At Tip Top K9, we truly believe that any dog can become not just a good dog, but a fantastic companion, all it takes is a little bit of professional dog training. Through our dog training classes in Gilbert, we can provide you with a well-behaved, well-trained pooch that you will enjoy for years to come. If you are on the fence about hiring a dog trainer, here are a few reasons to consider taking the plunge.


  1. Training Targets All Types Of Behavioral Issues

Does your dog love to leap at your guests, bark relentlessly, or show aggression towards other dogs or people? Effective dog training can address and resolve these challenging behaviors.


It’s a little-known fact, but insufficient training is a major reason dogs are surrendered to shelters. It’s a heart-wrenching situation, especially when skilled training can turn a hard-to-handle pup into an ideal pet. Even for dogs with aggressive tendencies, we have strategies to mitigate such behavior. We’re so sure of our methods that we offer a 95% problem-solving guarantee or your money back. That’s our promise to you to enhance your dog’s behavior.


  1. Dog Training Improves Socialization

Dealing with a dog that shows aggression towards other animals can be challenging. While keeping them isolated might seem like the simplest solution, it’s not always feasible or effective. Instead of avoiding the issue, opting for specialized dog training for aggressive dogs in Gilbert is a more effective approach, directly addressing and resolving the problem.


A certain level of protectiveness or territorial behavior at home can be acceptable. However, it becomes a concern if your dog consistently reacts aggressively to other dogs, behaves threateningly towards people, or snaps when you remove a toy or object. In these cases, it’s crucial to intervene and modify these behaviors.


Dogs with high levels of aggression can be unpredictable and pose a safety risk, making proper training indispensable for both behavior management and socialization. Our experience spans thousands of dogs, including those on the brink of being euthanized due to aggressive behavior. You might be surprised to learn that with consistent, rigorous training, nearly any dog can evolve into a well-mannered and content companion, becoming a treasured member of your family.


  1. Dog Training Strengthens The Dog-Human Connection

Dogs are natural pleasers, but adapting to a new home and understanding the rules can be confusing for them. Our dog training in Gilbert offers a unique opportunity to build a deeper, more understanding relationship with your pet. This training is not just about commands; it’s about fostering a bond based on trust and mutual respect. It improves communication between you and your dog, strengthening the connection you share.


  1. Dog Training Classes In Gilbert Increase Safety

While managing aggression is a key aspect of ensuring your pet’s safety, even non-aggressive dogs benefit greatly from mastering basic obedience commands. A well-trained dog that responds to commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘lie down’ — even without a leash — is less likely to dash into the street or chase after other animals. Our training also ensures that your dog reliably comes when called, a vital skill for preventing potentially dangerous situations.


  1. Dog Training Boosts Mental Engagement

Dogs, much like humans, thrive on mental challenges, and dog training sessions are an excellent source of such stimulation. Engaging their minds is especially crucial for breeds that are highly intelligent and energetic, as they need more mental activity to stave off boredom. Without sufficient mental engagement, dogs might resort to unwanted behaviors, like gnawing on household items or personal belongings.


After completing formal training, it’s beneficial to continue practicing the learned obedience skills at home. This ongoing practice doesn’t just solidify good habits; it also provides a valuable, brain-stimulating exercise for your dog. Additionally, regular walks and playtime are essential. Integrating training with regular physical activity and play is particularly effective in curbing undesirable behaviors in high-energy dogs, ensuring they stay both mentally and physically content.


Tip Top K9: Our Unique Approach

We know that you can find tons of online dog training tutorials and there are plenty of local trainers out there, so why should you select Tip Top K9 over these other options? The short answer is – our training works. As America’s highest-rated dog training company, our unique training methodology has helped more than 15,000 families and we guarantee to fix 95% of your dog’s issues or we’ll refund your money.


Within a matter of weeks, or at most a couple of months, you can expect to see a marked improvement in your dog’s behavior. However, our method involves more than just guiding your dog; it’s also about equipping you, the dog owner, with the skills to sustain the benefits of our training program throughout your dog’s lifetime. In essence, we’re not only training your dog but also empowering you with the knowledge and tools needed for lasting success.


We make getting started as easy as possible, and your first lesson is just $1. During this lesson, we can assess your dog’s behavior and well as having an in-depth discussion with you regarding the behavioral issues you need addressed, such as barking, jumping, aggression, separation anxiety, obedience and more.


Because every dog is unique, once we’ve met with you, we will design a custom training program specifically for your dog. This will include either our dog boot camp in Gilbert or visits from an expert in-home dog trainer in Gilbert.


Our doggy boot camp in Gilbert is perfect for dogs with severe behavioral issues, such as aggression. The camp is actually a dog board and train in Gilbert where your pet will live with one of our trainers for two to four weeks for intensive training. While we know you will miss your dog during these weeks, the result will be a well-behaved dog that is safer, happier and an all-around better companion. If your dog doesn’t have severe behavioral issues, in-home training is what we typically recommend.


With our in-home dog behavior training in Gilbert, dog parents should expect to receive some dog training “homework.” These obedience skills should be practiced regularly, with every member of your household using the same commands and reinforcing correct behavior consistently. This ensures long-term success for your dog.


During our boot camp, we’ll handle the initial intensive training. However, once your dog returns home, the responsibility to maintain and reinforce these positive behaviors will shift to you. In certain situations, we may recommend continuing the training process with an in-home trainer after boot camp to ensure persistent issues are fully addressed.


For some dogs, resolving behavioral problems may require several months of focused training. While this might seem daunting, remember that your dog will be an integral part of your family for many years. Investing in this training can transform your experience with your pet, allowing you to enjoy a well-behaved, safe, and loving companion, rather than worrying about aggressive behaviors.


Our Group Class Options

The trainers at Tip Top K9 do provide group dog training sessions in Gilbert. However, these classes are tailored for dogs that have already completed their in-home training program or participated in our doggy boot camp in Gilbert.


The purpose of our group classes is to reinforce and build upon the skills acquired in our intensive training programs. We incorporate these group sessions into the majority of our training packages. Whether it’s refining certain skills or offering your dog valuable socializing opportunities, our group classes serve as an ideal complement to the individualized dog behavior training in Gilbert.


Book Your First Lesson Now!

If you are ready to get started with dog training classes in Gilbert, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form. Remember, our first lesson costs just $1 and there’s no obligation to move forward with more lessons. However, a well-behaved, well-socialized dog can be worth its weight in gold, and proper training can transform your dog into a perfect, precious pooch.