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While dogs are meant to be protective of their families, if you have a dog that constantly displays aggressive behavior toward people or other animals, this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Luckily, at Tip Top K9, we have a solution – our dog boot camp in Novi can tame aggression as well as tacking many other behavioral issues.


Dog Boot Camp In Novi: What To Expect

Our dog training camp in Novi offers a rigorous training program where your dog will reside 24/7 with a professional trainer for a duration of two to four weeks (sometimes longer) to tackle all behavioral concerns. Throughout this period, your dog receives ongoing positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors.


Our personalized dog board and train in Novi is crafted specifically for pet owners dealing with dogs that exhibit significant behavioral challenges, accommodating dogs of any age or breed. Over time, we have gained experience with over 130 different dog breeds, including mixed breeds.


Moreover, we have addressed some of the most challenging cases, involving dogs from dog fighting rings, severely mistreated dogs, and those suffering from intense anxiety or phobias. Our effective training methods have rehabilitated and saved animals on the brink of being given away or euthanized.


The Top 5 Issues We Target

Dogs that come to our boot camp typically exhibit a range of problematic behaviors. While tackling aggression is often at the forefront, it represents only a fraction of the behavioral issues we address through dedicated, continuous dog behavior training in Novi.


  1. Aggressive Behavior

Various forms of aggression displayed by dogs are alarming and warrant immediate attention to prevent harm to the dog itself, other animals, and humans. Addressing aggression, whether it’s directed at humans or other dogs, is crucial.


Causes of aggression include fear, a quest for dominance, or previous traumatic experiences, all of which can lead to hazardous situations. Our curriculum also aims to curb behaviors like resource guarding and food aggression, where dogs aggressively protect objects or their food from being taken by others.


  1. Anxiety Reduction

General anxiety and separation anxiety can lead to or exacerbate aggression in dogs but also manifest in various other destructive behaviors, such as furniture scratching, indiscriminate chewing, or urination inside the home when left alone, even if potty trained.


While our boot camp is renowned for its focus on curbing aggression and fostering obedience, we also specialize in providing dog separation anxiety training in Novi, underscoring our holistic approach to dog behavior training in Novi.


  1. Bathroom Etiquette

Particularly for puppies and rescue dogs, establishing proper bathroom etiquette is vital. Our trainers might use crate training among other effective strategies to teach dogs the appropriate places for elimination, a crucial aspect of their training regime in the boot camp. Crate training is just one approach, and there are other effective ways to potty train a dog.


  1. Socialization

Proper socialization is key for a dog’s ability to interact amicably with humans and fellow canines. Our training program specifically targets these social skills. While some level of territorial behavior is acceptable for home security, overly aggressive reactions like biting or excessive barking at people or other pets are problematic. We aim to produce well-socialized, well-behaved dogs that families can enjoy and take nearly anywhere dogs are permitted, enhancing your life with a pet free from behavioral concerns.


  1. Obedience Training

Basic obedience training is essential for all dogs. Mastering these fundamental commands eases the life of pet owners and ensures the safety of the dog. Our program guarantees that dogs will follow commands to sit, stay, and come reliably, while also addressing habits such as jumping on people or leash pulling. These important skills are taught comprehensively during our boot camp.


Why Opt for Boot Camp?

At Tip Top K9, we offer the option of an in-home dog trainer in Novi or our doggy boot camp in Novi. While our in-home training sessions are of high quality, certain dogs require a more focused and intensive training regimen. There are multiple advantages to choosing our boot camp over traditional in-home dog training classes.


  1. Accelerated Outcomes

For those grappling with significant behavioral challenges in their pets, immediate action is essential. Our boot camp can deliver noticeable changes in behavior within a short span of two to four weeks. Although in-home dog training classes in Novi also yield excellent results, they do so at a slower pace, making it a better fit for dogs with less severe issues.


  1. Intensive Training & Greater Consistency

While daily responsibilities and family commitments may limit the time you can dedicate to training at home, the dog boot camp setting allows trainers to focus solely on your dog’s behavioral improvement. With the ability to invest more time and ensure a consistent training approach, boot camp leads to faster and more effective behavioral corrections.


The boot camp environment provides your dog with nearly uninterrupted training, ideal for their short attention spans and difficulty with prolonged sessions. This full immersion into training means that every moment is an opportunity to correct behaviors and reinforce positive actions.


  1. Training Is 100% Customized

Whether you opt for in-home dog training in Novi or our boot camp, we tailor our lessons to your dog’s needs and unique personality. A custom approach is crucial because all dogs are different, and they don’t all respond to the same training methods.


Through the years, our trainers have worked with more than 100 different dog breeds, and with some of the toughest cases imaginable. We have the experience and know-how to solve your dog’s problems and transform their behavior.


Embark on Your Dog Training Journey

We kick off your dog’s training adventure in Novi with a thorough in-home evaluation lesson. This first step allows us to get acquainted with your dog’s unique personality and to sit with you to cover all the behavioral goals you’re aiming to achieve. This introductory session is offered at the minimal cost of just $1. To start this process, simply click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our website’s homepage.


For some cases, an in-home dog trainer in Novi might be exactly what’s needed. However, for more complex behavioral issues, we often recommend our dog boot camp in Novi. Sending your dog away for training might seem daunting, but you can be assured that they will be well-cared for by our professional trainers. Upon their return, you’ll witness a significant positive change in their behavior, making your bond even stronger as they will be better behaved and more socially adept.