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Dog Training in Tulsa : Dogs Personalities

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Wimpey and I’m here with my co-host Robert Matt. Hello sir. What are you doing Robert.

I’m just getting ready to talk to some people Dog Training in Tulsa.

Nice how’s your day been so far. Pretty awesome awesome. Robert is one of our head trainers here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We do dog training obedience training off leash obedience manners and we also train aggressive dogs. Right. And Robert you’ve been training for how long again. Six years. That’s what you said last time. Just want to make sure it’s still been the same. Well I’ll let you know in a year or so. Awesome So we’ve been talking about the Tip-Top method of dog training and other methods that are out there.

Dog Training in Tulsa And in our last podcast we’re talking about how different dog trainers are even in Tulsa different Tulsa dog trainers they have different methods positive reinforcement negative reinforcement we teach attention. Our method of training is the Tip-Top method of dog training. We use a remote training collar. It’s a mild Mustin and we use regularly. Right. We’re saying that one of the big advantages to this is that we’re able to make it very clear to the dog right exactly what we’re asking and then we’re also able to make it clear to the client we’re able to transfer it. What is some of the I’ve got a couple stories. So when it comes to other methods especially Tulsa dog trainers people in Tulsa doing dog training the different methods that we see we see a lot of shenanigans. And by that I mean dog training junk.

What have you seen any of that. Yes. I mean a lot of people they go on YouTube and they watch stuff. They try to implement the things that they see. Right. And you know I’m not saying that it’s all bad or it’s good or whatever but you know one they get stuff from from YouTube they get stuff from other friends you know they’ll have a friend say oh yeah I’ve trained my dog and oh this is all you need to do. You know it’s not you know and one thing you have to realize every dog is so different. Dog Training in Tulsa Oh yeah. You know I have an audience all the time they’re like yeah I’ve trained all of my dogs and they’ve been perfect but I can’t train this one this. Yeah. And that’s the thing it’s like OK that you can get secondhand knowledge from someone over here who has trained their dog but their dog was you know golden retriever that was just super relaxed and wanted to you know be obedient. Listen to everything that you say you know and they have you know a Doberman Pinscher that is just crazy and has tons of energy. Right. And you can’t you can’t get it to focus to save your life.

You know so yeah.

Yeah. So every dog is really different. Right. And so some dogs have a lot of food motivation. Some dogs don’t. Some dogs have high pain tolerance. Some dogs are like really really sensitive.

Right. And so that’s why our method the Tip-Top method. Dog Training in Tulsa  If it’s based off different dogs personalities to say a lot of positive reinforcement trainers have torticollis. Why is that Robert.

Because they are just ridiculous and they’re easy dogs train and they have really high food motivation too.

So Border Collies are the easiest. AKC always in every almost test out there says that they’re the number one smartest dog you know. Right. So if you’re a dog trainer and you have a border collie and you have the smartest dog out there when it comes to dog training you have the dog the trainer in the system. Right. If your dog is awesome and you suck and your system sucks your dog still is awesome. Yes still looks good if it doesn’t you know.

Dog Training in Tulsa But when it comes to say a Shiba Inu or a really stubborn Bullmastiff if you’re not a good trainer and you’re not using a good system that dogs are going to listen if he’s a hard.

All right. And I think that’s where our method the Tip-Top method where we teach attention with the caller.

I think that’s where it really shines because this week I am I did a three and a half pound Yorkie.

I did a four and a half pound multi-CPU you and I did a great dane and I used the exact same method on all of them you know they’re very very different dogs very different right. I can’t. First off I can’t use force with those dogs. Right. Not at all. Not with those little bitty guys. And to be honest the Great Dane I I don’t want to right.

Not know what that big like I said few years ago we did 170 hundred ninety pound Great Danes. Like you’re going to muscle those around like. Yes. Not going to have to be exhausted. You are going to be super exhausted. So I think that’s one of the ways our method really shines is that it doesn’t really matter. I don’t need total food motivated dog or I don’t need a german shepherd or a Rottweiler that can handle heavy amounts of physical pressure and is really strong like a lot of people don’t know this but the like German shepherds and Rottweilers. A lot of them were bred from police or military working dogs.

