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Dog Training in Tulsa : Good Dogs

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Wimpey and I’m here with my co-host Robert muffin. Robert. Hello. What’s up guys and trains and dogs out there training some dogs. Well we’re here in Tulsa Oklahoma where we’re tip top canine dog training and we do dog training. We work aggressive dogs. We train obedience obedience manners and more. So today we’re going to talk about Robert. We’re going to talk about preparing your dog for trade offs. So we go to a lot of people’s houses and there they want to start right away with training but their dogs aren’t always ready. And so what would you say is the biggest few things that someone could do to get their dog ready for training. Well see of our list are the same Dog Training in Tulsa .

Well I’m definitely say one of the big things is getting your dog used to wearing a collar. Absolutely. And walking on a leash.

Dog Training in Tulsa  Oh those are huge walking on a leash. I’d say those are probably both the two biggest things.

OK. Yep. Because you know we’re going to come out to your house and we’re going to train your dog and stuff like that but get your dog doesn’t even know how to walk on the leash that’s a pretty big deal. You know we end up spending a whole bunch of time just literally trying to get the dog used to the leash. Well you know when you’re paying for a professional to come out to your house you want them using their their their skills having to do super foundational stuff. Oh and on a leash you know like if you know we’re going to build off of whatever foundation is already laid in exactly you know what I mean. So if you guys have some sort of foundation in the dog. Well we’re here to take that further. Right. But if the dog has zero foundation whatsoever we’re starting from scratch.

Dog Training in Tulsa  So yeah and I’d say we don’t necessarily have to when he’s his foundation. He’s talking about the super basics. So if your dog has never been on what we did to dogs so a long time ago on and they were basically wild dogs right now we’ve been on a car never been on a leash. Well for us to get anywhere with them it’s going to take two weeks to where we normally get in like one or two lessons. Right. And so we definitely need the dog used to a collar. He should have already been wearing a collar for a week or two or a month. Right. Just a regular caller the caller that we’re going over of last podcast. And so to start dog training we also need the dogs good on leash pressure. Yes. That doesn’t mean a lot of people are like oh he doesn’t heel yet. That’s why I called. Well that’s not exactly what we’re talking about right now.

We don’t need the dog heeling we don’t ride the dog train. We just need him to be able you know not freak out when we put a leash on.

Right. And so some people went to House of the day a little mini dachshund rank and he’s about five and a half pounds and he can walk on a harness doesn’t mind the harness but he hates the color. Well guess what. I started training him he started fighting a lot. You know what I mean. Once you drop and then roll it in freaking out. This guy wasn’t too bad he wasn’t death at all and on the course when the little dachshunds they really they really fight were doing. And if you seen him yet. Boot camp. He’s seven and a half year old dogs and you know I have not seen or you haven’t seen him and he’s guilty. He’s a little stinker though. He was pretty stubborn and a lot of those dogs and those little wiener dogs and we get to train them. They can be a little stubborn. But yes to the little mini he didn’t mind the Harnisch Rex is not that much control. Yeah. But the collar. And so he fought it. So when I started working with him he definitely fought it. And so I was like OK well we’re going to just go on some drags. Right. OK. And she’s like OK what’s that. And I literally just I just unleashed the dog out and I just walk and the dog can walk with me or the dog can kind of frolic along behind me and jump up and down and he was kind of jumping up and down for a little while and she’s like oh he looks uncomfortable and he’ll be OK.

Dog Training in Tulsa  Just give him just a minute and you know it didn’t take like you know three minutes and then the dog has given him the leash pressure and walking. There you go. And so is the dog a little uncomfortable. Absolutely. Every dog when you first put them on a leash and first put them on the collar they’re going to be uncomfortable. Right. Like little kids are uncomfortable when they first have to wear like socks and shoes and whatever. Right. And you deal with it the dog is fine. The dog will be all right. So if people don’t work that dog through that leash pressure it gets ugly.

Dog Training in Tulsa  And you know I know Ryan was saying that it took just a few minutes but that’s not always the case sometimes you have to work the dog for a lot longer you know. Yeah and every dog is different you know when it comes to training and how long it was given to you know these pressure whatever it is you know every dog is different. You know some dogs a little more stubborn. Some dogs just naturally you know they don’t mind it you know. But you know it’s just important to make sure that we are focusing not on simple things like yeah yeah we don’t want to be wasting your time you’re going to be paying a lot first to come out.

