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Whenever it comes to board and train dog school you only want to call the professionals at Tip Top K9. We are going to be your best option for both boarding and training. No matter what you are looking for we are going to write it for you. That is because you are not going to find more dedicated dog lovers than us! The reason we got into the dog training business is because of our owner, Ryan, and his unrelenting dedication and passion for dogs. He does not simply have this passion and dedication due to wanting to train dogs, but he wants to train dogs because he loves them and cares for them. It is his compassion that drives his passion! This is why you need to call us today for any of your needs!

When does the board and train dog school you are going to have the most effective results were rehired Tip Top K9. That is because we are going to be the only ones that are going to provide you with a good dog guarantee. This good dog guarantee is going to allow you to sleep at night knowing you are paying top dollar, but for good reason. You are not going to be paying high rates without highly effective results. We didn’t fix 95% of your dog bad behavior within just a few short weeks, we are going to view money back. That is called putting your money where your mouth is. We do not believe charging people unless we are providing them with real results, which is why we instituted this policy!

Our board and train dog school would not be able to provide you with the good dog guarantee unless we were highly confident the fact that we are going to be will train your dog. The reason we are so confident we’re going to build a train your dog is the fact that we have helped over 5000+ families successfully train their dogs. While servicing such a large number of clients, we have maintained a 99.3% success rate with over hundred and 34 different breeds. That’s right you heard us correctly, we have maintained a success rate north of 99% while working with 834 different breeds! That means that we can help just about any dog of any breed!

If you are like many great dog owners, you do not want to leave your dog to just anyone. Luckily for you you can learn more about our owners by visiting our website or checking them out on other credible outlets. This includes places such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Yahoo finance, and business insider. You know you are leaving your dog with someone who you can trust and is a well respected industry leader. All you have to do is call us and we are going to build take care of you and your pup no matter what the needs are!

Whenever you visit a website you will see the your first lesson is going to cost you just one dollar. All you have to do is fill up the form located on the front page of and we will get in contact with you shortly. If you would like to call us directly we encourage you to pick up the phone and dialed 1.833.484.7867 today!