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Dog Training in Southlake | Come For Safety

Place your dog with ease with our comprehensive training program for dog training in Southlake Texas. Our dogs are very good at place and yours could be too. Ruby can sit for 20 minutes without being reminded that she needs to stay where she is and Margo can go for even longer because she is a Belgian Malinois and she has a lot of attention span while Ruby is just an Irish Doodle and she has the attention span of an infant. I love my dogs and I know you love your dog too so you should take them to Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas so that you can get them trained to be very good dogs. The best part of the placing of my dog is that I can have a guest come in and the dogs are not jumping all over them like they did before.

Dog Training in Southlake Tip Top K9 Trained my dogs to not jump on people and I really appreciated it because the dogs are so well behaved now. If my dog were jumping all over everyone while I was opening the door or bolting out the door and running down the street or something like that I would have to get rid of them because they have to be well behaved or I can not keep them. I’m so glad that I found Tip Top K9 because they trained my dog to be very good and to place when I tell her to.

Placing is also a valuable tool for potty training. Dog Training in Southlake If you have your dog outside and she decides it’s just not time to “go” yet, you can bring her back inside and have her place. She will basically be sitting there in doggy timeout and then 10 minutes later you can have her go outside again and keep doing this until the dog has gone potty. This would not be possible if your dog didn’t know how to place because the dog would be running around the house all helter skelter and she would pee or poop on the floor instead of waiting in one place until you said she could move. It’s a very useful tool and you should definitely call the best dog trainers in Southlake Texas and that would be Tip Top K9 because they use all the best most well-researched dog training methods.

Our founders built the company on the idea that the company should help people enjoy their dogs. If you just have to put the little bugger outside everytime she gets out of hand, then you are not enjoying your dog and you should call Tip Top K9 to have them train your dog. Our systems are proven and we have the best trainers, kennel techs, and administrators in the business. We are easy to reach and we have a famous $1 lesson where you get to preview what amazing things that we can do with your dog.

Come is what they will show you with your dog and it’s really amazing. Dog Training in Southlake We work with dogs as young as 4 months old and up through the senior years of a dog. It’s just not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You just have to show the dog who the master is in the relationship and who the dog is. If your dog knows that you are the one with the power, then they will obey your commands. Come is a good way to demonstrate what we can do as far as making your bad dog a very obedient dog.

We start the dog out on some very simple stuff and then we build on that. We start with come because it’s so important that the dog move toward you when you call it. I made the mistake with my Irish Doodle Ruby of teaching her with treats when I first trained her as a puppy and I did it wrong because she knew when I had treats in my hand and when I didn’t. If I didn’t have treats to pay her with, she just wouldn’t come to me and I would be left yelling across the house or yard at her and that is simply not acceptable. What if she ran out into the street and didn’t come back when I called!? I could have lost my sweet baby to an evil car and that would have killed me so I called Tip Top K9 and they fixed my dog so that she listens to me now no matter what. It’s total off-leash training so I don’t have to have my dog on a leash anymore. She comes and does it right away. We trained her to not be dissuaded by distractions too so even if someone is petting her, she will come to me and it’s not even an issue anymore.

Another reason that you might want your dog to come is if the dog is in danger of another dog biting him or her or if your dog is looking like it might want to bite or fight another dog. It’s very dangerous to be in that situation and you don’t want your sweet baby to get hurt. If your dog isn’t good at Come, then they could potentially lose their life and that would be very sad. This is why we focus so hard on the Come command until it’s flawless and doesn’t ever have any mess-ups. If you want to have this not be a problem, then first you should take your dog away from any aggressive animals and don’t let them approach unknown dogs, but also knowing come very well will save you a lot of heartache.

If you are looking to get your dog to train to obey you without you having to pay him or her every time, then you should call Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas. They are the best dog trainers around and I believe that they can be the perfect solution for your dog who is acting very naughty but who won’t be naughty anymore.