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Meridian Idaho Puppy Training | The western members of your family need training too!

Whenever you bring your new furry bundle of joy home you may wonder when is the best time to start trading your puppy and may be very sure that you want to train early we understand this Meridian Idaho Puppy Training. Although, sometimes early is not always the best idea. As we have mentioned before you can be in a room full of people and recognize the unique differences in each of the same goes for dogs and especially puppies. Sometimes you get a puppy that is super confident and mature. Completely ready to take command and learn new skills at the age of 3 to 4 months and that’s great. At that point that is the time to start training your puppy.

But often it is not until your puppy is around 4-6 months old that they reach the maturity level necessary to train with this Meridian Idaho Puppy Training. At that age, they began to be ready to accept and learn commands. Most of our trainers prefer to wait until 4-6 months old to begin training a puppy. A 45-minute training session is not going to be too much for your 46-month-old puppy and will not create unnecessary stress for them. Which here at tiptop a nine is very important to us there is no reason to cause your puppy to stress at a time when they are still gaining their footing, in your world.

Also, this can cause a lot of stress that is something that you do not want to get in the way of training later on in life. We know how to tell if your puppy is ready or not so please don’t go into this blindly when we can help you. This is going to create a happy and confident dog later on in life and set them up with a good foundation for continuing in this journey.

Our Meridian Idaho puppy training program is one of the best we can fix 95% of your puppy’s problems, just like their older counterparts that we train, in 2 to 3 weeks if they have already picked some bad habits. Whenever you get a puppy you know that you have made a commitment that will last many years. Of course ideally, for their whole life. Your puppy will grow with not only your family but with your children and of course become a part of your family in every way. One of the only things that can stand in the way of this is obedience problems especially if you have a larger breed that has a tendency and the DNA to be aggressive.

Let’s not forget puppies have sharp little teeth. It can be very stressful when a puppy decides to chew and a habit that is hard to break so this is the case please contact us this is just one of many issues that you can come across whenever you get a puppy but it is a very good example of why you would need us here at tick tiptop if you run across this issue or any other issues with your puppy please give us a call sooner than later at 833-484-7867 and you can always check out our website at we look forward to helping you.