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Best Dog Trainer in Southlake | Basset Hounds

If you are looking for the best dog trainer in Southlake to train your sweet and goofy little basset hound, look no further than tip top k9. We love the sweet basset hound and our $1 lesson is famous for showing you how great we can train your droopy friend to be. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake Basset hounds are one of our favorite breeds. One of our owners, Kat, grew up with a Basset hound that was super wonderful and sweet.

“I grew up in Minnesota and the first dog that I ever loved and had as a best buddy was my grandmother’s dog, Angel. Angel was a classic example of why basset hounds are actually great family dogs. Me and Angel did everything together. We hung out outside and we ate ice cream together… as in I shared my ice cream with the dog. Angel was the best too! She let me lay on her, sit on her… apparently I tried sticking my fingers up her nose and she would just lay there and be understanding and maternal about it all. I loved that dog! We grew up together and it was a great childhood in major part because of her and her sweetness!”

Bassets are actually famous for being really great with children. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake The kids can play with them and just chill with them and they will be great companions. A lot of people swear by basset hounds as family pets and many people who have them continue to go back to the sweet and goofy breed over and over.

Another thing that Basset Hounds are super famous for is their droopy eyes and long ears. They have such a distinct appearance, that they even have brands using them as icons and even the name of the brand. They were bred specifically for hunting and burrowing low so they have very short legs and a large head and body. They basically look like a big bloodhound that has no legs. They can be tricolor or two color and they have sweet little spots all over them that can be either brown or black. They have the longest ears of any dog which actually need to be attended to regularly due to the fact that they drag on the ground all the time picking up dirt and bugs and everything else in between.

The basset is not for the faint of heart or for people who want to be obeyed absolutely. Even the best dog trainer in Tulsa knows that this dog is particularly stubborn and will take a little longer to train for attention and obedience. They have a very stubborn personality and they will do as they please when they please for as long as they please. The main issue that you will run into with this is that that dog was actually bred for hunting so if they catch a scent and run off, they may not be particularly keen on returning to you when you call. This is why it’s important to always keep this dog on a leash when you are in public or outside of your fenced in backyard. The best dog trainer in Southlake talks about this.

“We always used to talk about how Angel had selective hearing… so she only heard us when she was interested in doing what we told her to do. She would sort of wander in our yard until it suited her to come inside again. She loved to hang out with all the gopher and rabbit smells in the backyard so coming back inside every morning was just not high on her priority list… which wasn’t super convenient, but it could be very funny to me as a child.”

The Basset hound is well known for being very goofy and low key. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake They will probably not be jumping athletic crazy dogs, but they would be super happy to chill with you while you watch tv. They like adventures, but they don’t get all hyped up about them so much as they just kind of sit there and observe them. The one adventure that the basset hound actually can’t resist is a good smell. This is why you will want to have the best dog trainer in Southlake working with them so they don’t run off every time they smell something interesting.

Basset hounds actually have twenty thousand receptors in their nose as compared with five thousand in a human nose. This breed can single out one particular smell and follow it with all of their derpy running and funny personality. They have a sharp piercing bark that rings out when they’ve found what they were looking for and they are belligerent when it comes to actually flushing out the thing they were chasing. The best dog trainer in Southlake can help you teach your dog when it’s appropriate to use this bark. Their noses are actually one of the best in the dog world second only to the infamous bloodhound nose. They are excellent hunters and they prefer to hunt in packs – so they get along with other dogs/animals pretty well.

“Angel was a funny dog. We actually brought home a little black kitten and that cat was way more dominant than Angel had ever been. We named him Sheridan. Well one day, Sheridan decided that he was in charge. I literally watched this little black cat chasing Angel around the house. It was possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen… a cat chasing a dog. They had a weird period like this, but then they decided they were best friends. My mom used to joke that they were in cahoots. The cat would get up on the high counters that our sweet basset couldn’t reach and he would knock down food items which the dog promptly ate. It was hilarious. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake I think we even have pictures of them snuggling in Angel’s crate together. They were so precious together and Angel was such a laid back dog. I don’t think Sheridan would have loved her as much if she weren’t so laid back.”

If you are thinking about getting a basset hound, go ahead and call the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas to schedule a $1 lesson to get the best dog training for your basset. We would be happy to help you make your basset a very good dog.