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Best Dog Trainer in Southlake | Restricted Breeds

There are a lot of trainers out there and you are probably wondering who is the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas. We have the answer. Tip Top K9 is amazing at training dogs and we love all the different breeds no matter what the reputation of the breed is. There are a lot of talks about banned dogs. Many apartment complexes or HOAs will ban certain breeds due to their appearance on the Breed Specific Legislation list.

Breed Specific Legislation is rough on families that own sweet little pit bulls that don’t have any aggression. In fact, the strange thing about it is that there is not really as much of a link in the breeds and aggression as there is in owner behavior and treatment of the dog and aggression. If an owner is hitting a dog or fighting a dog in an illegal dog fighting ring, then it seems like it would be obvious that the dog is aggressive because it has been mistreated and is trying to protect itself. Unfortunately, the government has decided to make a blanket statement about several breeds which causes problems for dog owners whose dogs fall into this category. Sometimes if you hire the best dog trainer in Southlake then the owner of the apartment complex that you live in or your HOA will make an exception but the problem is usually that there is nothing you can do to live in those places with your sweet pup.

In the 70s, the main dog that people focused on as a problem breed was the doberman pinschers. There was a few isolated incidents of doberman bites and people got a little scared and freaked out. They added the dog to the breed specific legislation and even the best dog trainers in Southlake had a hard time getting people to understand that the main thing wrong with this idea was that the dogs had been mistreated or grew up in a bad environment or were from irresponsible breeders.

Moving into the 80s, the focus switched to german shepherds. Now we use german shepherds as basically an awesome police and military partner. They are well loved and a lot of families have them in their home as a family pet! Do you see the problem here? The best dog trainer in Southlake does. The german shepherd is a sweet animal and should not be put into the category of just dangerous in general but that is what happened. They were added the the restricted breed list and stayed there for quite some time.

In the 90s, people moved into hating rottweilers. If you have ever owned a rottweiler and you are a responsible dog owner, you know that rotties as they are affectionately called are some of the sweetest and most loving as well as the most intelligent creatures you could possibly get your hands on. We have a staff dog named Curtis who is a Rottweiler and he is literally the cutest dog ever! He sleeps upside down on his back and loves his person and playing with puppies and eating treats… He’s just like any other dog. So how did the rottie get such a bad reputation?! It was a couple isolated incidents that caused the dogs to be added to the restricted breed list and we still see them on there to this day. The breed has been unfairly added to a blanket idea that they are all bad when in fact it is very likely that a few humans were really the ones who were bad — of course you won’t see humans on the restricted breed list… just dogs. Too bad.

Now, the sweet little pit bull has been added to the restricted breed list… fun fact. The pittie isn’t even a breed that is recognized by the american kennel club. It’s basically a pit terrier or a mutt/pit mix that is just generally hated by a lot of the population due to some isolated incidents where the dogs acted out of order due to the treatment that they were likely receiving from humans.

There is a lot of argument as to how this kind of thing should be handled, but the best dog trainer in Southlake is pretty sure that the real problem is not certain breeds of dogs. We’ve seen the sweetest tempered dogs completely ruined by bad treatment from bad trainers. There was actually a dog named Luna who was a sweet little girl, but she had major anxiety due to being abused by another trainer. The sweet thing was actually in the trainers facility when she was arrested for 123 counts of animal cruelty. This dog doesn’t have the problems she has due to the breed that she is… it was an act of cruelty by a human that caused her to be like this and now the best dog trainer in Southlake works with her on a regular basis to try to help her overcome her anxiety.

The real problem is irresponsible breeders and rubbish dog owners. We believe one-hundred percent that MOST dogs start out good unless there has been bad breeding practice and the ones that start out good but go bad are generally ruined by bad people or circumstances. Don’t beat dogs or be cruel to them because they are innocent animals that deserve better. The best dog trainer in Southlake Texas can help you in all of DFW. We are fully concierge for private lessons so that should help make it more convenient for you. We come to your home or meet you at the park of your choosing, and we show you how to ethically train your dog where you don’t have to pay them every time you want them to do something with a treat, but you are also not using a shock collar or being cruel every time you want them to come to you from across the room. We believe it treating all dogs with respect and love because that’s all they want from you and they will be happy to give you those things unconditionally… so don’t ruin your dog.