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Are you looking for better Bartlesville dog training? If you are, then seek out Tip Top K9. Tip Top K9 is a location based out of Tulsa the extent of the greater Tulsa area including the Bartlesville area. Tip Top K9 is not just the best dog training available in the Tulsa area or the greater Tulsa area at large, but also throughout the country, we are known as one of the best and we are certainly one of the most well reviewed and most reviewed. That is because here Tip Top K9, we provide real results. We utilize a different method that provides better results for our customers, and also is a healthier alternative to traditional training methods the most dog trainers still use. They still cling to older methods that are are not as consistent, not as reliable, and not as great of an option for your dog psychological or even the physical health.

When it comes to what the reasons for success in the reasons why we are the best option for Bartlesville dog training, a lot of it has to do with not just our training method but the fact that we offer better no-brainers and better incentives than in other dog trainer out there as well. We make it easier than anybody else because what other dog training company do you know that will offer an entire full lesson for just one dollar? Tip Top K9 does. We are the home of the first lesson for one dollar deal. You can bring your dog to us for your first lesson, and you only pay one dollar, and in many instances many people see a change in the dogs behavior after that first 60 minute lesson.

In addition that if you need Bartlesville dog training and you have a stubborn dogs or a particularly difficult case in which your dog has many unwanted behaviors or unhealthy or dangerous behaviors or tendencies, then you can bring it to our doggie boot camp. Our doggie boot camp is the most comprehensive which covers just about every type of scenario imaginable while they live in with one of our trainers for 2 to 4 weeks but whenever they come home they come home with our best no-brainer yet which is the good dog guarantee.

Our good dog guarantee states that we promise to fix 95% dog’s behavioral problems or you get a full money back refund. We put a full money back guarantee on the results for dog training and that is how confident we are in the results we provide in our dog training here Tip Top K9.

If you like to take advantage of the no-brainers, then don’t hesitate to get touch with us by calling us at 1.833.484.7867 or going to our website first if you’d like to find more information at to find tons more information including a way to drop us a line to the website as well.