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On today’s training, we are going to talk about potty training and correctly setting patterns, so in all dog training, consistency is our key and potty training is no different when it comes to potty. Training setting patterns is of the utmost importance. We want to make sure that we set patterns with the dog for every single thing we do when potty training, so we have a new little puppy. We are going to take him to the exact same spot in the yard every single day, we’re going to say the exact same thing, whether it’s go potty go tee tee, pee, pee, poo, poo outside we’ve, heard all different types of variation to potty commands, but the Dog has to have a consistent party command that you’re going to give before the dog goes, Dog Training Tulsa and while the dogs going also big one, it’s we’re going to take the dog out on a leash. Every single time so are four big issues for setting patterns is number one going to the same spot, every number to saying the same thing, every single time and number three going out on a leash, so the dog can’t just go play and do whatever they want And then it before it we’re going to take the dog out and regular intervals. Now regular intervals are different for different people, but what we want to do is make sure that the dog doesn’t go 6 hours a week, waiting for the dog to sniff around and then it peace right. We want to go out a regular in love. You ask how long they give the dog body we’re going to give the dog 2 to 3 minutes to party I’m more fit super young. If the dogs very young of its 18 weeks old, Dog Training Tulsa we may give the dog four to five minutes, but that’s about it. So we can take the dog out same spot, say the same thing: we’re going to go out on the leash to a spot and then if the dog goes potty, then they get freedom in the house. How long that depends on the dog? I would say your new dog, you don’t know we get at least 45 minutes to an hour Freedom after that we’re going to take it outside again. Dog Training Tulsa A young dog can pee every 30 minutes to an hour and a half. So we want to be on the safe side. The reason why we to potty train dogs very quickly is because we pretend, like someone offered us a million dollars if our dog does not potty on the carpet and we’re very strict, and that enables the dog to potty train very quickly. So if the dog does not go potty, this is where most people mess up. If it all doesn’t potty, they assume the dog doesn’t need the potty until it’s the dog back on the carpet. This is a very big amateur mistake. We don’t to let the dog back on the carpet with full bladder, so they’re, either going to the crate or they’re going on to a place where the place is that their doggy time out so doggy time out or crate no exceptions. Now a lot of people do ask about the playpen lot of trainers recommend the playpen, but we do not endorse the playpen. The reason is because the dog will just eliminate in the playpen or lot of people use, put a potty pad in the playpen.

We’Re going to go over potty pads later, but we do not want to use a playpen. I want the dog out to potty on grass only so in dog training, Arceus consistency. I want on grass only no other party, except for the grass. This is going to be the easiest for a client when we’re dog training. We want the dog to fit into the client’s life and the easiest, and the best is the grass grass only so if it all goes potty it goes to the crate 15-20 minutes later. We start again same spot say the same thing on the leash, so if the dog doesn’t potty, they go back to the crate for 15-20 minutes again right. We’Re going to repeat this until the dog, either pees in the crate or parties in the grass. Most dogs have an instinct and they don’t want to be where they sleep. Dog Training Tulsa They don’t want to poop where they sleep, so we’ll hold it. If we hear them whining or acting like we need to go, then we can take them right back out. A lot of people think this is cruel, but I am looking at I’m looking at 14 years of the dog’s life and I know the dog is going to be very old, so I am spending a few months of hard work to get a payoff for the Rest of my dog’s life, okay. So for me it’s worth it to have two or three months being strict with the dog to have 14 years of Freedom cuz. We regularly see dogs that are 14 and 15 years old, sorry that the people had four for five years, not 14 or 15 years old, but that the people had four for five years and they are still peeing on carpet right. That’S not really acceptable. We don’t want that and the reason was his cousin when they were a puppy. Dog Training Tulsa They weren’t strict. They weren’t strict with the dog when the dog was for 5 months old, and then they went straight to the dog when I was a year old and then eventually, the potty training just became out of control Grant. So, at the young age, 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 16 weeks old, how old your dog is 4 months old, 6 months old, you have to be strict with the dog, and so they either go to a place or they go to the great, no exceptions: zero exceptions, People also asked about a tie out in the yard. No, you can’t do it.. Why? Because you don’t know if the dog peed or not right so great or place only if the dog does not know Place. Crate is the only option it will go over. Some more crate training So eventually we’re going to bump the time that the Dog Training Tulsa dog stays in the crate up to 30 to 45 minutes. And then, if it’s, if I put it in the crate for 15 minutes and take it out, take it to the party spot. Go potty go potty, go potty, nothing! Take it back to the crate 15 minutes later. Take it out, go potty, go potty, go potty! Nothing! Okay, eventually made about the time at 30-45 minutes and eventually one or two hours right. While I’m teaching my dog to correctly potty train so remember, keep in mind a small puppy, that’s only two or three month old can literally only hold their bladder for 30 to 45 minutes, so most people getting their dogs at 8 weeks old, a good breeder shouldn’t.

Let the dog go until about 8 weeks old you’ll have people that keep the dog till 9 weeks old to have people that get you the dog out at 5 to 6 weeks old, but a good breeder shouldn’t really be releasing her dogs, his or her dogs. Until about 8 or 9 weeks old, okay, that’s when they learned everything they need to socialize from Mama. So we’re going to keep doing this again again again until we go one of two places now the dogs not going to want to keep going in the crate. So what’ll happen is they will start to go outside so again it might seem mean, but putting a dog on Craigslist, it’s running it to the pound because it does not go to the bathroom outside. That is also very mean because you are a bad human game. Soap, some potty training can actually a physiological issue. Some dogs actually don’t get full bladder control and what we’ve seen in till at least 8 to 10 months old right now, a lot of people out there say four to six months old, the dogs and a full bladder control. Well, children develop body control, different ages and different stages and it’s the exact same with dogs so special with the smaller breed. Dog Training Tulsa Sometimes we don’t sleep till 8 till 10 months old, but with the bigger breed some dogs, they don’t have that full bladder control until 8 months old. So just like with kids, you have wetting the bed and stuff just be conscious of your dog and a small puppy like we said before it can can literally go every 30 to 45 minutes with a small bladder. That’S about the size of your thumbnail! You know I’m still pretty small soap when potty training when talking to our clients when trying to sell them dog training, we make sure and talk about the big three big three potty training commands are commonplace and quiet. So I can keep the dog right with me right. I don’t want the dog sneaking away and putting in the other room going off in finding somewhere to party place, so I don’t always have to put him in the crate. I can keep the dog with me. So I can put them on a dog bed or a box or stool bench chair or something like that. So I can keep them with me and quiet.

So when I start to put the dog in the crate a lot – and they don’t want to be in a crate that much I need a quiet command, so they don’t just sit there a nuisance Park. So when talking to a prospective client who is just interested in potty training and is not interested in obedience, I make sure that they know they actually do need obedience to officially potty train the dog, because first you’re not going to want to take it out on The leash constantly all the time right, they’re not going to want to go out on leash, but to start with, you have to why cuz the dog doesn’t come the dogs and go outside in the yard and play I’ve seen many dogs were they go outside in The yard they play and then they come inside and pee a lot of dogs get their signals mixed up and they will stay outside for an hour. Someone a little stay outside for an hour with them, and the dog will not potty outside right. That’S just mixed signals. We don’t want that. So that’s why we take it out on the leash and then go directly to the great, so they’re not just allowed to play and do whatever they want. Dog Training Tulsa So the place command more talking to prospective clients. They know me. Don’T know that, but if we are very strict on the potty training, the dogs going to go to the crate a lot. This way the dog can stay with us, no more use a non absorbent material, such as a plastic box or a wood box, or something like that for the doctor place on while they’re there