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Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Do You Need a Dog Trainer?

Do you need a dog trainer? Tip Top K9 has caring, professional trainers ready to help you. Our trainers love your dogs as though they were part of their family too. We have a staff full of dog lovers just waiting to train your dog. Find the best dog training West Jordan Utah has to offer at Tip Top K9. To learn more about us, visit our website at Here you will find testimonials and podcasts full of information for you and your dog.

We are trainers, dog lovers, professionals who can fix 95% of puppy issues that walk through our door. We have ten years experience and a lifetime’s worth of dog relationships. Our founder grew up with dogs. His uncle was a bird dog trainer. You could say it runs in the family. We work with all breeds and all ages. We have worked with great danes, border Collie, Rottweiler, miniature poodles, German shepherds, mastiffs, pit bulls, and more. We the best dog training West Jordan Utah has and are one of the top reviewed dog training companies in the U. S.! Visit to see what other clients have said about us and our programs.

We know that your dog deserves the very best dog training West Jordan Utah. We for information as well as training. Our website at has podcasts for you to listen to. Our podcasts offer a variety of topics such as toys and play, socializing, taking multiple dog, attention training, potty training, and more. We are not just here for the class time we spend with your dog. We genuinely care. We strive to be the best dog training company we can offer at Tip Top K9. For dogs over 4 months old we have a special offer, your 1st lesson for $1.

Do you have a new puppy? Does your new puppy have potty training issues? Think you could use a trainer? We have tools for fixing that stressful issue. Part of potty training is creating a routine for you and your new puppy. Obedience training is another part of the solution to potty training. To learn more regarding potty training, visit our website at We cover the 5 myths of potty training, a podcast regarding potty trainging, and a training program that covers potty trainign for your puppy. Call us at (833) 484-7867. We would love to help you and your puppy.

We offer training programs that cover other issues as well. Do you need a trainer? We can train your dog to “come” on command, fix jumping issues, help stop pulling on the leash during walks and outings, and address aggression issues. Every dog desserves a chance. Let us show you they can learn, even the hard to handle dogs are smart and can learn. Hard to handle and aggression issues are our specialties. Let us prove it to you. Call Tip Top K9 at (833) 484-7867 today.

Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Does Your Dog Need Help with Anxiety?

Does your dog need help with anxiety? Do you know the signs of anxiety in a dog? If your dog always tucks its tail, avoids eye contact, or retreat to another room or to a hiding place often, then your dog may be experiencing anxieety issues. Pacing,whining, panting, excessive licking and avoiding interaction are all signs of anxiety. Let us help you and your dog deal with anxiety issues. Training could be the answer you have been looking for. At Tip Top K9, we strive to give you the best dog training West Jordan Utah we possibly can. For more information call (833) 484-7867 or visit us online

As children, people learn through new things and new experiences. Puppies sometimes get very anxious due to new experiences and new things. New things, new places, and new people all have different smells. A sog’s sense of smell is of course legendary, but did you know that your dog’s nose has as many as 300 million receptors for smelling? A person only has 5 million receptors. Thinking about it in those terms, for a new puppy, this can be overwhelming. Overstimulation causes stress in dogs and people. We would love for you to give us the opportunity to help your dog overcome this stressful ordeal in a positive manner.

Part of our training program for puppies, which relieves anxiety is referred to as environmental soundness. Part of getting rid of the anxiety and teaching your puppy environmental soundness is doing things slowly a little bit at a time. We can help you with that. Potty training as another stressful event we would be more than happy to help you train your puppy with–again baby steps. Crate training also helps. Most people think crate training is cruel and unusual punishment. Crate training actually gives your pet a very safe place, a place all their own, where they can go and be comfortable when the world gets too stressful for them. We want your puppy to have the best dog training West Jordan Utah.

Our puppy training program covers other areas that your dog may enjoy as well. We can teach him come, no jumping, and no leash pulling during walks and outings. We can address unnecessary barking. Each individual dog or puppy has their own assessment. We want your dog to have personalized training that is suited to them. We have a good dog guarantee. Our program has a 95% success rate with most of the doggie issues that are brought to us. If your puppy is more than 4 months old we also offer your first lesson for only $1. Did we also mention there’s a money back guarantee?

At Tip Top K9, we offer information as well as services. You’ll find different podcasts on our website. Our podcasts cover topics like toys and play, socializing your dog, potty training, training multiple dog, and attention training. Our caring, professional trainers are here for you with the Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah. Call us at (833) 484-7867 or visit us online at to schedule your 1st lesson.