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Best Dog Trainer in Southlake | Dogs are a Big Responsibility

There are many dog trainers in Southlake Texas but the Tip Top K9 is by far the best. Our program is the most reviewed dog training program in the United States. The reason for this is that our program works and it’s transferrable. The reason it’s transferrable is because we do not use positive or negative reinforcement. We use what is called attention training. Yesterday I was working with a couple of dogs. I worked with a lab mix named Max first. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake Max is a little tubby so working with him was actually really fun. If a dog is just a little overweight you know he is well loved and taken care of, even if it’s not the best thing for his health. All this means that he was picked up our training really quickly. Within five minutes we had him coming from a six foot distance, and then within thirty minutes he was coming to us from across the room whenever we called. Through our program he will also be able to lose some weight and live a better quality of life. The next plan for max is to have him learn the place command. The place command means that he would have stay on a raised surface with an obvious boundary. This is useful to keep him from jumping on people.

The next dog training I did in Southlake Texas was a Great Dane named Ruby. Ruby is about seven months old and is already one hundred and fifteen pounds. She will probably end up at one hundred and fifty pounds by the time she is full grown. Even though she is a very large dog, she was also able to adapt to our system no problem. Great Danes tend to run out of energy quickly because of their size, but since she had just woken up we were able to work with her for about forty five minutes before she started getting too tired to work. Most dogs we can work for at least an hour, but with some bigger dogs or very young puppies, the time can be a little less. The youngest we train is sixteen weeks old. The reason for this is because a puppy younger than that will not understand what we are trying to do.

We have another dog we are training in Southlake Texas named Boomer. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake Boomer is a mystery dog, the owners found him and don’t really know what kind of dog he is. He is about the size of a small lab. He is pretty aggressive, the owners brought him to us because he had actually bitten the owner badly to the point he needed stitches. We are working with boomer to keep his aggression under control. At first he tried to bite anyone who came up behind him, but he is doing much better now and his aggression is definitely under control. Another dog we are working with is a sheep dog poodle mix which is called a sheepadoodle. He is the size of a large standard poodle, and he is very friendly. His name is Tad Cooper and he is doing our advanced boot camp to keep his energy under control. He doesn’t have any specific negative behaviors we are trying to manage; he is just your typical dog who is out of control and wild full of energy. He is very smart and picking up our dog training system quickly at our facility in Southlake Texas.

There is really nothing like owning a dog to bring joy into your life, they are like children without the same level of time commitment. Children are also a lifelong responsibility and you spend sixteen plus years raising and training them. Then you just hope they turn out right and don’t kill anyone or end up in jail. Dogs on the other hand can be completely grown and trained within one year. This gives you the rest of the time to enjoy the company of your dog. That is unless they are poorly behaved, in that case your job of raising them is never done and you begin to wonder why you got a dog in the first place. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake Tip top K9 dog training system gives you back the joy you felt when you first got your dog.

There is another dog I am working with in Southlake Texas, she is a Belgian Malinois, also called a Belgian shepherd. These dogs are similar to German shepherd in temperament, but they are a little smaller and have short hair. In my opinion these dogs are better than German shepherds because they are easier to maintain because of their short hair. Of course this is just my opinion, and the German shepherd are actually much more popular of a household pet. Both breeds are used as police dogs. German shepherds are one of the most popular and well known breeds. This dog’s name is Margo, she is a seven month old female and we got her about one month ago. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake She is a good dog but has high anxiety because the breeder did not socialize her much within the six months she was with the breeder. She is not aggressive, but instead is very timid around new people and places. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but she would have a higher quality of life if she was able to overcome the anxiety. So to help her, we are bringing her to Southlake Texas to train with dogs at our facility there. We are helping her overcome her anxiety by taking her to new places and meeting new people every day. This repetition builds a habit for her and when a dog is following a habit that they have been trained to do, they find comfort in that. She is already much more comfortable in many situations. You can tell if she has anxiety by her body language. If her tail and ears are tucked, that means she is uncomfortable in the situation, but we are helping her with that.