Dog Training in Tulsa  Right. We are. We’re the best in Oklahoma but we’re not the cheapest. Right. And so we’re going to make a lot of progress with your dog but we definitely need him to be able to give any additional pressure. So I think my worst case scenario is I did about seven years ago a little Yorkie. Right. He was five and a half years old and he couldn’t walk on a leash. Yes. Yes that’s a long time a long time. You know why. Every single time they put him on a leash he’d freak out and so they stop. They never worked him through it like the little docks and ducks and took three Mansell’s some dogs took a lot longer. They’re more stubborn just like you said Robert. Well with this little Yorkie. I put them on and they’re like oh no we just stop we can’t walk around the block or anything. So when I put them on the leash at five and a half years old he pooped he project out pooped. He jumped in the air and pooped and death rolled and started paying any bit the least till his mouth bled. This is not me even walking with him Ray. So now the leash on just the leash. Yeah. And so he hates it. Right. And so I’m like OK well I can’t we can’t do private lessons with a dog like that. No no.

So we had the boot camp the dog and we had to walk with the dog like two to three hours a day and conditioned to the leash you know I think it was like five days or so before I could actually do any training. Yeah. Right. And so it would save them a lot of time a lot of money if they just said hey buddy I know this is uncomfortable. They try to make it as good as they can for the guy but eventually be like hey some stuff in life is uncomfortable. You know it’s OK. You’re not going to die. I’m not hurting you.

Dog Training in Tulsa  And some people you know a lot of times why the they don’t realize but what they’re doing is when a dog is you’ll see in this instance you know the dog is up that has some kind of. And what’s happening is the dog has anxiety over the leash. And as soon as they start seeing the dog responding in a negative way they feel bad and they try to take that pressure away from the dog instead of teach him how to be OK. Yes. And it’s very important that you teach the dog to learn how to be able to handle the pressure. Right. You know and that’s what we did we were conditioning the dog through his anxiety. Teaching him that hey you’re going to have to do it and everything will be all right. Right. You know if you otherwise they can stay in an anxious state forever. Yep. And so you know that’s just a big deal to make sure that the the dog learns to handle those kids those different kinds of pressures and not to take them.

And then so that we need the caller we definitely at the leash and then some people are like Well is there anything I’m going to do to mess up my dog or can I still walk my dog around the block on a leash. Sure what else should I do. Any any other recommendations. I know those are definitely the biggest Two.

Dog Training in Tulsa  You know just one I think it’s important you know for potty training to make sure you take the dog out on a leash. That’s good. At the same spot of the yard. Right. To go potty. You know I mean you walk the dog to decide to go every time you want to start taking them out get them to the same spot. So they work upon you.

So that’s good to go ahead and start in the potty training. I would say one of the big things they could do is they could they could work a little basic set and basic down that could teach the dog the name right. So I mean literally just you’re taking food and taking it to the dog’s nose and just going up a little bit and then opening your hand giving it to the dog when he down. When he sits and the same with down. So I mean like super basic sitting down doesn’t mean he’s going to do it every time. Doesn’t mean he’s going to a distraction. We’d also say like hey Rover Rover and Rover looks young you give him a biscuit. Right. Just super basic like nothing nothing. We’re not looking for perfection here but just starting the dog on. Hey sometimes. You know I have to listen sometimes I have to pay attention.

Dog Training in Tulsa  A big thing for me and I think you know every time I go to a client’s house you know and they deal with something they got a puppy. You know that they’ve had for eight months or whatever. I always wish that I could go back talked to them right as they got the dog you know. One of the things that I think the biggest problem that people have when it comes to getting a new dog is freedom. They give the dog a true freedom no boundaries right from the get go no boundaries. So that’s when they start having issues. The dogs going off and partying in the house where the dogs going off and chewing on the furniture chewing on the crown molding. Like right. We see that stuff all the time the owners are just horrified. Yeah I know. Yeah. Now of course that’s how we you know get our business. You know they don’t know what they’re doing. And the dog is causing their lives to be not so fun. Right. One of the things I think is super important is if you just put the dog on a leash and keep the dog with you while you’re home you know crate the dog when you’re not home when they are home. Just walk the dog on the leash that way the dog can kind of be free. He can kind of but he’s he’s not totally free. He has boundaries. He has to follow you. He has to be with you right that way.

Dog Training in Tulsa  You know he’s not the dog is not able to go and chew on stuff and go potty if he goes potty. You’re right there. Right. I see it and you’re going to be able to take them out and rush them outside. You know so literally by just walking the dog around on leash Why why you while he’s a puppy. I think we’ll set up the dog for understanding boundaries and to be a good dog.

Dog Training in Tulsa  Great advice. Yes. Not 100 percent freedom. Do set some boundaries start setting boundaries early start letting your dog know something’s expected of them getting them used to the leash and the collar. Awesome. Thank you sir. Well that’s all we have for today guys.