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As we like to say, there are no bad dogs, but there are dogs with bad behavior and if you are tired of dealing with a dog that barks too much, won’t obey or perhaps showcases aggression, our obedience dog training in Tulsa can fix these issues as well as several other common dog behavioral problems.


Tip Top K9 has served more than 15,000 families across Oklahoma and the United States as America’s top-rated dog training company. With thousands of five-star reviews and a success rate of more than 99%, we are committed to providing the best dog training in Tulsa and our proven methods can work miracles. Let’s take a quick look at what types of training we can provide for your dog.


  1. Basic Obedience Training

Every dog, regardless of its size or breed, must master basic obedience commands. These fundamental commands include actions like sitting, staying, lying down, and coming when called. It’s essential for dogs to perform these commands off-leash and even when their owner is some distance away, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining their safety.


A dog that reliably sits, stays, or comes when called is a safer companion. Such a dog is less likely to dash into the street, chase after other dogs or animals in parks, or wander off while in your own backyard, provided they’ve been properly educated to behave in various scenarios. Whether you’re working with a young puppy, a rescue dog, or an elderly canine, all dogs are capable of learning to obey these commands through effective dog behavior training in Tulsa and ongoing practice.


Here at Tip Top K9, we’re committed to educating both you and your dog, ensuring you have the tools to consistently encourage positive behavior. Having a dog that listens to a trainer is one thing, but the true challenge lies in achieving the same level of obedience when it’s just you and your pet. Understanding that many people lack experience in training dogs or reinforcing desirable behaviors, we provide comprehensive instruction for both the canine and their human companions as part of our dog obedience training in Tulsa.


  1. Leash & Walking Skills

If you’ve ever felt just a tad jealous when you see all those well-behaved dogs walking perfectly beside their human as they stroll through the park whilst you are tangled up in a leash and being dragged into the bushes by your unruly hound, you aren’t alone. Many dogs have poor leash skills and walking skills.


This is actually a serious issue because dogs need exercise and so do we. If walking your dog is a hassle, it can affect your health and your dog’s health. Fortunately, we can correct this behavior during dog training classes in Tulsa, and you’ll end up with a dog that you are proud to take anywhere.


  1. Overexuberant Jumping

Dogs are naturally exuberant and often display their excitement when their owners, friends, and family come home. Although a cheerful tail wag as a greeting is perfectly acceptable, it’s a different story when they leap up on your guests or family members. This type of behavior is not desirable and can pose a risk. Even smaller breeds can unsettle someone’s balance and inadvertently lead to injury.


  1. Excessive Barking

It’s perfectly reasonable for your dog to bark to signal that someone is approaching your property; however, it’s equally important that they stop barking when instructed to do so. Sometimes, dogs may bark excessively out of boredom or because they’re experiencing separation anxiety.


Should these factors contribute to your dog’s persistent barking, we offer training solutions to manage and reduce this behavior. Continuous barking can become a significant disturbance, potentially leading to issues with neighbors who will surely appreciate your efforts to resolve this matter. Rest assured, you’ll also find the newfound tranquility a welcome change.


  1. Dog Aggression

Of all the issues we handle during obedience dog training in Tulsa, aggression is the most serious one of all. Aggression can manifest in many ways. Dogs might be aggressive to other dogs or animals. They might showcase resource aggression, such as being aggressive around food. They might bite or snarl at people. None of this is safe behavior and it must be addressed.


Aggression and disobedience are the two main reasons why dogs end up in shelters, and it’s a shame because aggression can be tamed. For dogs with serious aggression issues, we recommend our dog boot camp in Tulsa. With this approach, your dog will live with one of our experienced trainers 24/7 for at least two to four weeks while we curb this dangerous behavior. Our dog training camp in Tulsa offers one of the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate or greatly reduce aggressive behavior.


  1. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is tough for dog parents to witness, and while you probably feel some guilt when you leave the house, realistically, you cannot be with your dog all day, every day. While no dog wants to see their humans leave, some dogs react very strongly to being left behind displaying destructive behavior, barking, urinating, refusing to eat, etc.


If your sweet pooch is plagued with excessive fears and worries, we do offer dog separation anxiety training in Tulsa. Training can help your dog feel safer and more comfortable when being left and we also will teach you strategies to eliminate destructive behavior and help your dog relax even when you are away.


Get Started With Obedience Dog Training

Whether you need an intensive solution such as dog boot camp or just need in-home obedience dog training in Tulsa, the team at Tip Top K9 can help. We charge just $1 for your first lesson and after this visit, we will design a custom training program that meets your training needs and your budget. To get started, simply head to the Schedule Lesson tab on our homage and fill out our quick contact form.