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Dog Training in Tulsa : Dog Tricks

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Wimpey and I’m joined by my co-host Robert Smith and Robert Helo’s up guys. What’s up everybody well dog world. We’re here to talk about some dog training today. What a surprise. What a surprise. So we’ve been talking about some obedience who have been talking about different dog breeds. Who are we. We’re riding Robert. We are part of Tip-Top canine here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We do dog training in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas go Tulsa go Tulsa and today we’re going to talk about is place the place command and so places dog time out go to some area and stay Dog Training in Tulsa.

Yes. And so people are like What do you use that for. What am I going to use a place for. Why would I do that. What do you say to that Robert.

Well I tell him that place is awesome. It is really. I use a lot for control. You know you have a dog that is you know I don’t know barking at the vacuum while you’re trying to vacuum or you know you can tell your dog to place go sit up on them. I use an ottoman at my house. My dog will jump upon me.

Dog Training in Tulsa Now your dog and the furniture. I sure do. In fact he’s got his own furniture. Does have furniture for that. Yeah. I spoil him. Is that a lot for a trainer. It is. It is. OK. Anyways keep going.

So it’s good for control you know if you know if I have a dog you know say for instance I bring in a new dog to my house. OK my dog Ferro we talked about him on the other podcast. Right. He’ll want to run and play with the dog and they run and play you know. And of course I’m like OK I need to go put the dog up right. Well I just tell FERO place you know because he’s playing with the dog at Tom place. He stops fighting with the dog he goes and jumps up on that thing. The dog is still trying to jump up and play with him but I can easy walk over it grab the dog take him off. You know so it’s really good for control. Absolutely. It’s an obvious boundary that the dog learns. He has to stay stand upon and stay up on that obvious boundary. Right. And so for any reason that you need control you know that’s that’s kind of where we use it for.

Dog Training in Tulsa And so you’re in people’s houses every day and when they say hey well why don’t we just sit her down the dog. What do you say to that.

Dog Training in Tulsa Well I tell them that place is an obvious boundary. It’s easier to teach the dog how to stay back on a boundary than just to do it because if the dog makes a mistake there’s no place to send them back to their you know if they get up they want to run wherever. When you have a place you can move take them back to that place and you teach them that that’s where they’re supposed to stay the exact spot that they’re supposed to go to.

Yes great. So awesome. So when we were a work in place I like to explain to people as like a hey yeah we can get to sit and downstairs but the quickest most amount of control is the place because it is like you were saying the obvious boundary. And we can send it back to him if say the dog sitting in there is an imaginary X or anything but if the dog gets up and takes a step forward no dog is going to go like I’m going to shoot backwards and go back to my exact spot. I hope that you will understand that Birendra don’t understand that. So we can teach that boundary with a box first and then once the dogs really understand the concept of what we’re doing and we get enough repetition then we can remove that box and work sitting down stays on the floor. And once we have that time but the place is always good just like if you’re like if you put a little child in time out you’re not like OK well I want you to just stand still. Right. How much does that work with a little kid. No one ever says I want you to just stand still there like go sit in the corner. Or they’re like go sit on that chair or go to your room. They’re sending the child to a specific spot. Why. Because they’re a little kid. Well we do little dogs all day the dog’s brain they’re only like five year old in the brain.

Dog Training in Tulsa Right. When I was a kid and my dad sent me to the corner I would like inch along the wall. I looked at the TV or something like that. And when my dad saw that I was not in that corner I went right back.

The specific spot is very useful right we need it right. Can you do it without. Yes do some dog trainers do without. Yes absolutely. But our goal here at Tip-Top Kanon our Tip-Top method is based upon transference we don’t want to do anything that we can’t quickly and easily transferred to our people.

Yes. And that will literally you know that gives you a way of getting control the dog and making it clear the dog very quickly. So clients you as a as one of our clients you’re going to see that you are able to have control of the dog much quicker much more quickly by teaching your dog to stay on a place box as opposed to getting your dog to sit.

Oh yeah you’re going to get as a client you definitely get way more control because they say we have a normal dog a Labrador German shepherd. How long on a lesson does it take for you to teach your dog to place Robert and do a two to three foot stay. Literally.

