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Hello everybody and welcome back to the man’s best friend podcast.

Tulsa Dog Training I’m here with my beautiful wife Rachel Wimpey.

Hey guys. And I’m your host Ryan Wimpey. And thank you for joining us. Who are we were dog trainers here. Tulsa Oklahoma we serve Tulsa. Broken Arrow Jinx we teach obedience awfully obedience manners we work aggression etc..

And today what we’re talking about is we’re talking about dog food again. Why.

Because nutrition is very very very important and we want to separate some fact from fiction.

There’s a lot of people with good marketing out there and bad dog foods great commercials that just make you go Oh yeah yeah. Oh I’m about to handle a commercial that makes you go Oh.

So we’re talking about some dog food. One of the two of the ones that we like depending on your budget is taste of the wild.


Tulsa Dog Training We like that one.

And then origin taste the wild is about the same price as your normal store bought dog foods. But it has its grain free it has a higher quality ingredient list origin. The first you know 39 ingredients are 85 percent meat 15 percent fresh fruit and veggies. It’s free range it’s wild caught fish is it’s awesome. Yeah it’s got really really really good stuff in it probably it’s been winning dog food awards like left right and center. I mean I don’t even know how to offer the words out that I didn’t need yeah there were dog trainers. Yeah. So the one out there was really good marketing and a really big budget. That was a really really really really really really don’t like.

It’s been a full Beneful. Yup. So if you google Beneful poisoning and killing dogs you’ll see that they’ve got to do a lot of recalls. First off the food is really bad but in when was it last year 2015. There was a claim about the food. It’s one of the most popular but they contain toxins that are poisoning and killing people’s dogs.

That’s crazy. Yeah that’s crazy.

So they had 3000 complaints of dogs becoming ill. This is just the people that actually complained. Right. Right. And some of these people’s dogs were dying they’re listening propylene glycol and micro toxins. They’re listening these crazy things micro toxins our group of toxins found by mold in grains. So basically they’re using moldy grains. Pretty disgusting. Right. And so I know I’ve had a dog 13 years ago right. I had a little dog before I was a full time dog trainer and I didn’t know what I know now and I was feeding him something and then it went to Wal-Mart. Right. And I got some Beneful right. Right. For little curly. Yeah. And so I changed his foods. I fed him some been a fool and he would eat it all really fast but this dog would be anything he like. You know you give them cardboard and he’d eat it like they care socks everything. Socks doesn’t matter carpet. He just eat the wall. Yeah but he was actually one of the reasons why I got into Tulsa dog training. Yeah. All sounds are terrier and I you know I could do a million tricks with him but if I opened the front door he’d run away and wouldn’t come back wouldn’t come back. He’d just run he’d be gone BAM.

So Curly actually survived getting hit by a car. One time. He’s a tough guy. He is a tough guy.

Tulsa Dog Training But yes those necklaces and terriers they can be hard to train. But you know that’s why that’s why we do what we do now right. We want to help people enjoy their dogs. We want to help people be able to take their dogs off leash and a lot of people in Tulsa and broken arrow can’t do that without obedience training. Right. So back to Beneful and why we hate it. Right. First off you’re putting bad ingredients in their food poisoning dogs. They poisoned poor Kerley so was so cruelly would eat this food. And he got he was a super high energy dog and he was a little puppy and all of a sudden he got slow and he got like lazy. No yeah. After a few weeks of eating this food he started getting like tired and lazy. And I’m like what is wrong with him. Yeah. I didn’t take him to the vet or anything at the time. I was just like. And then it dawned on me maybe it’s the food maybe he’s eating too much of it or something. He wasn’t looking fat he just literally slowed down. Wow. Yeah.

Tulsa Dog Training So Beneful we’re going to go over. I just pulled up their current Their current ingredient list. It looks like the ingredients have changed a little bit. The last time I looked at it yeah the first ingredient is beef now. Yeah. It used to just be corn. So the second ingredient is whole grain corn. Grains barley rice whole grain wheat and then chicken biproduct meal which Deif you know what byproducts are byproducts are the Biek the feet the feathers. Yum Yeah. And meal is just they basically throw it all together and grind it up and stuff. So every time you see meal there whether it’s chicken meal or chicken biproduct meal byproducts are the stuff that they cannot label for sale. Right. It’s basically the leftovers. And there’s actually companies that deal just in the byproducts of animals that aren’t usable.

It’s disgusting. Yes. Pretty gross Yeah.

Tulsa Dog Training So chicken by product meal and then corn gluten meal. You know everyone thinks gluten is killing them right now. And they literally just all the gluten that they take out all the gluten free stuff and I guess they’re putting in Beneful nice boys for dogs. Is this beef tallow preserved with Troke profiles. Not sure what that is soybean meal oatmeal poultry biproduct meal. OK. So Rachel I have a big problem with this one I have got a dog food book a long time ago because I had to learn about this stuff because I had clients ask me all this stuff poultry biproduct to me.

