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We here at Tip Top K9 dog training norman our goal is to get you to take anywhere dog of your dreams. We can teach five non negotiable commands every dog needs. We think it’s time to call the professionals. We are the highest rated and most reviewed dog training services around. We have over 15 years of dog training experience with over 21 locations across the United States. We are eager and ready to get you the dog of your dreams. Are you tired of yelling? still dealing with jumping? We are here to get you to stop worrying. With our lifetime group support, we can make sure that your dog has 95% of the problem fixed in just 2-4 weeks.

Why would someone call dog training norman? I think someone would call tip top K9 if they are experiencing issues with communicating with their dog, if they are dog is always jumping on a guest, if their dog is always mouthing, biting, or nipping, if your dog is always pulling on his leash, if your dog is not listening to you, if you wanna gain control, if you’re tired of your dog bolting out the front door, if you’re tired of your dogs, digging, if you wanna stop the barking, how to use an understand, all of the commands and more.

At Tip Stop K9 dog training Norman it is our goal and desire that our clients are able to take their well behaved and newly trained dogs anywhere and everywhere they go with them. We believe that our main focus is obedience, Off Leash, obedience, and manners. All of our dog trainers are dog louvers, first and foremost. We do this job because we love dogs and we want them to have a happy life. Do you want your dog to listen to each and every time they are told to do something? We have a very unique method of dog training, and we strive for greatness to get your dog to listen to you every time you speak. We trade 100% obedience. We want your dog to know that they have to respect you and do what you say.

There are problems with all types of training. It all depends on your dog, and which one is gonna work best for your dog. there is reward or punishment. This can work, but just like everything else there is good and bad. The problem with positive reinforcement is that if your dog is getting paid for its good behavior and it stops getting in the streets then that good behavior is going to stop as well.

Check out our website to learn more about all the training services that we offer, to see your group class schedules, to see contact information, to check out our podcast, to have your story, and learn more about us, to see all of our locations throughout the United States, and view client testimonials plus more! Call us today At 18334847867 to get your no brainer offer for your first lesson for one dollar schedule today. Experience America’s highest rated and the most reviewed dog training services around.

Dog Training Norman | Time To Call The Pros

At Tip Top K9 dog training Norman we have a 100% guarantee success rate. Our good dog guarantee fix is 95% of problems or your money back. We can have your dog listening and communicating better, in just two to four weeks. We are America’s highest rated and most reviewed dog training services around and we offer a no-brainer offer to schedule your first lesson for only one dollar. Do you have over 15 years in service of the dog training business with 21 locations all over the United States. Our goal is to get the dog of your dreams.

When is it time to start dog training norman for a puppy? Obedience training is only beneficial to your puppy if they are feeling confident. Some are fine to start classes at 3 to 4 months and they should let summer better wait until five or six months. Some puppies at three months old are super ready and confident to begin their obedience training but other puppies at three or four months old can be very shy and scared, and really like that confidence that they need a 45 minute class may end up stressing them out more than actually helping the puppies. Do you want to wait until they have matured and see the complete level of confidence and the dog?

How does potty dog training Norman work at Tip Top K9? At Tip Top K9 we actually have a potty training book that is available for download on our website. We use different obedience, techniques and different routines. These patterns to teach the puppies were too potty. One of the ways that we train is setting a routine for the puppy, and showing them where to go and when. Potty training is often over thought it is not to teach them. We’re not body but teaching them where they should be using potty.

You can do this by taking the dog outside, waiting for five minutes and if they don’t use the potty, you can use the police command to isolate them. This, then, can give them another opportunity. Crates are a good way to enforce potty training because you can use them when you’re gone if your dog doesn’t fully get it yet. The crate should never be used for punishment. This is your dog’s safe haven and it’s own personal. Please don’t use it as punishment. You don’t want it to be scared and upset. Every time it has to go to the crate, that is their happy place.

Visit us online at for everything in full detail on the website, like training services, group, class, schedules, information about us and scheduling a lesson.
Call us today at 18334847867 to get your no brainer offer on the books today. I don’t miss out on your first lesson only being one dollar. We fix 95% of problems in 2 to 4 weeks and that is a guarantee.