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What We Can Do

What Can We Do?

  • “Come” 100% of the Time
  • Fix Jumping
  • Eliminate Leash Pulling
  • Ease Anxiety and Fear
  • Address Aggression
  • Stop Nuisance Barking

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Guaranteed Results No Matter How Long it Takes!

  • All your homework done professionally

  • 2-4 weeks living with a trainer

  • Video documented training

  • Personalized training for Owners

  • Best for hard cases and unruly dogs

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Call for pricing based on breed, age and needs

The Tip Top Guarantee

When you train with Tip Top, you’ll get the satisfaction guarantee! We don’t just train for a few weeks and walk away. We train with your dog for as long as it takes to get your guaranteed good dog.

Schedule a $1 First Lesson

Tulsa Dog Training Classes You’ll Learn:

  • “Come” – Every Time, 100% of the time
  • How to eliminate Jumping on people
  • The best way to potty train
  • How to stop leash pulling
  • How to quickly stop nuisance barking

We take Tulsa dog training seriously.  Our goal and desire is that people in Tulsa, Oklahoma can take their trained dog anywhere and everywhere off-leash with them.  We want our clients to be able to trust their dog because of its training and know that their dog will mind them no matter what the distraction is.  Obedience, off-leash obedience and manners is our main focus.  We take our dogs to the lake, to the park, to friends and families houses and anywhere else with us and we want our clients to be able to do the same.  All of our dog trainers are dog lovers first, we’re not militant Nazis but in our Tulsa dog training classes we do teach your dog how to listen and that they have to listen each and every time they are told to do something.  We teach what we call “100% obedience” that the “Come” command or any other command is 100% of the time, each and every time I call  you or give you the command.

Tulsa Oklahoma Dog Training Classes:

We do not teach a “stay” command in our program.  We teach the dog that sit means sit and keep sitting until I release you, down means down and stay down until I release you.  If a dog really understands the sit or down command they would not get up but stay sitting or downing until they are released.  People saying stay or hand out as if to say “STOP” are just using an extra word or motion that is not needed.  What is needed is for your dog to understand exactly what sit or down means, the dog needs more clarity, not additional commands or words.  In our Tulsa dog training classes we teach the 100% sit and down in a way that is easy for the dog to understand.

Our Satisfied Clients

“I’ve met multiple trainers and each one was very attentive — it didn’t feel rushed at all through any of the process. When Ryan came to the house he took his time to explain everything. I feel like it was super successful!”
– Alyssa

“Its not just that they’re teaching you how to interact with your dog, they also love their dogs and you can tell. We adopted a precious little guy from the humane society and he’d been abused horribly. I needed some help with getting him not to be so frightened. [Im enjoying] how much my dog has come around. Now he is getting to where he’s social and he’s enjoying being a dog and we’re happy about it.”
– Carrie