Do you know what poultry biproduct I don’t Ryan-Murray tell me that means any leftovers from any bird.

They can put Flamingo in there. What. Yep. Flamingo bacon. Crow. It does not matter. Wow. It’s any any bird. So that means they don’t even know what they’re putting in. Oh my gosh. It’s poultry.

Yeah. That’s crazy. That’s nuts. Yeah. And so poultry biproduct meal. And then it says glycerin right.

Tulsa Dog Training So at least the first ingredient is a meet because they know consumers are getting smarter and they won’t look at me as based product because they hear that. But then when you see their next five or six ingredients all grains you know the actual first ingredient is actually grain. Right. So they’ve had a lot of recalls. Not something I would recommend. I would definitely definitely definitely try to go with something else. Yeah. So I’m going to talk about one other one that’s a little bit worse. These people have actually been caught putting whole pigs into their vats. No. Yeah. They had hair in the hair and the food.

They literally you could see my face. Yeah.

They literally got caught with hair. They’re just putting hair in their food. Pretty gross. So I’m going to pull that up real quick so I can read that ingredient list. And what is this food. It is old. Roy is the Wal-Mart super cheap. It is a great name but it is not a great food. OK. So the ingredients. Ground yellow corn. Right now dogs are carnivores they’re majority meat based animals meat and bone. Right. Right. The barfed is bony and Rafid. It’s meat and bone that’s what a wolf is going to eat. Now obviously dogs aren’t wolves but still so ground yellow corn they’re definitely not corn eaters first. Right. And then meat and bone meal. Rachel I went over I would have a poultry biproduct meal what you think meat and bone meal is any meat in any bone.

Right it’s not a real ingredient list. Right.

These people they literally say animal freak right and we love you animal freaks. We love people but we love you right. We we support you. You want to go investigate these companies poisoning dogs. We got your back. We got your back. We got your back. So meat and bone meal yeah. These guys got caught. They got caught putting pigs whole pigs in their VAT. They got caught putting horses. No. Oh yeah. And they’re literally allowed to use roadkill or anything on that. If you read it I know it sounds very very very extreme but if you Google it online work can. Meat and bone meal include in dog food.

It’s in line. Yes. Not human grade ingredients so they’re not third soybean meal right.

I’m pretty sure is probably genetically modified as well as soybean meal forth there’s poultry biproduct meal. Right. And then you have animal fat that means any animal the fat of it. Right. Right. That’s disgusting. And then corn gluten meal. There’s the gluten again. Out of all your gluten free products because everyone thinks gluten is killing all Americans. Right. So the gluten meal. So this is probably the worst thing you could feed your dog if you want your dog to get cancer like tomorrow. Now any of that people were training probably if they’re doing Tulsa dog training with us they probably shouldn’t be feeding their dog old Roy. Right. If they want their dog to be able to understand anything we’re trying to show them. So you say OK OK I got it I got it I got it I got it.

No old Roy any other good foods that I could feed. Yes. And so one is it research. It’s pretty cool dog food. It’s called Fresh pet fresh pet. Yeah. And we’ve used it before we’ve had clients that use it. It’s a pretty cool little dog food. And so it’s actually made in a human grade.

Facility. Wow.

Yeah. Which means it’s inspected and everything and that you could literally eat it. So at research here in Tulsa Oklahoma and Owasso and Jynx broken arrow broken arrow. You can get it it’s refrigerated and all the recipes are 80 percent more fresh poultry meat or fish. And then greens and berries and stuff. So some of them do have some grains and them because some people with high energy dogs they think they still need some grain so we’re not going to dock them for that. What we do like is that they do. They do have grain free stuff as well. They’re grains is not very much though. It’s like five or five eight 10 percent. So I’m going to read one of the things they do is a food loaf. It’s like a whole row row row row row your boat. It’s a whole roll of food. Tulsa Dog Training Wow. Right and we cut it off and then put it on top of the food instead of canned food to make it even more appetizing forum or just as a whole food by itself and it’s just a soft it’s a roll of all this food kind of put together like a salami. Yeah. And so the ingredients of I’m looking at a ingredient list right now for a salmon and white fish dog food. And it’s their grain free one.

The gradients are salmon ocean white fish spinach cranberries blueberries salt dried broccoli dried ground pomegranate and in sunflower oil and then vitamins and minerals. So is literally meat and vegetables right. Right. That is good for Fido that’s good for your restaurant. So I know I’ve been talking excuse me a lot about dog foods. In the next episode we’re going to talk about some bones and toys and treats and stuff like that. The main thing we want to go over grain free. Right. First few ingredients need to be in meat. No byproducts.

Tulsa Dog Training And some grain is not is not bad.

You know little granduncle hurt your dog. Right. OK. But basically that’s what you want to look for. So thank you for joining us and we will catch you on the next podcast. Thanks