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If you feel like a professional Dallas Dog Trainer necessary, and you are going to train your new puppy or your new furry friend on your own, then we would highly encourage you to take a second thought about hiring a professional. Whenever you try to train your dog on your own, you’re probably not ever going to get the results that you want. We’ve seen it time and time again, because most people don’t lack the desire, but they lack the knowledge and the resources, and the commitment to making sure that they get their dog trained appropriately. Most often they use the traditional positive and negative reinforcement, which we find to be the least healthy option for your dog whenever it comes to training methods.

This because whenever you train on your own, you’re probably going to use the traditional positive and negative reinforcement that is going to encourage behavior using punishments for awards or making your dog behavior or fear and respect they are mostly going to find employed by other Dallas Dog Trainer. And we find that that is not a great way to train your dog here and we have a better method here the gets more reliable consistent results and is more efficient. So whenever you call professional, you’re getting my that knows what they’re doing, has years of experience has had proven results, is going to be a will to change your dog’s behavior for the better and in a healthier way.

So make sure that you all for a professional Dallas Dog Trainer whenever you’ve got a new pooch that needs to learn a few new tricks. We can do that here Tip Top K9 is where the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country and a company that has been featured by Bloomberg, Forbes magazine in business insider. We have no shortage of proof that we get results for you. In fact as a company that has 12 locations and has been training dogs for well over a decade, we have a chelated a total overall 99.3% success rate with our dog training.

Not only are we going to build to provide your dog with a health your style training that is better for your dog psychologically and maybe even physically, but were also can be getting almost guaranteed results. There’s really nothing that we can handle. We have got results for aggressive dogs, old dogs, puppies, and any kind of breed out there. We have successfully trained 130 different breeds, and we have train dogs that range in age from four months to 14 years. So breed is not an excuse, and teaching old dog new tricks is not possible. We do it all the time. It takes a professional that has experience, and the know-how necessary to get the job done, so whenever you have any dog that is training on your own, then consider the results that are professional like us can do.

We make it virtually risk-free because we have a money back guarantee in the form of our good dog guarantee and we can schedule your first lesson for just one dollar so it doesn’t take much to find out what we can do for you with very little risk involved and you can do that by saying up and calling us anytime at 1-833-484-7867. You can also find all this out on your own and much more by going to our website and read we have available there anytime at

Dallas Dog Trainer | a Brief Lesson on Tip Top K9

If you’ve never heard of Tip Top K9, then we went to you all about us, and how that you should choose us whenever you are looking for a Dallas Dog Trainer. Is because here at Tip Top K9, not only are we available near Dallas, but we are also available in 12 locations total throughout the United States seven different states currently with more on the way, and Dallas, or near Dallas, we likely have a location near you. And we have got results for so many dogs since we started just over a decade ago that we are one of most highly rated and trusted doctors in the country. In fact we won the highest and most reviewed dog trainers in the entire country with 1500+ five-star Google reviews. That was just last we checked. We’ve also been featured on Bloomberg, by Forbes and business insider, and if you want a dog trainer that has established the right reputation, and is proven to get results, then you want to call us here Tip Top K9.

When it comes the services that we provide, we provide you with everything the need in a high-quality Dallas Dog Trainer. We provide specific training classes for your dog and we don’t utilize one-size-fits-all box. We provide specific classes like puppy training, potty training, all the way over the things that aggressive dog training specific classes. We also have group classes available because many people find that to be a better alternative for them in terms of time efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and if you have a particularly unruly dog, then we also have a full on doggie boot camp they can teacher dog many things over the course for 2 to 4 weeks. And in the way of services, in addition to our training, we also have dog boarding services available anytime as well.

When it comes to the doggie boot camp, this is one of our most popular options in our most comprehensive because is can help fix jumping, digging, running away, nuisance barking, and simple commands like stay, set, and more. The dog trainers also going to help ease anxiety and fear, while the dog was with a trainer for 2 to 4 weeks with other dogs, and you are consistently provided with video documented feedback the training throughout the process. And then the dog the good dog guarantee which is our money back guarantee this says if we have not fixed 95% of your dog’s behavior problems then you get your money back, guaranteed.

Also whenever it comes to incentives like the good dog guarantee, we are also going to be a will to provide you with your first lesson from us for just one dollar. This is a great way for you to experience our unique training method for yourself so that you can most likely see changes in your dog’s behavior after that first 60 Minutes lesson that only cost dollar and then we can also assess the situation and how we shouldn’t for your dog specific training classes.

Some of the main information that we are providing to you about Tip Top K9 so whenever you’re looking for Dallas Dog Trainer, it can be an easy decision. You get touch with us for the first lesson anytime at calling us directly at 1-833-484-7867, or we also encourage you to go to the website if you have information to find out all this information and much more anytime at and also make sure you check out our very own podcast as well while you’re there and the customer testimonials.