Dog Training in Tulsa A lot of them that are imported have done Schutzhund over in Germany and they’re hard dogs like in shirts and in the it’s competition where it’s obedience protection and tracking. They have to take stick hits while they’re biting someone. You have to take sticks to the ribs and so they’re very very strong dogs. Right. I’m not advising to hit your dog with a stick. I’m just saying that’s what they do in that competition. Right.

But so then when someone’s like oh my dog still has a good attitude and he’s on he’s on a prong collar I trained him with a choke chain. OK well are you going to use that with a three and a half pound Yorkie. Probably not. Probably not. It is probably not going to work. No. And I think that’s why we have so many reviews on line right now. The Great Dane was talking about that was a quadruple referral Robert. That’s a lot of roles people like to talk. Yeah. That was three three of them were actually clients of yours that you did private lessons with and then one of them was boot camp that that we all trained. Just want to say thanks to all you people out there that are referring us. Yes we super appreciate your referrals referrals are huge for us. One of the things is we always try to over deliver what we try for sure.

Yeah we absolutely try. And obviously when people are getting outstanding results if you know they’re recommending their dog trainer and then they ask for another referral and they get the same dog trainer like again again again Dog Training in Tulsa.

So yes shout out to everyone in Tulsa that we’ve been training your dog. Thank you. Thank you. So yeah and I think that is because you know especially these people I know I’m not going near them on the air but that referred us they’re busy people. They’re not going to hand-feed their dog.

No they don’t have time to spend hours and hours and hours and hours every single day trying to get the results right.

But they have 15 20 30 minutes a day or 30 minutes a few times a week to work with the dog if they have it easy easy method and quick result. Right. That’s what we’re about. We’re not about cutting corners but we want to bring clarity to the dog. So another quick story of dog doing shenanigans. Robert I’m thinking about it. All right. This is horrible. I went to a client’s house and I was asking you know how were you what have you done with the dog so far. Oh we did training with him. So and so blankety blank and I’m like ok cool cool cool. Yeah. They’re like do you know him. And I’m like yes I know of him and they’re like yeah. Well he he he trains like the Dog Whisperer and I’m like oh OK. And then I was like So what does your dog know. Can I. Can you show me what your dog learned with so and so class. And they’re like yeah absolutely. Hold on let me go let me go grab my stuff. And I was like I thought they’re going to go grab like a bag of treats. You know it was the most of the Tulsa dog trainers here are more street trainers right that they’re going to grab bag treats and she came back with a piece of chain Oh nearly 12 inches of like chain link like like tractor chain. Right. And I was like What are you doing with that. And she was like oh this is my attention tool and I’m like oh OK.

And so she starts shaking in her hand like it’s balled up in her hand like this 12 inch a chain and she starts bouncing it up and down tows like ch ch and the dog tucks his tail and he cowers.

He was like super happy there and stuff. He talks his tail and he cowers and he starts like looking like he’s about to get beat and I’m like oh God what are you doing. She was like oh this is my attention to all that so-and-so talks to you is only how do you use it. And she goes well this is there’s a tension noise.

Dog Training in Tulsa And then if he doesn’t pay attention I throw it at his face.

So she really said that she literally said that I throw it at his face. And so I don’t want to you know I don’t make her feel bad. She obviously doesn’t know any better. She’s doing what she was taught I was taught by a dog trainer and so and so yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Supposed to dog trainer anyways. So I sat there straight face and I said awesome. And so how is that working for you.

Dog Training in Tulsa And she says Well great but sometimes in the backyard I don’t have good aim. And so if he’s by the swing set it’s really hard for me to hit him. Oh that’s it. Cows release the dogs like terrified. So yeah that’s what I call dog train shenanigans right.

Dog Training in Tulsa A redneck logic. Right we were in Oklahoma. So you see some of those Oklahoma dog turns have that redneck logic. So that’s where we use the remote callers an attention getter. We definitely don’t want to use chains. That’s pretty horrible. I can’t believe somebody did that. Yeah right. That makes me really sad. So please don’t use that if you’re looking for a dog trainer. Feel free to go to our Web site Tip-Top canine dotcom V.I.P GOP canine dot com. And we’d be more than happy to come out. Our first lesson is only one dollar right. Pretty hard to beat. And now we’ll be able to show you results on the spot with your dog. So thank you everyone for tuning in and we look forward to talking with you next time. See you guys.