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Best Dog Trainers in Southlake | Private Lessons

Dog Training is a major part of your life and no one is better at dog training than Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas. The main thing that you want to look for when you are finding a dog trainer in your area is the general reviews that the trainer has on Google and Facebook and the like. If the dog trainer has 3 stars or less then you want to probable avoid them and find a different trainer. The dog trainer should have 4 or more stars for you to use them. The trick is making sure that you investigate further too. There are a lot of factors that go into the best dog training in Southlake so we will go over what those are.

First, what kind of training do they offer? You will want to find out if there is private training for dogs that you don’t want to send away for a long period of time. I trained my dog Ruby with Private training and I didn’t want to send my puppy away for a month. Best Dog Trainers in Southlake She was so cute and I would have missed her a lot when she was so little. This was perfect for me. Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas had a fully concierge service where they just came out to my house and they trained my dog at my home. This is so unique! Not everyone has this service available, and it was really nice that they came to me.

There are many different levels of private training that we can offer and tip top k9 is the best at offering the most variety in dog training. The beginner level is just a few lessons for your dog to learn the basics and then you take over from there. The middle level is a few lessons where your dog learns how to do the basic things and then the group class is available to you for the life of the dog which is awesome and makes your dog very good at obeying and doing tricks.

The top and most popular private training package is awesome because you get into the more advanced stuff for your dog to learn. The dog learns some advanced obedience behaviors and the owner gets some more advanced training as well on how to continue training thier dog. The group class is also available to this person who chooses the advanced private training package. It’s really awesome to see the results from this package and the dogs who do this course really learn a lot about how to obey and be a very good dog.

The other kind of training that Tip Top K9 offers is Bootcamps. The bootcamps are really good if you are a super busy person who can’t necessarily afford to spend a lot of time training your dog on your own. If you are a mom who has a dog or you work full time and you just need that dog to be trained by someone else, then this is the perfect choice for you. Dogs are kept in a safe and clean environment while they are trained in bootcamp style next to many other dogs who are learning the same things.

Southlake has the best dog trainers in Tip Top K9 and they can be proud to try the bootcamp specials. There are a few different versions of the bootcamp that you can choose from just like with the private lessons. The lowest level package is a short bootcamp where the dog just learns the basics of how to obey their masters and how to not jump on people or bite them or things like that. This is good if you are just wanting your dog to learn the basics of how to be a decent member of polite society.

The most popular package for bootcamps is the advanced bootcamp. This package offers things like 20 minute place stays so that your dog can stay in one spot without moving for 20 whole minutes. This is a fantastic skill because your dog sometimes needs to be out of the way and you want to be able to control this when people come over and are visiting your home. Most people choose this package and it’s very popular due to the comprehensive obedience training that it provides. Dogs go home very good and very nice when they have finished this package offered by Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas.

The final package that is available to people who want a crazy talented dog is called the Superstar package and boy is it amazing. You want your dog to be a very good boy and he or she will learn how to do this with the fantastic superstar package. Best Dog Trainers in Southlake We will teach your dog fun tricks and how to do stunts like stand on a fire hydrant. It’s very impressive and your dog will be an amazing addition to your family with sweet skills like roll over and weave between your legs and stand on random small objects that make the dog look impressive.

If you are interested in any of these packages, you should call the best dog trainers in Southlake Texas and that would be Tip Top K9. They are amazing at creating the best pup that you will ever meet. I love how good my dog is and you will too! My doodle is amazing now and she can do all kinds of things. Yesterday she did a 35 minute place stay on the top of a box and it was very impressive. I love my dog even more now that she is so good and she loves to cuddle with me and play with me but also to mind me because that is imperative for a healthy dog/person relationship!

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