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Dog Training in Tulsa : Dog behavior

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast what’s up brother Ryan and Robert’s here with me in the studio and he is pumped today.

All right. Robert even trained some dogs today or what I’ve been trained and I already started high now Dog Training in Tulsa.


What to do after. Yeah we definitely have some more dogs to train. We are busy here in Tulsa. So we’re going to talk about today is one of our favorite dog breeds right here on the man’s best friend podcast. We talk about dogs we talk about dog training dog behavior dog tricks dog breeds the dog culture.

Dog Training in Tulsa There’s a lot of doggie stuff out there. It’s a dog eat dog world. IT’S A DOG DOG.

I think I think it’s a dog eat dog world but we can say it’s a dog eat dog eat dog eat dog world.

So today we’re going to talk about one of our favorite dog breeds and you’ll see this breed a lot with trainers because the breed is so smart and they’re really gaining popularity and that breed is the Belgian Malinois.

Dog Training in Tulsa So some guys might not know exactly what a Belgian Malinois is but a lot of people though even how to pronounce it.

Malinois Yeah that’s what it is. It’s spelled like Malinois. Yes so it’s spelled L. I know I asked if you want to google it but basically it’s a shepherd from Belgium. So there is the German Shepherd there is Belgian shepherds. And then there’s also Dutch shepherds. Right. And so this one is from Belgium right. There’s actually a Belgian Shepherd and then there’s a Belgian melon wall. All right there’s a Belgian Shepherd or Belgian. Yes. So flu crazy.

Dog Training in Tulsa But so Robert actually has Belgian law I sure do. And we actually imported him from Belgium. Yes we did. So he is a real Belgian Malinois. Yes he sure is. And so tell us real briefly about Pharaoh.

Will Ferrell is my votes in Iowa. And he is just an awesome dog. So you know I just want to start off by saying you know I’ve always had German Shepherds growing up. I love German shepherds there. You know my favorite breed you know. And some of the things that you know that I the issues that I had with German Shepherds is one the hip problems. There is a problem and German Shepherds it’s just you know we’ve had a couple of German Shepherds. And each one of them literally could barely walk by the time they were. You know we’ve trained some and even at like five six months old year old we can see their hip problems here in Tulsa already starting. So sad. Yeah. And so that’s a big thing when it comes to the shepherd. You know the shepherds but you know so this is a personal thing for me because my dog you know his name was Sampson he was a German Shepherd of mine. And you know I trained him from a pup he was a great dog he listened Whenever I told them like I thought I was an amazing trainer back then. I look back now like wow I didn’t know anything but my dog was really smart and just like you know very loyal so it made me look good. But anyways. So you know the hip thing was a big deal for me. I just needed to see my dog go through that.

Dog Training in Tulsa It was you know it really just hurt my heart to see all that you know so I didn’t even know what a Belgian mountain while was. I just knew I loved Shepherds a lot. Think about them you know obviously you know I didn’t so much love the shutting and so much loved the the hip issues and all that stuff you know but one thing that I love about Malin was as you can see like they have a lot of the pluses that shepherds have you know and they don’t have as many of the negatives specially with the health side of it.

Yes. Almost no hip dysplasia no hip problems. Yes Sheppards I’ve seen it I’ve seen as high as like 10 percent of them. Yeah. Yeah. Having like full on dysplasia and that’s not even saying like which ones are having bad hips are good hips or anything.

Yeah. You know I still love. They’re amazing dogs are awesome. It’s just it’s hard for me or probably for any owner to see their dogs struggle through. Oh and has hip issues and literally we knew we know from the very beginning when I got Sampson that he was you know his you know his family line has had hip problems. We knew he was going to have hip problems growing right. And so that’s how we got a good deal on him. But still it was hard to see him go through that so. But having having Ferro you know he is an amazing dog. You know they have really really high dry very dry you know which is what makes him amazing for training. You know if you get a dog with a hard drive you know they’re going to just be quick. They’re going to that they’re going to look good. They’re going to do it. Oh you’re gonna save you.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yeah for our listeners that aren’t sure what high drive means. Can you explain that to them. Like what does that high drive dog or does it not drive.

What does drive drive drive is. So for instance if you have a dog and you want to play fetch with him. OK well if the dog has low drive and you have a ball and you throw the ball he might look at it. He might look excited for just a second but then he’s just going to kind of like he loses interest.

There’s no interest in saying drivers like interest to chase the bus you know.

So a high drive dog is very you know high drive. They have a lot of interest in whatever it is you’re doing you know rather it’s hydride for food hydride for a toy or a ball or whatever it is those those type of dogs are are a lot easier to train you know. And so just more attentive. Yes. And so Marilyn was very much they have very high drive Toyah. So. You know it’s awesome you can get them to do things a lot quicker. You can build up their speed and stuff like that you know it just makes them that much better. But yeah so I love them. He’s he’s got a lot of energy. He’s super loyal. And he’s actually very good. You know he’s good with kids he’s good with people in general. And I just I really like to breed. I like you know they kind of have you know mine has you know kind of short hair. Right. You know and I do notice that they still should but I don’t notice them shut as much as like my German shepherd did. Yeah. You know so Dog Training in Tulsa.

