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Literally the best thing that you could do for your bad and or naughty dog would be to call the best dog trainers in Southlake Texas and that would be Tip Top K9. We have a good dog guaranteed guarantee where if we take your dog on for training, it is going to be definite that the dog will be well behaved when we are done with the dog. Best dog Trainer in Southlake Honestly I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else for private lessons or bootcamp. It’s not a hard choice and I think that you will be very pleased with your very nice dog after the training.

When you look at your dog, you want it to be a good dog and Tip Top K9 can make that happen. Our best dogs are the ones that we are proud to show to our friends. They can do all the tricks that you love to show off like sitting on command and staying where you tell them to stay. Then you can show your friends how the dog is able to weave between your legs and roll over. It’s very cute when your dog rolls over and plays dead and if you want your dog to be a superstar like this they you will want to sign up for our wonderful Superstar package. It’s worth it to have such a fun dog that does fun tricks. We will teach your dog to stand on a fire hydrant and be awesome like Ryan’s dog Ranger. He stands on fire hydrants and he does all kinds of awesome stuff that normal dogs can’t do. That’s what happens when your master is the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas.

We are the second highest reviewed dog trainer in the country and in Southlake, we are liked more than any other dog trainer. You have to know that we are working hard every day to make the dogs of Southlake better. If you have adopted a dog recently then you are probably looking for a way to teach the dog how to be a good dog because sometimes adopted dogs come to your home with bad habits. Sometimes the dog will steal things off the counter or chew up your socks or even eat the carpet or the floors. Best dog Trainer in Southlake When this happens, you will want to call the best dog trainers in Southlake Texas.

If you have any questions about how we train dogs, you can call the number on our website! It’s awesome. We are a national chain of dog trainers who all follow the proven system that makes us the best dog trainers in the country. We do all kinds of awesome things with your dog and it makes it totally worth it for you. Tip Top K9 is worth the money! Anyone who gets your dog results is worth the money that you pay them and the dog trainers at our company in Southlake Texas are getting amazing results from the dogs that they work with.

At Tip Top K9 in Southlake we use attention training. A lot of people see that we use collars and they are concerned that the dog is being shocked. This is not the case. We will only use something called an E-collar. This collar is just like when you go to the chiropractor. You know the stem therapy that they put on the more tense parts of your neck or back – these are basically what are touching the dog. It’s not an electric shock. One way of proving this is actually to put the collar on a wet dog or just to test it in water. Water actually makes the “tap” less strong. It dampens the results. You can keep an e-collar on the dog when they are swimming and when they are running through the sprinklers and such.

If the dog was wearing a shock collar, the signal would be stronger when the dog was wet and the collar could be damaged by the dog jumping into the pool. Another thing about shock collars is that they are easily abused by bad people and bad trainers. It is important to know the difference. Police officers and the military actually train their dogs with E-collars and they are perfectly safe. We will show you what it looks like on your hand and our hand so that you aren’t afraid that it’s hurting the dog.

The other kind of training that we only do with our very advanced boot camps is treat training but only for tricks. We don’t pay dogs for life saving things like sit and place or down that they need to do all the time. What we should pay our dogs for is things like rollover and weave between our legs. Best dog Trainer in Southlake Smart dogs like to do fun activities like this and it makes it more of a game for you to teach them how to do this using treats as incentive. We ONLY use treats when we are teaching the dog how to do silly tricks. We don’t want the dog to only Come if we are offering a treat. The dog needs to know that he should Come no matter what or that he should place for any given amount of time without being rewarded every few seconds. It’s difficult to always have payment on hand and odds are if you are telling your dog to sit because he’s across the street, it’s because there is a car coming and it’s for the dog’s safety.

We like to use little treats for treat training or even some wet food that can be balled up and fed to the dog in little pieces. The dogs love to do treat training, but the dog also needs to have high food drive so that they can pay attention to the food. We have some dogs who don’t really care about food that much so treat training doesn’t go very well for them unless we offer a very special treat. Tip Top K9 is the the best dog trainer in Southlake for your dog to do treat training and attention training. If you want to schedule your $1 lesson then you should give us a call.