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Looking for Dog Training Ogden Utah? Look no further than Tip Top K-9 for your training and dog and encouragement. With lasting results only achieved within a month or two, we promised to deliver satisfactory results or your money back guaranteed. This is a tried-and-true method that has been implemented on over a thousand dogs ranging from four months to 14 years old. When you sign up for services not only are you going to receive the training, you are going to receive lifetime support and your puppy adventures! Provide lifetime phone support and we provide group messages and never leave a pup behind.

Why do a lot of people need Dog Training Ogden Utah? People need training for their animals for a variety of reasons including lack of manners, anxiety and fear, leash disobedience, hyperactive behavioral issues, and aggression being the main factors we help provide support for. No dog is too hard and no red flag cannot be calmed and soothed by one of our professional trainers. See the first meeting with your dog 20 to 30 minutes before offering a training plan so we can customize programs for your animal! We don’t want to work in the areas where your dog may not need attention or develop unhealthy habits.

The main goal in place for Dog Training Ogden Utah is transference. Usually, the more difficult dogs are the smartest dogs, they just don’t want to do what they are being told to do. Our training provides and grooms dogs to respect their owner and listen to commands. Or the problem might be that the dog has no idea what their owner wants them to do. Instead of returning a dog back to a shelter, we plead that you give our services a try as our mission is to not cut a dog back in the shelter. How heartbreaking for an animal and for a family.

Hard cases we have dealt with at Bartlesville dog training would be dogs riddled with anxiety, phobias, trauma, and aggression. Nuisance barking, lack of potty training, and jumping are also many of the habits we help your dog overcome. Our program is going to teach your dog to listen, fix digging, leash pulling, and/or other nuisances your dog’s behavior displays. Not all dogs are built the same, so one dog may progress quicker than others. It’s not a competitive atmosphere, but one to encourage and inspire. Some dogs/breeds pick up things faster than others, just like people do!

If you’re tired of your dog not listening or not being able to properly communicate with your job, this Bartlesville dog training program is right for you. At Tip Top K-9, our goal is to transfer your animal back into your home with the manors needed for your household. To discuss more about our program please give us a call at 1- 833-484-7867 and check out our testimonials on our website at Give the proper care for your animals by giving them the time and attention they deserve! Cut the success rate as we have, it’s never a bad thing to send your dog to Tip Top K-9 training.

Dog Training Ogden Utah | Goodbye Bad Behavior

There have been many breeds that have come through our Dog Training Ogden Utah and we have fallen in love with all of them. Our founder grew up around dogs and developed a love that goes deeper than man’s best friend. He grew up sympathizing with dogs that didn’t receive the proper training and love that he felt he could provide and tried training at a very young age. He wasn’t very good at it, but his heart was always there for the dogs. He started watching The Dog Whisperer and started training while he was in college. After many years he went on to found Tip Top K-9 Training.

Going on to provide much more than just training, Dog Training Ogden Utah provides all kinds of support like pet CPR training! Tip Top K-9 is more than just one training location, it is a franchise teaching trainers the best knowledge to handle aggressive dogs. Trainers have the knowledge to teach the dogs to sit in pretty positions, to teach dogs to not let their attention deviate in distracting environments, and know how to properly motivate these pooches to the best of their abilities. From Maximum success, these trainers do it in a safe environment to ring the lesson home.

Giving back is of top importance for Dog Training Ogden Utah while servicing the local dog community. As a business grows, the franchise gives back as well. They have partnered with the Safari mission, which is a mission to train leaders in the East African community. These leaders build churches, schools, and other needed buildings for their communities. And it all comes back from teaching dogs to sit and stay! The main goal is to make everyone feel empowered – from our supporting Safari mission to the trainers here in the United States taking care of your dogs. Long-term methods are the solution – overseas and here at home.

To implement the best training for Bartlesville dog training, we encourage our owners to question their own involvement or lack thereof with their animals. Do you watch YouTube videos to further your knowledge of your pup and your comfortability being in a position of leadership? Is it time to make an investment in your animal’s behavior? These are all valid questions to think over before scheduling your $1 first lesson.

Here at Tip Top K-9, we provide Bartlesville dog training having an amazing founder, amazing staff, and an amazing mission that we stand behind. We have integrity within our franchise as well as integrity when it comes to training your animal. We want you to be able to trust your dog and for your dog to trust you and all members of your family. Please watch all of the videos we have posted on our website at and please give us a call to schedule your consultation for your program today at 1-833-484-7867. We promise Fido won’t regret it!