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Best Dog Trainer in Southlake | Golden Retrievers

Do you have a golden retriever that you are looking for the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas to train? We can help with training your very rambunctious Golden Retriever. We have private lessons and bootcamps available that can be very helpful in the training of your dog. The quality of life for a dog improves drastically for a dog that can live off-leash and not bolt or disobey. They have more freedom to run and play and be a dog and that’s what our goal is here at Tip Top K9, the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas.

Sign up for our low commitment $1 lesson today! We are happy to show you what we can do with your dog for just $1 and then you can decide whether our bootcamp program is right for you or if you want to do all your own homework with private lessons.

If you are thinking about getting a Golden Retriever for your family, it’s a wonderful choice let me just tell you that. There are lots of Goldens that need to be rescued if you are looking for an older dog or if you are really committed to rescues, and there are also plenty of puppies if you are looking for a breeder. Be careful when selecting a breeder and make sure that you have seen grown dogs from that breeder. Some people breed irresponsibly and the dogs that come out of that are unhealthy and very off for the breed.

According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers should be anywhere from 21.5 inches tall to 24 inches tall depending on the gender and line, and they should weigh anywhere in the vicinity of 55 to 75 lbs. If a golden is any more than that, they probably come from a line that has been mis-bred and they may have more health problems than usual.

The Golden retriever is a great family pet as long as you hire the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas to train them so that they have the best quality of life as possible. They have a very sweet, outgoing, and balanced temperament as a rule, and they are a very loyal and eager-to-please type of dog. The golden wants nothing more than to make you happy which is why a lot of times, they are perfect for private lessons. You will need to work them and practice the things you and they are learning from the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas, but bootcamps may be overkill unless your dog has a unique personality that is less eager to please you.

Golden retrievers come from Scotland where they were originally created in around 1840. They were bred for hunting and retrieving game. They have become popular because of their great personalities for family life and their beautiful appearance. The breed only experiences some problems when there are bad breeding techniques used. Hip dysplasia can affect them adversely and they can sometimes develop eye conditions or heart conditions.

Every Golden should have an owner who cleans their ears and teeth regularly and who carefully watches them for any other symptoms of any problems. Every dog should be given the appropriate amount of vaccinations as well as administered heartworm/flea-tick medicine every month. This is just being a good dog owner as any vet or the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas will tell you. Another great thing to do to improve your dog’s quality of life is to hire Tip Top K9. We are the most dog-loving people-teaching and informed as well as intelligent dog trainer in Southlake Texas. Our trainers are happy to work with you and your dog as you enter the beautiful and amazing world of dog training.

When you are choosing your new doggy, you should also take into account the personality of the dog. If you want a dog that will ignore you and just sort of sleep all day I highly recommend not getting a dog because you really should dedicate some time in your life to being a dog trainer. If you need a lower energy dog then maybe the Golden retriever is not the best choice. Goldens are active animals that need lots of exercise and fresh air. If you want a dog to go running with you and hang out with you at the park, then the Golden is probably a fantastic choice. They actually do very well with agility training and they were originally bred to retrieve game, so hunting is sort of fun for them too.

Golden Retrievers love water and they just need to be introduced to it to just freaking love it. They will spend a lot of time hanging out with you on the lake or at the cabin. They need to be brushed weekly and they will shed so make sure you are prepared for this… maybe just don’t wear a lot of black.

Call the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas to find out how they can help you train your very trainable golden retriever. We are located in Southlake and we are serving the entire DFW area. It’s going to be awesome for you to experience our signature first lesson for $1. The difference in your puppy or rescue will be crazy and you will not even believe it is the same naughty dog that ate all of your shoes the other day. If you will sit with us while we show you what we can do, then I think you will find that Tip Top K9 is the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas. We will make your dog very happy with their new off-leash life and you will get group classes for the life of the dog with some of our packages. No one else offers the same amount of service or better dog training than us. We are excited to meet your golden retriever and to show you how to continue the training. Don’t delay. Call Today.