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Dogs are instinctively protective creatures, and while you might want your dog to warn off intruders if your dog displays troublesome levels of aggression, this can be dangerous. At Tip Top K9, we provide expert dog training for aggressive dogs in Myrtle Beach that can alleviate the danger and transform your pet into a tame companion.


Types Of Dog Aggression

Again, if your dog barks when the doorbell rings or goes on alert when someone new approaches you, this isn’t necessarily aggression. True aggression problems occur when you have no control over your animal and they tend to strike out, biting or snapping at people or other dogs. This is a common issue, and there could be a variety of reasons why this is occurring.


  1. Territory Aggression – Many dogs are overly protective of their home or family members. Some level of protectivity is expected, but if dog owners allow their dogs to continuously display aggressive territorial behavior, this can become a dangerous issue.


  1. Fear-Based Aggression – In many cases, dogs will showcase aggression when they are scared or believe that something is a threat. This is an instinctive self-defense response, and through dog behavior training in Myrtle Beach, we can help reduce your dog’s fears and thus reduce unwanted behavior.


In many cases, we see this with rescue animals. These dogs, unfortunately, were rarely trained properly and often suffered from abuse at the hands of previous owners. Fortunately, with patience, love and professional training, we can teach these animals to trust again and allow them to enjoy a happier, safer life with their new family.


  1. Redirected Aggression – This occurs when a dog, in a state of frustration or agitation, directs its aggression or aggressive behavior toward an unintended target. This typically happens when the dog is prevented from reaching or responding to the original source of its frustration, such as another dog, a person, or an animal.


For example, imagine two dogs barking and growling at each other through a fence. If they can’t physically reach each other and one of them becomes extremely frustrated, it might redirect its aggression toward a nearby person or another dog, even if they were previously friendly with those individuals.


Redirected aggression can be dangerous because the dog may not discriminate between the initial source of frustration and the new target, potentially leading to unprovoked aggression towards an innocent party. It’s important to handle dogs carefully in situations where they might become frustrated or agitated to prevent redirected aggression from occurring.


  1. Resource Aggression – This is quite common, and it occurs when dogs showcase aggression toward objects. For instance, if your dog snaps or bites at you when you get near their food or a favorite toy, this is an example of resource guarding.


  1. Predatory & Instinctual Aggression – Some dog breeds are prone to instinctively aggressive behavior or predatory behavior, such as chasing after squirrels or cars, etc. The good news is that with proper dog training in Myrtle Beach, we can inhibit this instinctive behavior.


  1. Reinforced Aggression – Some dogs have been encouraged to behave aggressively, such as dogs trained to protect someone’s property or dogs forced into dog fighting, etc. Dog fighting is, of course, a horrific situation, but many dog owners mistakenly believe that having an aggressive dog is a great way to protect their home or property.


It’s important to understand that dogs can be trained to be protective without being dangerous and aggressive. Police dogs, for example, are trained to attack when necessary, but they also can be sweet and loving. They exhibit controlled, aggressive behavior on command and there’s a huge difference between training a dog to be protective and allowing your dog to exhibit uncontrolled aggression.


  1. Aggression Caused By Poor Training – If you have a dog that has not undergone any training or they’ve been allowed to exhibit poor behavior, aggression is often a result. Dogs that have not been properly socialized with other dogs and humans fall under this category. One component of our obedience dog training in Myrtle Beach is providing some socialization so that dogs feel more comfortable around new people and strange dogs.


Tip Top K9: Our Trainers Can Stop Aggression

If you have an aggressive dog, intensive dog training in Myrtle Beach is crucial, and our team of professional dog trainers have extensive experience managing and mitigating aggressive behaviors in dogs.


This is one of our areas of specialization and we do it because we truly love dogs so much. Too often, aggressive dogs are given up to shelters or euthanized because of their behavior and that’s tragic because all dogs are good at heart, and they just need a chance and some expert training to transform into the type of companion we all want.


Our aggressive dog trainers have worked with more than 100 different dog breeds as well as mixed breeds and this includes dogs such as German shepherds, pit bulls and others notorious for aggressive behavior. We’ve even worked with dogs just days from being euthanized for behavioral issues.


We can handle working with big dogs as well as the little guys. It might seem like aggression in small dogs isn’t a serious issue, but even a teacup-sized dog can bite and cause injury or provoke a larger dog into a dangerous aggressive response.


At Tip Top K9, we can provide you with an in-home dog trainer in Myrtle Beach or dog boot camp in Myrtle Beach. For dogs with severe issues, such as aggression, we recommend our dog training camp in Myrtle Beach. This is a board-and-train option where a dog lives with an aggressive dog trainer for several weeks (usually 2-4 weeks). Living with a trainer allows us to provide constant training and reinforcement and this tends to resolve issues far more quickly than with in-home lessons. In some cases, we might need more than four weeks, but that is the typical timeframe. Once doggy boot camp in Myrtle Beach is complete, we will give you the tools to reinforce positive behavior long-term. We also offer lifetime phone support, and most packages include group classes, where you can continue to reinforce obedience and socialization skills.


Get Started Today!

If you are struggling with an unruly dog, the team at Tip Top K9 can help with intensive dog training for aggressive dogs in Myrtle Beach. We offer a $1 introductory lesson where we evaluate your dog and discuss your training goals. After that lesson, we will design a personalized training plan that will transform your dog’s behavior. To get started, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage.