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Dog Trainers in Southlake | How To Pick Dog Toys

A lot of people are looking to dog trainers in Southlake to know what kind of toys to get for their dogs. There are a lot of different kinds of toys that a dog likes and some of them are loud and annoying and some of them are not.

The really annoying toys have a squeaking noise that they make and some people don’t mind the noise that the dog likes but I mind the noise so I usually go with a different kind of toy. The advantage of a toy that makes a squeaking noise is that the noise will be very loud and the dog likes to look in the direction of loud noises. Dog Trainers in Southlake This is why dogs run to the door or the window when they hear cars or a motorcycle outside. Sometimes a dog may bark when they hear loud noises though and this is bad. Tip Top K9 of Southlake dog training can help you teach your dog not to make a bark when he hears a loud noise. The dog can be commanded to be quiet and you can continue to enjoy your book or movie or whatever it is that you are doing at the time. You might be on the phone and want the dog to be quiet and the command that we teach you and your dog will help you do this and the important conference call will not be interrupted by loud noises.

The squeaking toys are good though if the noise does not bother the owner because the dog really likes it. If the squeaky toys do bother the dog’s master, then there are a lot of other options available. Most famously, dogs like to play with balls. Tennis balls are good, but you want to make sure that you are not letting your dog chew on the tennis ball. If the dog chews on that then they could wear their teeth down on the fabric and that would be very bad.

Other options for balls include other balls that you could buy at a pet store. I only buy rubber balls for my dogs because they tear up other fabric or tennis balls and then I have to clean up a mess and they are not doing any help by their teeth because they should only chew on bones or other treats and toys that will not damage their teeth like a tennis ball will. The ones that I get are squishy and they make my dogs very happy but they cannot tear them apart which actually saves me time and money.

There are also dog ropes that you can buy and most dogs love these. Dog Trainers in Southlake Tug of war is a fun game to play with your dog and they enjoy it a lot. You just want to make sure that you have hired a good Southlake dog trainer to teach your dog to not accidentally bite you when you are playing this game with your cute dog. They are only allowed to bite on the rope and we can show your dog how to not bite or jump on people so that they even have good manners when they play.

The only downside of a rope is that if you are not watching, your dog can tear these apart and make a huge mess in the house. This is annoying because if you are already cleaning up after kids and a husband or wife then you may not be interested in cleaning up an extra mess. The dog sometimes rips the rope to shreds and that is a huge pain. The other thing that is bad about this is that if the dog eats too much of the string or thread or fabric, they can get a tummy ache and have to go to the doggy hospital to have their stomach pumped or to get surgery.

I am partial to dog toys that are not made out of fabric or thread. Dog Trainers in Southlake The tearability factor is what I call it. I choose toys that resemble balls and ropes so that my dogs still have fun with their toys but they are also not making a mess with them. I buy some rubber balls that are fun and they are not heavy. I can clean them easily and it’s just better that way. I’ve also found a fun rope-like rubber stick that my dogs love to drag around. I’ve got some rubber circle chains and a few bones for my dogs because they are actually power chewers and that means that they will completely destroy toys that have any stuffing, fabric or thread. I know that some dogs don’t do this and if your dog doesn’t, feel free to ignore my advice, but power chewer moms and dads know that rubber toys are the best.

I have trained my second dog to play fetch with balls and my first dog loves to play tug of war with a rubber chain toy that I found. They don’t miss the other toys and it seems like they are very happy without them. It is very fun to see their sweet personalities come out when they find a toy that they particularly like. They play and run and we can play and run with them and really get to enjoy our dogs. They come into the backyard with us and they don’t jump all over us or bite us while they are playing and that’s just the best.

If you are having trouble finding a dog trainer in Southlake Texas, you should call Tip Top K9 in Southlake. We are always ready to teach young and old dogs new tricks and it’s fun for us so call us now. The best part of having a dog is the companionship and it’s hard to be a companion with someone who will not play nicely with you so we are ready for your call if you are looking for Dog Trainers in Southlake today.