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Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Do You Want the Best for Your Dog?

Do you want the best for your dog? Find the best dog training West Jordan Utah at Tip Top K9. Our trainers care for your dog like it is their dog with a professional manner. We know your dog family. We you to be able to take your dog anywhere any time off leash and still obey you. This is a matter of safety for you and your dog in most places. We offer a good dog guarnatee and solve 95% of the issues brought to us. Schedule your 1st lesson for $1. Visit our website at, or give ua a call at (833) 484-7867.

We want the best for our family. This includes our pets. We hope you’ll agree that we offer the best dog training West Jordan Utah. We have been labeled as one of the most reviewed dog training companies in the United States. See what other clients have to say about us on our Testimonials page. We want you to know we are here for you and your dog. It is our goal to create effective communication and therefore a better relationship between the 2 of you.

The best dog training West Jordan Utah is offered at Tip Top K9. We have complete faith in our trainers and our training program and to prove it, we offer a money back guarantee. Communication between you and your dog is our goal. Is your puppy or dog more than 4 months old? If so, we can schedule your 1st lesson for $1. At this rate, how can you refuse? We have a 95% success rate for solving issues brought to us. To learn more about us, visit us online We have podcasts available with topics such as “Training Multiple Dogs”, “Attention Training”, ” Socializing your dog”, and more.

Vacation are something we look forward to every year. Imagine taking your pet with you on vacation this year. Training your dog off leash and make this a reality. Imagin hiking with your pet and not having to worry about tangling the leash. Imagine being able to call your dog to you on the trail or any time and have them respond almost immediately. We can make this happen for both of you. It’s all about training and it can be done! Let us prove it to you!

Most of us socialize by going to parties or getting together with friends. Dog need socialization also. We can help you socialize your dog with other dogs and with people. Taking your dog to the dog park expecting him to behave like he has been through a training course is unrealistic. However, we can make this a reality by training your dog correctly for being around other dogs and people. Some dogs need a little extra help with socialization. Rescue animals often find socialization stressful and traumatic do to their possibly abusive background. Did you know the number one reason people rehome their pets is due to behavioral issues? We been hard to train dogs all breeds all ages. Visit us online at, or give us a call at (833) 484-7867.

Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah |How to Train Your Dog?

Training your dog is easy. Make sure you have the right professional to train your dog today. For the best dog training West Jordan Utah, , call Tip Top K9 at (833) 484-7867 today. We offer puppy training, potty training, and dog training as well as doggie bootcamp. Would you like your dog to come 100% of the time on command? We can help you. Would you like to crate train your dog? We can help you with that too. Is your dog showing signs of aggression? We can help you. Hard to train or aggressive dogs are our specialty.

We have a 95% success rate in training your dog. Come and see us today! Our goal is to create effective communication between you and your dog. Schedule your 1st lesson today for $1. Your dog must be older than four months for this special offer. Each dog is individually assessed to see what their personal needs are and how we need to proceed. For the best dog training West Jordan Utah call Tip Top K9 at (833) 484-7867 today. Or visit us online at We look forward to working with you and your puppy today.

Is your dog showing signs of aggression? Bring him/her in for some training. Catching aggression at an early stage is better. Doggie bootcamp is a great option for those who are harder cases or seem a bit unruly. We train all breeds all ages. We have had success with breeds such as German shepherds, border collies, Dobermans, Poodles, Labradors, mastiffs, pitbulls, terriers, spaniels and more. As for age, some puppies at 3 months old have super confidence and are ready to start obedience training while others take more time to mature and have to be closer to 6 to 8 months old. Dogs are similar to Children in that they also mature at different rates. Give your dog time. Feel free to give us a call to see if your puppy is ready for training at (833) 484-7867.

Do you learn more about helping your dog be a better companion? listen to some of our podcasts. You will find information ranging from training multiple dogs, attention training, positive versus negative reinforcement, toys and play, and even potty training. Strengthening the bond between dog and owner is a serious goal for us. We want to offer you the best dog training West Jordan Utah ahs ever seen.

If you are looking for a way to train your dog in a manner which strengthens your relationship with your dog for a lifetime, then contact Tip Top K9 at (833) 484-7867 or visit us online at today. We believe you’ll find a well-trained, professional staff that cares. We have 10 years experience and have worked with over 2500 dogs. We have youtub videos of over 300 of the dogs we have worked with. Your dog is part of the family and we want both of you to be in a healthy, strong, confident relationship.