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If you’re seeking a company that does dog training in metro Detroit but is effective and provides Real Results than the first place you want to look in your area is Tip Top K9. Tip Top K9 now has a location in Detroit and can help you with your dog and their unwanted and unhealthy Behavior. Tip Top K9 has many values as a company but one of our top priorities is results. We are a results-driven company and we have been so successful because we’ve been able to provide results time and time again for our customers. It says that it’s become one of the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country and put us on Bloomberg television, in Forbes and Business Insider.

This is over a decade of experience as a company, we do dog training in metro Detroit so that we can provide results to the people that need it there as well. We’ve expanded from our original location of Tulsa, Oklahoma to over 12 locations across seven states now. this is simply because we provide results, and we provide results for the incredible customer service and using a great method that is not only more effective than the typical approach used by most are traitors today but it’s also healthy for your dog as well.

We get results in a variety of ways for dog training in metro Detroit by offering a wide variety of classes depending on your needs. We have something for everybody and everyone’s need. We can do puppy training, we have a specific potty training class, we can even provide a class that address is aggressive dog training. We offer group classes for those that find those a better alternative, and we can even provide you with our doggie boot camp. This is our most comprehensive option.

Our doggy boot camp provides the best most comprehensive results and is best for tough case scenarios, or dogs that have a lot to learn still. This course lasts two to four weeks for your dog lives with one of our trainers and is trained on jumping, digging, running away, nuisance barking, learning how to sit-stay, and come on come and eating anxiety and fear and much more depending on the dog needs. We Will be provided with a new document in training and feedback throughout the process, and you yourself as the dog’s owner will receive personalized training as well.

If you’re interested to see more about the results we can provide then just visit our website at where you can find all this information plus much more including customer testimonials more information about us of the company and our methods, or you can always just give us a call at 1(833)484-7867. Call today and set up your first lesson for just $1. Also keep in mind that whenever your dog to boot camp and they get the good dog guarantee which says that we guarantee to fix 95% of your Ducks behavior problems or you don’t pay us anything.

Dog Training In Metro Detroit | The Highest Standard In Dog Training.

Here to top canine, we prioritize high-quality dog training in metro Detroit. We believe that the results that we provide here at Tip Top K9 are as good as or better than anybody else in the country, and this is because we utilize a more effective healthier method than the majority of modern dog trainers. We use high-quality training methods, that produce high-quality results, that is effective and better for your dog and we do so what’s the same time providing you with top-notch customer service, incredible value and plenty of resources for your dog in support of you achieving your goal of finding Harmony in your home with your furry friend by making sure that they are well-behaved companions incompatible with a healthy lifestyle in your home.

We can administer this high-quality dog training in metro Detroit in a variety of classes. We have a class if it’s just spent every need when it comes to dog training in dog behavior. We have classes that address potty training, puppy training, and he would specifically classes that can address aggressive dog behavior. We also offer a variety of group classes for those to find that a better alternative to fully-fledged training classes that people find to be more cost-efficient time efficient even though they can be less effective. We also offer our comprehensive doggy boot camp which is dresses for everything. This is best for particularly stubborn or difficult cases or dogs are puppies that still have a lot to learn.

Whenever you bring your dog in for the doggy boot camp for the best dog training in metro Detroit, you’ll see that we can fix everything from jumping, digging, running away, nuisance barking, learning how to sit-stay and come on command, easing anxiety and fear and more, and this is done by putting your dog in a home with one of our trainers to live for two to four weeks while you receive video documented feedback of the dogs progress throughout the process and you will also receive personalized training during this time as the dog’s owner can learn how to communicate with your dog when it comes home.

One of the reasons our service is so high qualities of only the effective training methods we use for customer service and great incentives. First of all, we can offer you your first lesson with us for just $1 so you can see what our method is like and the kind of results that we can produce for you. In addition that we also provide you with a good dog Guarantee dogs to come home for my doggy boot camp that states begin T to fix 95% every dog behavior problems or you get your money back.

If you’re interested in the high-quality Dog Training Services that we can provide to you right here in Detroit Michigan to make sure you get in touch with us by calling us at 1(833)484-7867 where you go directly to we can find all this information plus much more including some great customer testimonials and even our very own podcast.