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When your dog’s behavior isn’t up to par and you’re at your wit’s end managing a mischievous pet, our dog behavior training in Gilbert can address these challenges, allowing you truly appreciate the company of your four-legged friend. At Tip Top K9, our experience spans training thousands of dogs, extending well beyond basic commands to more serious behavioral issues.


Over the years, we’ve remedied a plethora of behavioral issues, from minor disobedience to severe aggression. Our approach is to uncover the underlying reasons behind these behaviors, assess your dog’s distinct personality, and devise a customized training plan tailored to overcome the specific obstacles you’re encountering. Below is a brief overview of some of the behavioral problems we’re equipped to address.


Excessive Barking

While dogs bark for various reasons like alerts, anxiety, or boredom, too much barking can signal unmet physical or psychological needs. This concern can be effectively managed with comprehensive obedience dog training in Gilbert.


Destructive Chewing

As natural explorers, dogs, particularly puppies, use their mouths to interact with their environment. However, chewing becomes an issue when it leads to destruction. This behavior may be driven by teething, boredom, anxiety, or a lack of understanding about what is acceptable to chew on.


Jumping Up

A common way dogs express their excitement or desire for interaction is by jumping up on people. However, without proper guidance, they might not learn that this behavior is unsuitable for greeting humans. This can be a dangerous behavior, as it could result in injury and we can fix this during dog training sessions.


Separation Anxiety

Characterized by distress and problematic behaviors when away from their owners, separation anxiety in dogs can arise from inadequate training to deal with being alone, past trauma, or changes in their living conditions. Our dog separation anxiety training in Gilbert is designed to build your dog’s confidence and reduce their stress.


Leash Pulling

Excitement, curiosity, or a natural inclination to roam can lead many dogs to pull on their leash during walks, often due to insufficient leash training. While it’s a nuisance, it also can be a safety issue, which is why we always address leash skills during training.



Dogs learn to beg for food through positive reinforcement from being fed by their owners, a behavior that can become persistent and bothersome, with many human foods being unsuitable for dogs.


Not Responded To Recall

Distractions, inadequate training, or negative associations with commands can lead some dogs to ignore recall commands. Our training emphasizes that dogs should come when called 100% of the time to ensure safety.


Inappropriate Elimination

Issues like insufficient house training, environmental changes, health problems, or anxiety can result in indoor elimination. Our training programs include potty training to tackle these issues in both puppies and older dogs, such as rescue dogs that may have difficulty adjusting to a new home.



Whether out of boredom, hunting instincts, anxiety, or the need for a cool spot, digging is a common behavior in dogs that can be addressed through training.



Last, but certainly not least, behaviors such as growling, showing teeth, and biting are the most serious issues we address. Aggression in dogs can have roots in fear, protective instincts, resource guarding (food or toys), discomfort, or negative past experiences. Sometimes, aggression arises from previous situations where the behavior was rewarded. Our targeted dog behavior training in Gilbert specifically addresses aggression, aiming to modify these behaviors.


Why Choose Tip Top K9 For Dog Training?

Attempting to train your dog solo can feel overwhelming, yet our seasoned dog trainers bring a wealth of experience to the table. Having worked with upwards of 130 dog breeds, our expertise spans from managing the vivacity of a Border Collie to navigating the willfulness of a Shih Tzu. Our services extend beyond mere dog training in Gilbert; we also “train” owners to provide them with the skills needed to maintain and encourage their dogs’ good behavior.


Our offerings encompass personalized in-home dog training classes in Gilbert, intensive dog boot camp in Gilbert, and interactive group classes. For most dogs, the home-based training is advised. In these sessions, your dog will master everything from leash etiquette to responding to basic commands like sit, stay, and come. We also can tackle nuisance barking, jumping and even provide dog separation anxiety training in Gilbert.


For dogs grappling with severe aggression, the doggy boot camp in Gilbert is highly recommended. Here, your dog will reside full-time with a professional trainer for two to four weeks, undergoing focused and immersive training.


Following in-home training or boot camp, group classes serve as the next step. These sessions are designed to bolster training skills for dog owners, rather than serve as an introductory phase of behavioral training.


Our packages predominantly include lifetime group classes (and phone support), emphasizing our commitment to your long-term success in reinforcing your dog’s training and ensuring their ongoing socialization.


Through the years, we’ve accumulated more than 15,000 satisfied customers and more than 7,000 five-star ratings. Tip Top K9 stands as the premier dog training service in the nation, with an impressive 99% success rate thanks to our meticulous training process.


Pricing Details

We avoid generic pricing since each dog’s needs are distinct. Our trainers will personally meet with you and your dog to ascertain the specific training requirements. This introductory session is offered at just $1, allowing for a comprehensive discussion about your training objectives and an assessment of your dog’s trainability, personality, and more.


Based on this evaluation, we’ll tailor a training plan targeting your dog’s behavioral needs, whether it’s mastering basic commands, leash manners, or addressing more complex issues.


Get Started Today!

For top-notch dog behavior training in Gilbert, look no further than the experts at Tip Top K9. To book your $1 initial lesson, simply visit our website, click on the Schedule Lesson tab, and complete the brief contact form. Besides Gilbert, we proudly serve Chandler, Mesa, and all nearby areas.