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Best Dog Trainer in Southlake | Poodles

If you are deciding which poodle to bring home to your family then you should also bring that dog to the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas. We can set up a $1 lesson to show you how great of a dog your poodle can be. We love poodles and they make great family pets but you definitely want to have them trained.

Poodles are known for being the second smartest of all the breeds of dog. They just aren’t the prissy little dog that you think they are. Poodles are incredibly intelligent and very smart so if you are going to get one, you will want to hire the best dog trainer in Southlake to train your very smart and very attractive poodle. If you don’t hire a trainer to work with your dog, then their very smart brains will look for some trouble to get into because they need to go to the best dog trainer in Southlake to occupy their minds with obedient training, agility training, and trick training.

Poodle comes from the german word for puddle because the poodle was originally developed to be a water dog or “duck dog” in Germany. That froofy cut has a purpose too! The round tufts of hair called ponpoms were meant to keep the dogs joints warm when they were in the water. They got the name because they love to splash and play in the water and many current owners will attest to the fact that their poodle loves to play in the water bowl.

After being developed in Germany, the dogs were brought to France where they were turned into the dogs that we are most familiar with today. There are three types of poodle. The first and our favorite for families is the standard poodle. The standard poodle is a sweet, outgoing and fun loving dog who needs lots of exercise so living with a couple of children is actually a great life for this dog. They are, like we said before, very intelligent, so you will want to call the best dog trainer in Southlake to train them, but once the dog has been trained, they are a loyal and fun companion. They have an amazing sense of humor and will play and goof off with you and your kids for hours upon end. They are great cuddlers and have wonderful personalities.

The other two kinds of poodles are the mini poodle and the toy poodle. They are equally as intelligent, but they may not be as ideal for family life as the standard because they can sometimes feel threatened by creatures larger than themselves and they may display aggression if they do feel threatened. These little guys make great alarm dogs for adults and the elderly and they will let you know if anyone is trespassing or if a leaf is blowing past the front door. One way to get this excessive barking under control is to call the best dog trainer in Southlake to schedule a $1 lesson. In this lesson, we can show you how great our trainers are and how we can help your dog to be the best dog possible no matter what it’s shortcomings are right now.

Poodles are actually fairly easy to train because of their desire to please you. They are basically amazing at anything you give them to do. They have been used as hunting dogs. Tracking is also something that they excel at and they are very good at obedience and agility training. The poodle is probably one of the more underrated good dogs when you hire the best dog trainer in Southlake to work with them and get them to the point where they come when you call every time and how to heel and place and down. They are very sweet and friendly dogs who will be excited to see you and your guests when you come to the house and sometimes they will pee with excitement while they are jumping all over your guests and you. You will want to curb this by training them to wait in a place spot and then when the excitement dies down you can let them come and say hi. This is the way that the best dog trainer in Southlake handles excited or submissive peeing and it works great.

Poodles can come in many solid colors and color combinations. They range from black to red to white to apricot and many other colors and combinations. The poodle is unique because instead of having fur like most breeds of dog, these dogs have hair like a human that grows out and curls up. This is why poodles are some of the most high maintenance to groom. All variations of poodle should be taken to the groomer at least once a month if not more than that. They also need to be regularly brushed and bathed. You have to be careful that matts don’t develop. If you do see a matte developing be sure to brush it out quickly before it develops into a matte that needs to be cut off. Matts are uncomfortable for the dog and it’s in the poodle’s best interest that she be with a family who is willing to take the time, energy and money to groom her properly. The best dog trainer in Southlake is happy to refer you to a groomer or to grooming tools that will work well on a poodle coat.

Poodles have very few problems when it comes to their health since a long line of responsible breeders have worked hard to eliminate dogs from the breeding line that have the major problems that dogs can have. They do sometimes suffer from bloat as dogs with large chests and large appetites sometimes can, but if you monitor the dog’s eating schedule and make sure that they don’t scarf it down, then the dog should be fine.

In conclusion, poodles make great family dogs but you will definitely want to call Tip Top K9 to schedule a $1 lesson if you are planning on bringing a poodle into your home.