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best dog trainer in Southlake | Most Popular Dogs

Today the best dog trainer in Southlake is going to talk about the other dogs that are the most popular in the United States. Honestly we believe that all dogs go to heaven but the best dogs for your family are sometimes hard to find so you will want to make sure that you read this awesome article on dogs that are best for you. You may want a chill dog or you may want an energetic dog. Either way, you need to think very hard about which dog you get because the dogs that are in the wrong home affect the owner and the dog negatively. If you do not have the time to contribute to the dog’s training and you still want to be a good dog owner, then call Tip Top K9 who is the best dog trainer in Southlake and find out what we can do to get your dog’s training started today.

The thirteenth dog on the list of most popular dogs is the dachshund. I really have a hard time saying this because I actually learned to read phonetically and the word is actually pronounced doxon so that can be confusing for people but you should know how to say it because I didn’t for the longest time. Dachshunds are small dogs that have a nice little stubborn streak due to the fact that they are from the hound family. A lot of people really love these dogs for the same reason that many others would never keep them. They are stubborn and determined to make a ruckus if you are new at the door. They make great alarm dogs and the are notorious for being freaking adorable. They come in many different colors and you can get them as long haired or short haired. They love to follow their noses so you do have to make sure that you keep them well secured or in a safe enclosed yard when they are playing. These little guys are so popular and very portable so you will see people carrying them around but please don’t bring your dog to the grocery store unless it’s a therapy animal or a guide dog because that’s actually kind of weird and slightly gross.

This next dog is a personal favorite of the best dog trainer in Southlake due to their extraordinary personalities which are insane! These dogs literally do not care what you think or what you tell them and they are very vocal about it! The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog who does not give a flying flunk what you think about their actions, thier behaviors and their singing. Huskies are super stubborn and they like to backtalk you when you tell them what to do. This makes them particularly difficult to train but the best dog trainer in Southlake can help you set up private lessons to make your naughty husky a very good dog. Huskies come in many different colors and sizes and their eyes can be blue or brown or sometimes they have one of each which is considered to be particularly beautiful. Huskies are great work dogs and are known for pulling sleds in Alaska. They are magnificent and strong and very amusing as far as their personalities are concerned. They have a lot of spunk and if you go online, you can find a lot of funny videos of huskies sounding like they are saying words, or just howling for the hell of it.

As a matter of fact the best dog trainer in southlake loves the vocalizations of huskies and we could watch hours of these videos but we don’t have time because we are busy training these doggos to be the best dogs ever. The shedding on these pups is just insane so if you want a dog that is low shed, then this is the wrong choice and not the one for you. These dogs are particularly cute though so if you are willing to deal with their total stubbornness, their vocal nature, their sassy attitudes, and their shedding, then they may have the perfect independent personalities for you and your family. Make sure that these kids get lots of exercise. The best dog trainer in Southlake knows that if these dogs are not exercised regularly and given consistent training, then they will often get into trouble just because they are bored. Think very hard before choosing this dog and this dog will be great for you or not for you depending on what you decide.

Number eleven on the list of the most popular and well-loved dogs in America is the fun-loving boxer. This guy is sweet and enjoys playing with you. He is a short haired dog of medium size who definitely needs to engage in training with the best dog trainer in Southlake because he is determined to do what he wants when he wants to. If you train this dog right though, he will be the most loyal and loving pal who would be happy to cuddle up to you on a cold winter’s night as you read a book or watch a movie. He also needs a lot of exercise though so make sure you have a lot of room for this fellow to run in and that you talk this good doggo on a lot of walks because he deserves to live his best life and that would be part of it.

The next dog on the list is called the German Shorthaired pointer. This dog is a hunting dog and is used for locating prey or fallen prey. He looks a lot like a hound but with a spotted coat and he is shorthaired. This is a very high energy dog due to his being bred for work and so you have to make sure that he is given all the room to run. This dog also could benefit from working with the best dog trainer in Southlake so make sure you schedule your $1 lesson with our office today!