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Best Dog Trainer in Southlake | Obedience for Safety

If you are looking for the best dog trainer in Southlake then Tip Top K9 is the premier choice for what you are looking for. It’s not a hard choice to choose them because they do things in a way that makes sense for every dog. My dog Ruby was a very naughty dog who liked to bite a lot as lots of puppies do. She was peeing on the floor in the house and she jumped on people and peed on them and it was very frustrating and bad. If I had not contacted Tip Top K9 then I would still be going crazy from how nuts she was.

I called the best dog trainers in Southlake Texas and I really was glad that I did because they totally fixed my dog. Ruby is a very good girl now. She is not spazzy like she used to be. She does not jump on people anymore. She will not go to the bathroom in the house which is good because I hate to have to clean that up all the time. Ruby doesn’t bite either. It’s amazing the transformation that was made and I am so happy about it. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake If we had not done the private lessons with Tip Top K9, I would have gone insane from her puppy craziness.

When we signed her up for the bootcamp, we just wanted to take our dog to the next level. She had taken up digging in the backyard and it was just so frustrating. At first I was sad because I had to part with my dog and it was very hard to be away from her for four weeks, but it was so worth it! She can sit on her bed for 20 minutes without getting up and it’s a totally different story with her now! I love that she doesn’t dig up the backyard anymore or do any of the little bad habits that I had let her pick up.

If I didn’t believe in the system, I wouldn’t use it, but the dog trainers at Tip Top K9 have their stuff together. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake They showed me how they are always using checklists and proven systems to train the dogs, and on top of that, they actually like my dog maybe more than I even do and I really love my dog.

The difficult thing about sending your dog to bootcamp, is keeping the dog good once they bring it home. Ruby started to get naughty because I don’t always have time to keep up her training which is where the group class comes in. Group class for the life of the dog was included in the training package that I bought and boy was I glad because it helps me stay accountable. The trainer at group class helped me with all of my questions and she even pointed out how I could manage my dog better.

They do such a great job of training your dog and I just can’t say enough good things about how they are so helpful. The trainer had me walk my dog past other dogs and teach her how to still mind me when there were other tempting distractions. Now I can leave a piece of steak on the counter and my dog doesn’t steal it. Best Dog Trainer in Southlake They gave me a way to keep her from counter swiping things and it’s so much better! I don’t believe how much different my dog is. She is a very good dog and I’ve grown so much fonder of her due to her good behavior. I loved my dog before but now she is so well behaved that I can be very proud of her too!

The way that they taught me to heel with her was super good. I don’t know that I think there is a better dog trainer because there is just not. Ruby heels perfectly now and my dog is such a great dog. She walks next to me without pulling on the leash and trying to jump on other dogs or people when we take walks in the park or in my neighborhood. It is such a relief to know that she won’t jump or pull. It was exhausting to walk her before because she is such a large dog and when she pulled it was like she was tearing my arm out of the socket but now she walks next to me like a civilized dog should and it’s just so freeing to have her do that. I can even let her go off-leash and that’s amazing because before she would have bolted out the door and run down the street to go explore everything.

Exploring everything is just what dogs do, but in Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas trains your dog to explore what you tell them to explore. It’s better that they stay next to you and heel than run off and get hit by a car or something. You want your dog to be safe because they are so cute and you love them. There is a little dog that we are training right now and she is so cute but she is nervous. Being trained gives her confidence to interact with humans without being afraid of them. The aggression that comes from fear can be quelled by showing the dog that people are good and that they are smart and can heel and be given praise by their owner when the dog does the right thing like heeling off-leash and sitting and being a very good boy.

If you are searching for top dog training in Southlake, you should probably look up Tip Top K9 of Southlake Texas. They are so good with the little dogs and the big dogs and the medium sized dogs. If your dog is black they love your dog and they love any color dog whatever breed or size the dog might be. I love every dog and they do too. Schedule a $1 lesson with them to make sure that you are getting a good deal and a very good dog.