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While a dog can enrich anyone’s life, having a well-behaved dog is truly worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, most dog parents don’t know how to provide consistent, corrective training that lasts a lifetime. At Tip Top K9, we can provide expert obedience dog training in the Woodlands that can address the most common dog obedience issues, including the following.


Basic Obedience Commands

Every dog, of any size or breed, needs to be able to follow basic obedience commands. These include commands such as sit, stay, lay down and come. Dogs need to be able to do this off-leash and with their owner at a distance to ensure safety.


A dog that will sit and stay or come on command 100% of the time is a safe dog. They won’t run in the street or run after other dogs or animals in the park or even in your yard if they have been taught the proper way to behave in all situations. Whether you have a puppy, a rescue dog or an older dog, all of these animals can be taught how to follow obedience commands with proper training and reinforcement.


At Tip Top K9, we will train both you and your dog so that you know how to continue to reinforce positive behavior. It’s all fine and well to have a dog obey a trainer, but the real test is when it’s just you and your dog. We know that most people don’t really know how to train a dog or reinforce proper behavior, which is why we teach dog parents as well as our doggie students as part of dog obedience training in Woodlands.


Dog Aggression

While general obedience is so important, the biggest single reason people come to us is to solve issues related to aggression. If you have a dog that snaps or bites other people or goes into “attack mode” when they are near another dog, these are serious problems, and we can solve them.


We also can provide dog training to reduce aggression issues such as resource guarding, which is when a dog displays aggression regarding objects such as toys or food. None of these types of aggression are acceptable or safe and expert dog training in The Woodlands can transform your dog into a friendly, more sociable animal that you don’t have to fear.


Separation Anxiety

You might not think of “obedience” and separation anxiety in the same realm, but our trainers can help with this issue. Many dogs suffer from anxiety when their family members leave the house. Dogs do not like being left alone and often feel very insecure when their people are gone. But, of course, you cannot be at home 100% of the time and it’s also unacceptable to have your dog display unwanted behaviors due to separation anxiety.


Some of these common behaviors include barking incessantly when their owners are gone. Many dogs that are normally well-potty-trained will urinate or defecate when their owners are away. Additionally, dogs that display destructive behavior such as chewing on furniture or other items, probably suffer from separation anxiety, and believe it or not, our dog separation anxiety training in The Woodlands can reduce these fears and make it easier for your pet to handle being alone from time to time.



While it might not seem too annoying if a little maltipoo or chihuahua jumps on people, with larger dogs this is a huge nuisance, and those little guys truly should not be exhibiting this behavior.


Dogs can be trained to not jump on other people, even when excited, and this can be far more pleasant than having a dog that jumps on your guests or you whenever you return home. It’s important to remember that many people don’t love dogs and some people fear dogs, so having a dog that is obedient and does not jump, can make it easier for your guests and during times when you take your dog out for a walk or some other potentially social location.



Barking can be beneficial, and there’s nothing wrong with a dog that barks to tell you that someone is on your property or perhaps something is amiss. However, once the barking has begun, you should be able to deliver a command to stop the barking. Through our dog training classes in The Woodlands, we can help. We also, as stated above, can help curb barking issues when you are away from home, which can be related to separation anxiety.


Potty Training

While puppies need potty training, rescue dogs also need to understand where it is appropriate to use the bathroom. We know that many rescue organizations will claim that a dog is potty trained before adoption, and they might be somewhat trained while in foster care. The reality is that these dogs are nervous in their new surroundings, don’t fully understand the rules of your home and make mistakes. With proper training, they will quickly learn where to go and where not to go.


Walking on a Leash

If you have a little 10-pound dog, leash tugging might not seem like a big issue, but what if you have a larger dog? When larger dogs are out of control, this can lead to dangerous situations. Even a small dog could cause someone to trip or fall or become tangled around something if they don’t have proper leash skills.


Daily walks are important for dogs (and humans), but they need not be unpleasant experiences where the dog is in control instead of the human. Most dogs can be taught how to walk properly without any tugging or dragging, and this is part of what we can provide through our obedience dog training in The Woodlands.


Tip Top K9: Your Partner In Dog Training

At Tip Top K9, we provide any level of dog training that you might need for dogs of all ages and breeds. Even if your dog has serious issues with aggression, our trainers have the experience necessary to tackle even the toughest training situations. We are the nation’s top-rated dog training company with more than 7,500 5-star reviews and a success rate of more than 99%. Our proven step-by-step training method can fix 95% of all dog problems – guaranteed, or your money back.


For most dogs, without serious issues, an in-home dog trainer in The Woodlands is the best option. We come to your home for several weeks or months (as long as it takes) to ensure that your dog understands obedience commands and the rules of your house. Our goal is to provide you with a furry friend that can be taken just about anywhere.


If your dog has serious issues, especially with aggression, our dog boot camp in The Woodlands will be your best option. This is a board-and-train program where your dog will live with one of our professional dog trainers for about two to four weeks. This provides us with the ability to provide immersive dog training from an aggressive dog trainer.


Once you’ve completed either doggy boot camp in The Woodlands or in-home training, our program doesn’t simply end. With most training packages, we offer lifetime phone support and lifetime group classes. These group experiences serve as the perfect way for dog parents to reinforce proper behavior and enhance socialization.


Get Started For Just $1

At Tip Top K9, we charge just $1 for your first lesson. During this lesson, a trainer will come to your home, discuss your training needs and evaluate and work with your dog. From there, we will develop a personalized in-home training program or recommend our dog boot camp, if needed. To get started, just click on Schedule Lesson at the top of our homepage. In addition to obedience dog training in The Woodlands, we serve the entire area, including Spring, Rayford, Shenandoah and beyond. If you need a Houston dog trainer, Tip Top K9 is here to help.