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Dogs are amazing creatures and can bring us so much love and joy. However, if you are dealing with a “problem dog” with serious, aggressive behavior, you likely aren’t truly enjoying your furry friend. Fortunately, our intensive dog training camp in Owasso can resolve these issues and transform your pet’s behavior.


What Is Dog Boot Camp?

Dog boot camp in Owasso is an intensive experience created specifically to help dogs with serious behavioral challenges. Unlike in-home dog training classes where a professional dog trainer comes to you, with doggy boot camp in Owasso, your dog will live with an aggressive dog trainer during training. We call it “boot camp” but it’s really a board-and-train program.


Allowing your dog to live with a professional dog trainer 24/7 for several weeks can be tough, but it’s truly the most effective and fastest way to address serious behavioral issues. Typically, we recommend this option for very aggressive dogs, such as those that bite or attack other dogs or people.


During the last 15 years, we’ve worked with thousands of dogs, many of whom displayed extreme aggression. Some of these dogs were in danger of being euthanized for poor behavior, but with intensive behavior modification dog training in Owasso, we were able to resolve this issue.


Additionally, we also can provide you with dog separation anxiety training in Owasso. If you have a dog that destroys your belongings, barks excessively or defecates or urinates in your home when you are away, anxiety is the likely culprit, and we can work on this during dog training camp in Owasso and build their confidence and comfort level. We also can tackle separation anxiety and phobias during in-home training, so please let us know about these issues.


Is Dog Boot Camp Safe?

It can be worrisome to send your dog away with someone unfamiliar, but rest assured, our trainers love dogs. We would never harm your dog, and they will be safe and secure at our trainer’s home. We are firm, but we also provide affection for these animals. We want to transform your dog into a happy, sweet-tempered animal, and that means there will be plenty of praise heaped upon your dog along with some firm, no-nonsense training.


Will There Be Other Dogs At The Camp?

While your trainer’s focus will be solely on your dog, many of our trainers have their own dogs, so it is likely that other canines will be present. That’s actually a good thing because it provides opportunities for socialization. If your dog is aggressive toward other animals, having additional dogs around during training can provide us with opportunities to reduce this problem behavior.


How Long Will Dog Training Camp Last?

In general, doggy boot camp in Owasso will last about two to four weeks. In some cases, we may need an extra week or two to fix issues. With most dogs two weeks is all that is needed, but if your dog has serious aggression issues, it might take more time. We will work as long as is needed to reduce your dog’s aggression.


What Is The Cost?

You might notice that we don’t post prices on our website. This is because every dog is unique, so every training package we create is unique. Some dogs take longer to train, and some dogs are harder to train, so the costs can be more or less depending on your dog’s unique needs. The goal is to provide you with a wonderful, well-behaved dog and, quite frankly, a good dog is worth their weight in gold.


Why Should You Select Tip Top K9 For Training?

If you’ve been looking for the best dog trainer in Owasso, Tip Top K9 has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional dog training solutions for more than 15 years. With an impressive tally of 7,500 five-star reviews, we stand as the premier dog training provider in the United States as well as throughout Oklahoma.


Our experience spans more than 130 different breeds and dogs of all life stages, boasting a remarkable 99.3% success rate in addressing a wide array of behavioral challenges, including extreme cases of aggression.


Our approach to dog training in Owasso goes beyond mere problem-solving; we offer training that yields enduring benefits. We also empower dog owners by equipping them with the necessary skills to maintain and enhance their dog’s positive behaviors post-training.


Furthermore, the majority of our training packages come with lifelong phone support and access to group training sessions. These sessions are a great opportunity to refine obedience skills and facilitate your dog’s socialization. Our commitment to you and your dog doesn’t end with the completion of training; we remain accessible for guidance and support, ensuring your dog’s continued growth and behavioral improvement.


Get Started Today!

Again, your first lesson is just $1, and if you don’t feel convinced that our trainers can help, there’s no obligation to continue. However, we back our training with a guarantee and will work for as long as it takes to transform your dog into a lovable, friendly and joyous companion.


To get started, click on the Schedule Lesson tab at the top of our homepage and complete our contact form. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to set up your first lesson and answer any questions you have about our dog training camp in Owasso.