I mean it depends on the dog but I want to say 15 minutes 15 minutes that’s pretty fast.

And how long does it take you to transfer that stay to the owner about four minutes. So is it a 19 minute lesson. There you go. Yeah. So. So yeah it takes just 15 minutes to teach the dog to jump on boxes and teach you a short stay but then obviously we have to get some repetition to get three to six feet away. But I’d say on a lot of my lessons the dog gets the concept of place in like 15 minutes pretty quick. The humans get the concept in about four or five minutes. Yes. Normally I’d say for a well-rounded dog a dog without any real issues and an hour we can teach the dog to jump on five or six new things and teach about a two to three maybe even four foot stay. Yeah. Right. And that’s B. 60 70 percent dogs 20 30 percent are going to take two lessons to do that. And then there’s going to be five percent that are going to take four or five lessons or they’re going to need doggie camp. Yes some dogs.

Dog Training in Tulsa Not every dog is created equal. No they’re not. Some dogs are a little hard headed or they’re stubborn or whatever. Right. But we’re talking about control really really really quickly. I’ve had lessons before with like a lab right. Labs are pretty easy to train. I have lab I love lab that’s my favorite breed. Yes. But pretty cool. Yeah I had it in where we were doing about three feet.

We jumped on four or five boxes you know like our standard and then we had about a three foot stay. This is our second lesson with the client and it is a chocolate lab and Matthew it was a Tulsa client. And once we got that through the first day I transferred it to the owner. I told the owner how to teach a dog to jump on the boxes had to go to the boxes I taught the owner how to do a three foot stay and then I showed them how to build some time as well. And so we got a three foot stay and we got about two minutes day at the lesson which is pretty good. Pretty good. Pretty good progress. Now all dogs learn that fast. And I gave them homework. I only want them to go out to six feet. Right. Their goal is I gave them. Show them how to build it. It’s a six foot stay that’s a 100 percent where I can get him 50 bucks or their dog won’t get off the box at six feet. And then to build a 10 minute stay. Yes. Right. Because one of the things that we see a lot of dog trainers doing correctly is they move too quickly incorrectly. They do incorrectly correctly.

Dog Training in Tulsa OK. I was like wait and correctly not correctly don’t do it correctly.

Yeah they do wrong. OK. Not right. So the one thing we see him do wrong is that they move too quickly on their stays. They work three feet for a few minutes and they work six feet for a few minutes and they work 10 feet for a few minutes and they work 12 feet and then the dog starts making mistakes and so you just keep working and keep working at 12 feet. And we like to build foundation. Yes. Everything we do is really foundation based. And so I had these people build up to six feet and build a 10 minute place and that next week we were able to take that dog like a house away. So like 50 feet yes six feet to 50 feet in one week.

Dog Training in Tulsa And that’s what’s important like this is key because so many people do try to rush that are the foundation men are first and foremost on the foundation. We want to lead. We want to bring clarity to the dog. OK. And so what I see with so many people is you know their dog may not be getting up but it doesn’t end all because the dog’s not getting up and you can walk away from it doesn’t mean that it’s clearly understanding what it’s not it doesn’t mean it’s hundred percent. Yes. And so what happens are people are like yeah my dog can do that but their dog can do it because it’s tired and it’s being lazy and doesn’t want to get up. That doesn’t mean that he clearly understands why it’s supposed to stay there. And that’s one of the biggest things so people do they move back so far. I mean people a lot of times want to you know if they’re dogs tired and just sitting there though they want to you know do it right 20 foot say don’t do it. And I’m like I know your dog seems like he’s doing good and he is. But we need to make sure that he’s clear on why he’s there and what you’re doing right.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yes so make sure focus on your foundation. Don’t go too far too fast. Right. We just we beat individuals heads Foundation Foundation Foundation. My wife used to work the boot camps. All right now she’s basically managing people. But she would work six to 10 feet for a week and I would take the dog 50 yards the second week. Yes. All she do is work that 10 feet until it’s 1000 percent perfect. Right. And that foundation is so important so please do not forget about your foundation when you’re working. So thank you for joining us for us to talk about place. We look forward to going on some different dog training tips with you next time we will see you later. Bye guys thanks. Bye