaviors and needs, leading us to create a training plan that’s uniquely suited to your pet. Therefore, the total cost of dog training in Troy will be influenced by factors such as the duration of the camp stay and the complexity of the behavioral issues being addressed.


However, we do charge just $1 for the initial lesson, with no further commitment required. In this session, one of our skilled trainers will introduce you to our training approach, assess your dog’s behavior, and talk about your objectives for the training. Following this, we can offer general guidance or proceed to develop a tailored training strategy for you, which could include at-home sessions or enrollment in our comprehensive doggy boot camp in Troy, based on what’s best for your situation.


Is Your Dog the Only Pet at the Training Camp?

During dog training camp in Troy, your dog will be living 24/7 with one of our trainers and some of our trainers do have pets of their own. Many of the dogs we work with are aggressive toward other dogs and animals, so you might think it is counterintuitive to have a boot camp with additional animals present, but this actually can be an excellent way to socialize your dog.


Camp Typically Lasts 2-4 Weeks

Our boot camp durations vary from a minimum of two weeks to four weeks, based on the severity of your dog’s behavioral challenges. There are instances where particularly stubborn issues may require a longer stay with a trainer.


At our core, we hold the belief that no canine is too challenging to train. Our dedication to these animals motivates us to assist them in achieving their best possible behavior. We stand by the philosophy that there’s no situation involving a dog that can’t be improved, but, in some cases, we will need more than four weeks to fix serious problems.


Our training also encompasses a wide array of behavioral corrections. Beyond addressing serious concerns like aggression and extreme anxiety, we also emphasize foundational obedience training. This includes commands to sit, stay, lie down, and ensure reliable recall (your dog will “come” 100% of the time).


During obedience dog training in Troy, we also focus on leash training to manage large dogs who may otherwise lead their walkers, rather than walking alongside them. Addressing behaviors like housebreaking, excessive barking, and jumping on people is also within our scope. Our goal is to equip you with a polite and well-adjusted dog that is welcome in all dog-friendly venues.


We understand the commitment this represents, especially when considering dogs at risk of abandonment or euthanasia. A lengthier stay, while it may appear daunting, represents a much more compassionate option than the loss of a dog that truly has the potential to become an exceptional pet.


What Sets Tip Top K9 Apart?

There are plenty of dog trainers out there, and it can be tough for dog parents to wade through the offerings and select the best option. At Tip Top K9, we’ve been around for more than 15 years and have more than 7.500 5-star reviews. We also have a 99.3% success rate, and we guarantee to fix 95% of your dog’s problems or we’ll refund your money.


Additionally, we also train you, the dog parents, to ensure that you can replicate our teachings and reinforce obedience skills as well as redirect and correct poor behavior. We also include lifetime group classes in most of our training packages.


We don’t simply train your dog and then walk away. Our group classes provide you with an easy way to reinforce skills and continue to socialize your dog in a safe setting with professional trainers on hand.


Schedule Your $1 First Lesson

Dogs are exceptional companions, but if your dog’s behavior isn’t allowing you to truly enjoy this relationship, we can help. Our in-home training and dog training camp in Troy can make all of the difference and drastically improve canine behavior. In addition to serving clients in Troy, we also serve clients in Birmingham, Madison Heights and all the surrounding areas.