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If you want a better dog that behaves more calmly and you have been thinking about and willing them into training classes then you need to go with the best plano dog training. At Tip-Top K-9 we do it better than anyone else. For over 10 years we have been providing owners and pets that sweet spot in their relationship. They go places all the time and do all different types of activities together. Having your dog trained it’s a crucial part in creating a relationship with them. This is why it is our dedication to help locals in the area.

If you want your dogs to go everywhere you go then you need the best plano dog training. We’re going to make sure that no matter the environment or the socialization going on, your dog will be able to focus and not get distracted. This is the main goal when turning your dog. It is all about listening to their owners and you being in control of your relationship. You can use this type of relationship like a parent and a child. In order for your child to be able to listen to you, you have to discipline and teach them.

Our trainers really enjoy their job and it is a passion for them to come in every day and provide the best plano dog training. without them there would be no way that we could train any dogs or create the benefits and experiences we have for thousands of people. Not many people can train their dogs on their own, this is why they bring them to our experienced dog trainers who are dedicated to learning these techniques and tricks so you can benefit from them. If you prefer, you can have our trainers come to your house for private lessons.

Dogs are smart and this is why dog training is very easy when it comes to simple commands. they just haven’t been taught the correct ways to act or what they should do in certain types of situations. This is why it is our duty to make sure that they know and are informed so they are not confused when you are taking them out to a park with a bunch of random dogs. it is important they know that it’s time to socialize and to exercise. There are many reasons that you have to teach dogs to obey and know how to react.

If you want to try this process out for yourself, we are going to give you your first training lesson for just $1. This is so you can assure that you like our facility and what we do here with our clients and the client’s dogs. You can call our office anytime at 1.833.484.7867 or visit our website for any additional information at We look forward to seeing you in the future and creating a bond between you and your dog. we wanted to see the results that you get.

Best Plano Dog Training | Types Of Classes

All dogs are different and have varieties of characteristics which require the best plano dog training .Between age differences, Behavioral issues, special needs, and additional commands. We are going to create a personalized plan for you and your dog to ensure that they get all of the correct Services you guys are needing. We have made such a variety for our clients that way they can choose all of the services so their dog is an expert, or just to the classes that specifically address the needs of their pet. Either way our trainers are specialized in all these classes.

Our basic training classes are the best plano dog training When you are just looking to teach your dogs to certain commands such as sit, stay, lay, listen, stop, heal, and anything you want them to know. We also teach them about environment and socialization and how to act in these types of situations. It can be overwhelming for a dog the first few times, this is why we help them understand what is going on and what they should do in this situation. when your dog knows these certain commands they can be perfect to take anywhere you want them to go.

When bringing your dog to the best plano dog training It is important that you bring the dogs closest relative of the family to the class as well. this could be whoever provides the most food or who they tend to spend the most time with. This is because there’s already a special relationship created and they are going to listen to you more than someone else in your family. This means you are going to be the best person to give commands to and train them on. This is very important especially if your dog has protective Behavioral issues.

We offer two types of different training. These are our group classes and then we have personalized private training. and I grab classes. It is about 5 to 10 dogs with Wind Trainer all working together to learn commands and etc. we provide private training classes with you, your dog, and one trainer. This allows for one-on-one training and less distractions for your dog to focus more accurately. We also provide services for trainers who can come out to your house and train your dog there if you prefer. Either way we want to be able to provide your dog with the services that make things go right.

If you’re ready to get started there is no better time. We are going to provide your first service for only $1 so that you can see how we do things first. We encourage you to visit our website and read all the information that we have posted about different types of dogs and their behaviors and how our classes can address them at If you are ready to go ahead and set up your first appointment then you need to call our office at 1.833.484.7867. let them know it is your first time.