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You are going to be hard-pressed to find a Dallas dog trainer that has a higher success rate than us. That is because we currently boast a 99.03% success rate. What that means to us is that we break 95% of your dog bad behavior issues within 2 to 4 weeks. If we do not we’re going to provide you with your money back. This you know you can go with us and not have to worry about it. Even though we charged off the market rates, we provide, the market results, which is an outstanding return your investment. That is the reason we offer this money-back guarantee, as we believe that we should not charge you the market price, and unless we are providing you the top of the market results!

The reason that our Dallas dog trainer program has a 99.3% success rate is that we spend as much time training even as we do the dog. This is because a lot of times and effective training comes from improper signals being sent from the owner. While you may be thinking that your rewarding one behavior, you’re actually training into another behavior. If you go to give a dog a treat for coming to you but you fumble around the tree for 5 to 10 seconds, and the dog sits down in the meantime you are actually teaching the dog to sit, and not come to you. With little nuances like this that have allowed us to be highly effective in what we do, as it is truly a science.

The other reason that our Dallas dog trainer program is able to be so successful is because of the fact that we know the dog actually has a certain mindset. Understanding this, and understanding that they want to be able to understand you and listen to your commands is pivotal. This means we truly understand that continuously punishing a dog is not necessarily always the best way to win them over. You can oftentimes break a dog’s loyalty and trust whatever you repeatedly discipline their behavior, versus rewarding. That is not to say there is not a place for both types of training, as it is simply just a delicate balance.

No matter what behavior problem you have with your dog, we’re going to build help you with it. If you want to make sure that you can walk your dog with a loose leash that we’re going to build help you. Do not be afraid to have us help you, no matter if it is a big behavioral issue with your dog or a small one. We cannot wait as we believe that there is not a behavioral issue that is too big or too small for us to help you. We totally understand that you want to be able to take your dog for walks in the neighborhood, at the park, or on the beach. We also understand that it is hard to do that whenever your dog does not properly walk on the leash.

If you would like to take advantage of our dog training program has an unbelievably high success rate that all you have to do is get contact with us by filling out the contact form on the website. You can find this by going to and it is right there on the front page. Our highly-trained customer service representatives will give you a call from our office. If you miss the call, all you have to do is give them a call back at 1.833.484.7867.

Dallas Dog Trainer | You Won’t Believe Its The Same Doggie!

When you are done working with your Dallas dog trainer at Tip Top K9, you’re not going to believe it is the same dog. That is because we’re going to fix all the pesky issues that you have had with your dog since the day you got them. That being said here dog is still going to have the same great personality and be an outstanding companion, as we do not believe in training robot dogs. We simply believe in trading obedient dogs. There is a difference. We also do not believe in training dogs to be obedient most of the time, but we believe in training them to be obedient listen to your commands each and every time you give them.

Our Dallas dog trainer program is going to fix your dog’s issues no matter if they are big or if they are small. If you have trouble with your dog due to something simple such as lease pulling let us help. This is one of the most common things that we get hired to fix for people. This is because people for their own reasons, and health of their dog wish to take the dog on beautiful locks. However, we understand that whenever your dog cannot walk on loose leaf it makes it incredibly difficult and stressful. By making sure that you can trust your dog to behave when on a leash whenever he takes them on a walk, you’re going to build a joint activity that is both healthy for your dog and enjoyable for both of you.

If your dog struggles from anxiety or other common disorders we’re going to build help you with this through our Dallas Dog Trainer. We have actually helped a German Shepherd who had such bad anxiety he was on three pills of Xanax a day. After he worked with them, he was able to function without his medicine. Stories like this are the norm whenever you sign up for our training company. If your dog is dealing with aggressive tendencies, we would love to point you towards the story of our experience working with a 140-pound aggressive mastiff that would rip fence pickets off of it since the chase people. If that doesn’t sound absolutely terrifying, I don’t know what does! We also had the case of a 150 pound and a 170 pound Cane Corso’s who would team up and attack other dogs. But luckily with our training, those were no longer issues exhalation point

One of the reasons that we do we do, and one of the stories that is most near and dear to your heart, is having worked with any many dogs who have been returned to shelters three and four times labeled unadoptable. This because they have had all sorts of issues that range all over the board. By helping these dogs fix some of their behavioral issues, we were able to help them find forever homes. We even were able to help a pit bull that was bought by a client who knew the dog’s dad had been a fighting dog and that the dog was only a year old when he was recommended to be put down by five different positions. That is because this dog was 85 pounds of pure muscle and wanted to attack every single person that he ever saw. With our training program, the dog was able to fix its bad habits and stay in its forever home.

If you want dog training that is going to completely transform your dog to make you I believe it is not the same dog, get touch with. Whenever you visit you will be to see stories just like these along with many others that will give you encouragement! After being inspired by some of the stories we have posted on our website, we encourage you to call talk to customer service representatives. You can get a hold of them by picking up the phone and dialing 1.833.484.7867 today.