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We’Re going over a potty training tips and are Tip Top method of potty training, and a lot of clients asked can’t I just let the dog outside. Won’T it just go. If I let it outside, no actually some dogs will just go play outside and then I’ll come potty inside. This is literally something that we see. Okay, it’s a lot more regular than you think it would be, but it is pretty regular. So what you’re going to do, if you can take the dog to the same spot, say a single command and you’re going to say that come in while the dogs potting so, for instance, my Labrador he’s 9 years old, he’s still potties on command welfare dog that I’M going to take everywhere with me and he’s going to go everywhere when I get out of the truck stop, Dog training Tulsa I need him to freaking potty when I tell him to write so he actually does potty on command right, and he is my second dog that does That so that’s pretty important. We want the dog to do that. Clients think that is very, very cool, and it’s not just a trick. It’S actually a way for him to mold into my life right, I’m turning the dog to fit into my life, I’m not going to change my entire life to fit around my dog and that’s what we’re doing for a client’s. What I did is, I took him literally in the front yard, in between three trees, the exact same spot, I said, go potty every time I would say bandit go potty. I pause give me a little bit to sniff around, go potty pause and then, as he was putting in a soft soothing voice, I would say good potty, good, potty, good party right and I would say it while he partied in a soft voice right and then, After he was done – and I would praise him now – it’s very important that when you are praising the dog while they’re potting, that you don’t get so excited that they start potty right big mistake – we do not want to do that. So, as all people ask – and I just let the dog outside they answer like, I said there is no first, you need to know. If the dogs potting right, you need to see the dog to see the dog potting. You need to see the dog potting. Otherwise,

you don’t know where the dog needs to go in a place or needs to go in the crate. So you have to actually see the dog potting as you build a routine and the dogs going in the same spot, every single time when you’re giving the word and it’s just going right out and potting instantly, then you can just go 90 % of the way Out there to the spot, so we go out to the door, we have our spot. I go 90 % of the way I stopped three or four steps away to go. Potty the dog goes the rest of the way and he used the restroom. I praise them. Awesome we’re rocking it okay, so slowly I face it out. I just got 20 % of the way and the dog goes the rest and then eventually over weeks and at 2 weeks 3 weeks a month, Dog training Tulsa I eventually open the back door. So I go potty. Dog training Tulsa The dog runs their spot and goes potty and then comes back and price right, but most people want to do this too fast everything we do most of our clients want to move too far too fast right. That’S how every trainer every client, except for very few, maybe like an engineer that understands foundation work, but our foundation is very important. My goal is not to get the dog going from the back door like instantly my goal is I never sent no mistakes. You potty in the grass only in the spot that I designate that way. My kids can still play in the yard right without stepping in Feud files. So slowly we’re going to do this and Vince are going to open it from the back door, but that should not be your goal. Your goal should be a hundred percent no potting on carpet just outside, so some dogs get real, quick, some dog food on their own, but some do not need a lot of help. So a lot of people like all my last dog was really easy. Awesome that does not mean your next dog is easy, just because one kid was very easy to train to make his bed and clean his room or do his homework or whatever does not mean the second. Kid is exactly the same. Note. 2. Kids. To the same. No two dogs are the same. So don’t don’t try to compare your to you last.. You have to take it to wherever, wherever it’s at and deal with it. So how important the spot is. I want to give an example in a story: real quick, my mother, who I love very much. I cherish my mother and she’s an amazing woman. She has two dogs or she had two dogs. One of his name is Coco, Dog training Tulsa and one’s name is Curly Ray. Will Coco she is a German Shorthaired Pointer. We grew up with a lot of those wrinkled dogs very crazy. She would literally walk all the way to the back corner of the yard there in about 1/2 to 3/4 of an acre. She would walk to the very back right corner with cocoa, it was cold outside and they got them like October or November area, and she would bundle up and go out to the back right corner with go, go well for the next 9 years until she got Cancer Coco would literally go out the back door and walk all the way to the back right corner and go potty right, curly, her next dog. She just let out the back door right so close.

The dog that I had had for a while and then she he went to go live with her curly would literally take one step off the back, porch crap and come back to the door. So he would literally poop one step off the back porch, so anytime, anyone goes to the backyard now and they have a nice big backyard for entertaining they have swing sets. They have ham Garden, all types of stuff, big yard, to play ball and frisbee. There’S piles of poop right off the porch, not cool, that’s a human issue, that’s not a dog issue, so the first dog didn’t learn to be polite and go to the corner of yard. On San Juan, it was trained by the human. The second dog didn’t learn to be stupid and take one step off the porch and poop it just is a dog right, so they have to be trained what to do and that’s what we’re doing as a professional dog trainer. Dog training Tulsa So our next topic that we want to handle real quick, is: how long can your dog hold it? How long can your POP hold it for well, A good rule of thumb is that, however, many months old they are, they can hold their bladder that many hours so friend, since a 2 month old dog is 8 weeks old should be able to hold their bladder For like 2 hours, so you can plan on a puppy I’m having to get up multiple times during the night shirt. Can they hold it more everybody’s rule of thumb is different. Some people’s rule of thumb is 2 1. Dog training Tulsa So if there are two months old and they should be a hold of three hours are, rule of thumb is an hour for each month. They are old right because we want to air on the side of caution. Cuz Argo is 100 % no mistakes, so we went to air absolutely on the side of caution. So when does your Apopka need to go well right after waking up and right after playing, the pump will need to go outside. So as soon as you see, your puppy waking up, you’re going to need to grab the puppy and go right outside and right after playing with soon as I start to calm down after playing with you or playing with another dog and they’re, going to have to Go so those are time. That we want to watch it and really just keep an eye on her.. Also after eating and drinking, the dog should be able to go potty in 20 to 30 minutes. So what we do is take the dog out after 15 to 20 minutes after eating and drinking very much. So consistency is the key. We want to look for signals to. Not all dogs give signals right, Dog training Tulsa but some dogs do some dogs at 4 months old. They go to the back door and sit and they realize that this is the door they get out of and they give a signal cuz. I don’t want to go on the carpet. Some dogs get no signals, they use the restroom wherever they want to whenever they want to write and they need help.

So you shouldn’t be trying to teach your dog to look for a signal. A lot of people want their dog to go to the back door and sit or to ring a bell, or something like that. So if the dog doesn’t know the outside is the only place they’re supposed to potty, why would they give you a signal to go outside, so a lot of clients are confused about that they’re. Like hey, I want my dog to give me a signal. Will, Dog training Tulsa if you do your job correctly, then the dog should eventually give you a signal. If you don’t do your job and you don’t teach the dog what to do he’s probably never going to give you a signal, so we want to make sure as the human trainer that we train our clients and we train our Humans 2 set the pattern. Consistency is key. Consistency is key and dog training so after they wake up right after playing 15 to 20 minutes after eating and drinking so that you can drink boom, they’re going to go outside a little bit later. If you want to take them right out awesome, you can do that too, but don’t wait too long, otherwise we’re going to run into some accidents, so the next few things were going to talk about is when I talk about potty pads and we’re going to talk About crate training and a food and water schedule, so everything in dog training is consistency. Potty training is the biggest exercise of consistency right, just like a story about my mother, where she had her two dogs right. While she was consistent and so were the dogs. She was very consistent being strict with one dog, so he was consistent doing what he was trying to do. She was very inconsistent with the other one and he’s very consistent and what he does so keep that in