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While dogs may be man’s best friends, if you have a dog that displays serious signs of aggression or destructive behavior, this can be difficult to manage. At Tip Top K9, however, our intensive dog training camp in Carrollton can reduce or eliminate most problem behaviors in a matter of just a few weeks. Let’s take a quick look at how our dog boot camp in Carrollton works.


Doggy Boot Camp in Carrolton: The Basics

Dog training camp in Carrollton is designed specifically for dogs with serious behavioral issues. During the camp, your dog will live 24/7 with one of our experienced trainers, so it’s really more of a dog board and train program. This allows the trainer to provide concentrated, intensive dog training throughout the day.


We know it can be difficult to part with your furry companion, but this is truly the best way to reduce problematic behavior. In-home dog training in Carrollton can be a great match for a dog that lacks basic obedience skills, but with serious issues, especially aggression, an immersive program is the best way to solve these problems.


Throughout the years, our trainers have tackled a myriad of serious situations such as dogs that have been returned multiple times to shelters and considered unadoptable. We’ve reduced aggression in pit bills that have attacked and nearly killed other dogs, as well as mitigating aggression in dogs used for fighting.


We also can work with dogs that have severe anxiety and phobias. Dog separation anxiety training in Carrollton can be included as part of your training camp curriculum. Everything is 100% personalized to fit the needs of your dog. If your dog barks excessively, chews on furnishings or displays other unwanted behavior when you leave the home, separation anxiety may be the culprit and we can help.


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but dog board and train isn’t just for younger animals. Older dogs with behavioral issues can be transformed into companions that are easier to handle. Once camp is complete, we will help dog owners learn how to reinforce positive behavior and not only will this ensure that your dog is well-behaved, but it also can improve your relationship with your dog and build trust.


How Long Does Dog Training Camp Last?

Generally, we recommend two to four weeks, depending on the severity of the issues. In some special cases, it might take longer to solve very severe problems. However, we’ve trained many dogs that were very close to being surrendered or euthanized, and while a longer stay in camp might seem daunting, this is a far better solution than putting down what could potentially become an outstanding companion animal.


For us, no dog is too difficult of a challenge, and we love these precious animals and want them to be the best and most well-behaved dogs they can be. We believe there is no such thing as an “unfixable” dog!


During training, we can tackle a wide range of issues. While aggression and severe anxiety are often the most serious issues, we also work on many other skills. This includes obedience skills, teaching your dog to sit, stay and lay down on command and come 100% of the time they are called.


We also work on proper leash walking, which can be crucial if you have a large dog that typically drags you along rather than walking at a safe and sedate pace. We also can work on issues such as potting training, excessive barking and jumping on people. Our goal is to provide you with a well-mannered dog that can be taken just about anywhere dogs are allowed.


Are There Other Dogs At Camp?

For our dog training camp in Carrollton, your dog will stay at one of our trainers’ homes and, yes, these trainers often do have dogs at home. This is actually a good thing because it provides opportunities for socialization. However, in some cases, your dog may be the only dog in residence during training. Either way, our proven training system can target problem behaviors and solve them, providing you with a safer, happier well-behaved dog.


How Much Does Dog Training Camp Cost?

We don’t provide cost estimates on our website because we provide completely personalized training. Every dog is unique and displays unique behavior, so we will tailor our training method specifically for your dog. The cost will vary by the length of time in camp and by the severity of the issues.


However, your first lesson is just $1 and there’s no obligation to continue using our service after this lesson. During this lesson, an expert trainer will explain our training methods, observe and interact with your dog and discuss your training goals. From there, we will either provide you with some helpful advice or design a custom training plan that includes either in-home training or doggy boot camp, depending on your needs.


Why Select Tip Top K9?

We’ve been providing top-quality dog training services for more than 15 years and, with 7,500 5-star reviews, we are the highest-ranked dog trainer in the United States. We have worked with more than 130 breeds and dogs of all ages and have a 99.3% success rate in solving behavioral issues, including very severe issues such as aggression.


Not only can we “fix” most problems, but our training method also provides lasting results, and we train our dog parents, too. Once your in-home training or training camp is complete, you will have all the skills you need to continue to reinforce positive behavior.


Additionally, most of our packages include lifetime phone support as well as group classes. During these classes, you can brush up on obedience skills and further socialize your dog. We never simply complete training and just walk away; we always want to be available for advice or to help you boost your dog’s skills and behavior.


Schedule Your First Lesson Today

As stated above, we charge just $1 for your first lesson, so you have nothing to lose, and we can fix 95% of problems – guaranteed. In addition to dog training camp in Carrollton, our trainers also serve Lewisville, Farmers Branch, The Colony and all surrounding areas. To get started, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage.