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To find the best Bartlesville dog training program, contact Tip Top K9 Dog Training today at (833).484.7867. We can help your dog become a well-behaved dog. When your dog comes our training session, they will leave a new dog! We’ve had many pet owners tell us this. They are telling others that we are caring, kind, and we get the job done when it comes to helping your dog learn better manners and develop good habits. When you give us a call, you are placing your dog in the best hands! So pick up the phone, dail our number and speak to one of our dog trainers today! We look forward to speaking with you.

Life is so much better when you have a dog that doesn’t dig holes in your front yard. Perhaps your dog has so much energy and the way they show this energy or release it is by digging holes in the backyard. At first he thought this was cute until you had to take time and refill the holes. Your dog can learn how to control their energy and direct their attention and healthier ways besides assuring your backyard. Give us a call today we can help your dog become a new dog by helping them change this one behavior that they have. For the best Bartlesville dog training program, contact us today.

If your dog is a potty training problem, we can help fix the problem. Perhaps your dog uses the restroom any place or anywhere they can find a spot in your home. At first you clean up after your dog and then you notice that you had to keep clean up after your dog. You prefer for your dog to do his business outside and not inside your house. The good news is that you come to the right place because we have years of experience of helping pet owners train their dogs to become potty trained. So don’t worry, your place your dog in the right hands as we can help you get results. Within 2 to 4 weeks you can begin to see the changes that you so desire.

We love dogs. We are passionate about helping every dog that comes to our door. Your dog comes to our training session we are field with so much joy because we believe that your dog really is an amazing dog. Sometimes it takes a little more hard work and a little bit more effort to help teacher dog techniques they need to be taught and help your dog become a better dog. Dog habits to change. So give us a call today for the best dog training program and for Bartlesville dog training, and speak to one of our dog trainers.

We enjoy giving back to the community. One way that we get back to the community is by investing animals in need. There so many animals that need a loving home. There are so many stray dogs that need a place to stay. These animal shelters provide a foster care for these animals in need. We do our part by giving back to these animal shelters financially. We are giving hope to these animals and we are bringing joy to future families that are going to adopt these animals. So for the best dog training program, give us a call today at (833).484.7867 or visit to find dog training.