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Dog Trainer in Southlake | Our Dogs

Today I would like to talk a little bit about the doggy team at Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas. We have some amazing people at Tip Top K9, but honestly, we are here because of our dogs! They inspire us to be better people and better trainers every day because a good dog is a happy dog. The more we hang out with our pups, the more we love them. I’m even going to hit on some of our doggy friends in Tulsa and Oklahoma City! Dog Trainer in Southlake We just love our doggy friends and we think you will too!

Our first doggy is Kat’s dog. Her name is Ruby and she is an F1b Irish Doodle. F1b simply means that the dog had a parent that was full blooded poodle and one that was half poodle and half Irish Setter. In Ruby’s case, her dad, Toga was a full blooded poodle and her mom, Lucy, was a half poodle and half irish setter mix. We got Ruby when she was just a puppy.

If you plan on getting a puppy from a breeder, I highly suggest that you do a decent amount of research before you decide on the litter and specific pup even before you choose a dog trainer in Southlake Texas. In our case, the breeder had listed the pedigrees and health records of both parents and came highly recommended by a lot of different people. We decided to go ahead and reserve our pick way ahead of time and so we got the pick of the litter which simply means that we got to decide what dog we wanted before everyone else.

When we went to pick her out, all we knew was that we wanted a female. There is not really a better choice as far as the gender of the dog. It’s more of a personal preference thing to be honest. We sat down with all the little girl dogs and my husband immediately noticed how cute a medium sized red one was. However, you should never pick a dog based on looks! Always look for the best personality for you and your family! We actually stuck around a long while to watch the pups play and to see how they interacted with each other and us. The little red pup turned out to be very sweet and playful. She showcased her outgoing personality and her cuddly nature to both me and my husband and we were hooked! Two weeks later, we brought her home!

Today Ruby is the most affectionate and fun dog I’ve met! Dog Trainer in Southlake She has a huge heart and such intelligent eyes and mind. She gets along with other dogs and has never met a person she didn’t just love! She is cute, but she is also a sweet and obedient girl who is polite and playful! She gets along with her sister Margo very well. As a matter of fact, Margo is our next topic of discussion.

Margo was born to work. That’s not a mean statement either. Margo is a belgian malinois which is a shepherding breed of dog. A lot of dog breeds have been specifically bred for work which is totally fine. They have a high drive to get the job done and can be taught to do some very advanced stuff such as show tricks and actually herding other animals (just like Lassie).

The thing is, they also have some very quirky personalities. Margo is 100% devoted to us. We got her from a family who was selling her due to some health problems with their family. She was 6 months old when she came to us and she was very nervous about the changes. Sometimes with high drive dogs you can run into some anxiety and that can be fixed over time with lots of training and lots of praise. The successes of the dog and giving the dog praise give the dog a huge amount of confidence and the anxiety melts away! Today, Margo is amazing! She can jump like Michael Jordan and she looks like a blur when she runs. She plays very well with other dogs especially her big sister Ruby.

Margo came into our family specifically to work alongside us as we train other dogs. She helps us by showing other people what she can do due to the dog training in Southlake that we provide. She has a beautiful coat color and we keep her very clean and happy! Dog Trainer in Southlake She does a funny thing where when she is very happy, she chatters her teeth. We call it happy chomps and it’s hilarious! The really funny thing is, though, she actually is very confident now and she loves to train and go places with our team! She’s our best employee and such a wonderful pet! We love that dog!

While golden retrievers and goldendoodles are amazing pets for the average pet owner, I would not recommend a Belgian Malinois or and Irish Doodle to just anyone. You need to spend a lot of time with a dog that has that high of a drive and work ethic. If you don’t spend enough time with a dog as smart as our kids, then they will put that extra energy into getting into trouble — tearing your house apart, stealing food off the counter, and other naughty bad dog activities. If you are looking for certain traits to fit your lifestyle, you can give us a call and we will be happy to make some recommendations based on your lifestyle.

Obviously we are a bit obsessed with our dogs and we know and understand that you are obsessed with your dog too! You are probably looking for the best dog training in Southlake Texas and we understand that you want to do a decent amount of research! Cool! We think that’s great! We would love to come out and schedule a $1 lesson with you to show you how our dog training works. Then we can show you at minimal cost to you how great our trainers are, and you might even get to meet one of our amazing doggy team members!