And so for a lot of the listeners if you look at them you’ll say hey they look just like a German Shepherd but basically the breed standard is Fawn with a black mask right and you’ll see some black man laws.

There’s bicolor that are black and brown. But traditionally there are a light brown or fawn color with a black face. Yes that’s right.

Yeah. It just looks like a you know people tell me looks like a German shepherd with a black face like you know and that’s that’s really what they are. So a lot of people don’t know what they are. You know when so when they see him they just think that he’s a German Shepherd mix. Yeah. No. And that’s OK. I just.

I inform them you know they’re definitely gaining popularity with all the police all the military people in Oklahoma.

And in Texas and all over the U.S. really even overseas I heard Germany was transitioning to all Belgium was for their police dogs. Yeah because they have higher drive which means if it’s drive to bite someone and their protection dog or you know a dual purpose dog they really want to go chase someone down and get them. You know so they are gaining in popularity but they’re not for everyone because they are so high drive. I’ve seen videos of little town law puppy like six eight months old on dragging a little kid all over the house. Right.

Yes exactly.

If you remember I rescued some puppies. I was a remember not years it was probably like five or six years ago maybe anyways. Anyways so I remember it was these three my laws and the guy got shipped overseas on 48 hours notice right on like a security detail and he was like some sort of security military for military bases or something like that I wasn’t exactly sure. Anyways he posted on on Craigslist on these Malinois he was selling for like a hundred dollars basically free because he got shipped. And he left him with his parents and his parents were like Dear God these are holy terrors.

I can handle this dog. And so they just put his $800 dogs up for free and so I got him and then found some awesome homes for him.

Dog Training in Tulsa And one of them I I shipped to a trainer buddy in California and he actually became protection dog for someone. Yes. But really cool dogs. But these are not like normal little puppies that are just so happy these things want to bite everything they want to chew everything they want to destroy everything you have to get them trained. They

always something to do what do they call Malik alligator alligator. Yes. Yeah. Because they are they’re little you know a little Parana not if they’re if they’re not worked and their minds aren’t stimulated like little tears.

Yeah. So that’s what makes him so good for training. But if you don’t train them. Yes. So you’re asking for a world of hurt.

Yeah. So definitely great dog great breed. Yeah. You know get them trained. Yeah we definitely need to get him trained. And if you look online you don’t want some of them.

Some of them are a little skittish and you really if you’re interested in the breed you want to stay away from the skittish ones. Right. Also a lot of people think hey just because it’s a protection in place military type breed that it’ll be good for protection in that you can do protection with it.

Dog Training in Tulsa But we’re here in Tulsa Oklahoma and there’s not a lot of good protection trainers around here. Right we’ve actually had to work some aggression out of dogs that people did protection training incorrectly with. So I remember one mowing law in particular and whenever they did some agitation work with it. Well now anyone gets louder yells or gets excited and the dogs tag and people the dog grandma like said hey where’s the biter. And we’re trying to get people’s attention raise your arm and the dog latched on her tricep. Yeah. So they can be sharp dogs. You want to make sure that they’re balanced. There has been some police forces that have gone back to German Shepherds after Mount was which That’s almost like I went back to my Chevy after a Porsche. Yes. And why. Why would you do that. Because you can’t handle a Chevy because you can’t handle a Porsche. Exactly. You can handle the Porsche you’re cool with the Chevy. So it’s a lot of dog right. It’s not necessary for the beginning dog owners for very experienced dog owners or expensive Shepherd lovers check out the breed you really like it. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into for sure. Definitely do your research because it’s not like a beginner breed but you’ll see a lot of trainers using them as their demonstration dog because they’re you know really smart.

I’ve got a picture of Rob’s dog placing on a fire hydrant that’s like three and a half feet off the ground and his dog and how long can your dog stay if I heard him for as long as I want.

Yeah he literally can he can just sit there and Rob can train dogs Dog Training in Tulsa.

Unfortunately I’m going to tell you real quick Robert. It’s over. We’re we used to do a lot of distraction work and we train out in the cold parking lot. Right. And Robert one time actually caused a car wreck. Oh yeah. He was training two dogs off leash in a parking lot which don’t write any letters and say that’s not you know safe because we are being very safe. You know we’ve never had any accidents but he’s training two dogs off leash work in their stays. And then his dog is on a light pole right is on that light pole and I stand there for like an hour and someone is staring at his dog or the dogs and slams into the car in front of them. It’s at a stop sign.

They literally just they’re just mesmerized by it Dog Training in Tulsa.

You know that or they were looking at you and are mesmerized by you Robert. Well I don’t think that’s the case. You’re a good looking man it could be at Farrow is better look. Well he is a good looking dog.

Dog Training in Tulsa So yeah. But anyway that’s just funny just tell it but anyways so that’s it for today. We just think you guys for joining us. Thank you for listening to us talk about this amount was interesting. Go ahead and look it up. It’s all in a way I guess. Thanks for being awesome. So thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time. Bye