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Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I am your host Ryan Wimpey and I’m here with my co-host Robert Methven. Robert Hello sir. What’s up guys. How are you doing. Pretty good. Awesome. Well for all those dog freaks out there what do we got from today Robert. We’re going to talk about.

Well today I wanted to talk a little bit about callers. OK Dog Training in Tulsa .

Perfect. So you know Robert and I were full time dog Terence’s is all we do. We’re in Tulsa Oklahoma right now branching out to a lot of new areas. But we want to come to you and separate some fact from fiction and and dog stuff gave the some help. And so when you talk about college what do you mean Robert.

Dog Training in Tulsa  Well there are different collars out there. And you know when it comes to expression training and just being comfortable with you know knowing that you have a good solid color. One of the callers that you just mean like around the dog’s neck. Right. Just regular collar that you put on the dog’s neck. You know they have different kinds you know some buckle and some are just a strap little Moby’s that kind of locks it in there. So the collar that I want to talk a little bit about today is the clips. The one with the plastic clips as a dog trainer you know. We train a lot of different dogs some dogs are just good dogs just need a little bit of work and some dogs are maybe super aggressive. OK. And you just get it a whole different whole bunch of different kinds of dogs that you’re dealing with. Well especially when you’re dealing with an aggressive dog or maybe a dog that you know runs away or something like that you want to make sure that you have a good solid color you want to make sure that the collars on nice and tight you want to make sure that it’s just a solid collars that. What do you mean by solid solid collar like I just mean like something that’s that’s not going to come off the dog. Something that’s going to be secure. And so there are collars out there that are just there all right. But you know they’re not super secure.

Dog Training in Tulsa  So I really like the leather and the like like that Paula and that like really thick plastic. I really like that. So I know you have a story for us about one of your lessons that I went and saw and then you went and started training the dog right. Yes. And it involves hair color which is why you that’s what you want to talk about right. Yes. So what happened tell us.

So it’s important that when you guys are having you know a trainer come out your house or even just for yourselves just for safety purposes to have a good collar we see here at Tip-Top are not super excited about those clip collars.

That’s the understatement of the year. Those plastic ones that a lot of people like them because they’re just they’re easy you just kind of clip them to the dog. Right right. Right.

Well we find that that’s not always the best because although they work you know in some instances they’re not the most secure. And so for working with a aggressive dog. OK. I would not work an aggressive dog with one of those collars with a plastic clip collar. No because you know those collars have come on come apart come off the dog. And what Ryan was referring to earlier was I was at a client’s house and I went to take the dog out you know to go work the dog in the front yard. And as I was walking out the gate the dog as soon as I opened the gate dog hit the end of the leash as hard as it could it was just trying to run. Instantly the collar popped off the dog and the dog went running and they don’t have a fence.

Dog Training in Tulsa  They don’t have a fence blocked. I was walking out of the fence. They do OK. Oh I guess I’m a little yard fence. Yes. But they lived on acres of land right.

Well for the dog to run. Yeah. So the dog would just go go go go.

Well there’s more to this story. Oh yeah. The dog had previously gotten out of the house and ran over to their parents house and attacked their dog. Pretty viciously. So this dog was aggressive towards other dogs and it literally ran across these acres of land to get over to this other dog. And caused it you know caused enough damage to have to take the dog into the ark.

Dog Training in Tulsa  I think they had like 20 something stitches and they said it started separating the muscle. Yes. It went all the way down to the bone. And the vet had said if it had been around the dog’s throat the dog probably would have died. But it was on the muscular side of the neck. Wow. Wow. Pretty crazy. So you took that dog outside and the first thing he did was slam the leash and that plastic clip popped up.

It just popped right off the dog went running and yeah. Luckily the one of the owners was out fishing at them. The dog ran straight to the owner. Yeah.

So you tell me you had to make sure that the dog was out. Yes. That was good. Good job to be a dog trainer.

Dog Training in Tulsa  And then dog training we always want to make sure that we are you know we take every precaution. OK we want to be. We want to make sure that there is just you know with aggressive dogs with whatever we want to make sure that we do everything in our power to make sure that no issues can happen. So I had when I was there I told everyone I said have everybody on this land you know there were several houses several family members living here put up all of your dogs. You know I’m going to have the dog on a long leash on and I have the dog controlled you know. But just in case something happened I want to make sure that the dog’s OK that everything’s set you know so they didn’t that’s why we don’t get bit very often that’s true because we try to make sure nothing happens. Yes we overprepare Yeah exactly. So in doing that though you know since I had them put up all the dogs and make sure everything happened even though the dog got loose right I still knew that the dog was going to be able to get over to the other dogs. And he has any fights or issues. So you want to make sure when you’re dog trainer that you are overprepared right that you make sure that you take every precaution to make sure you’re safe. The people around you are safe and don’t take chances. You know you take chances. And even though you may be a good dog trainer It just takes one time and get that dog.

I’ve actually had the same thing and it was probably Kespin training full time like nine years I guess it was probably that first or second year and I had a it was a pit only there a pit bull or pit lab mix has been a while but same thing. He hit the leash and boom that plastic clip just broke. And this dog went running. Not a good place to be an expression. In your case when the dog’s not aggressive right and he was what £85. Pit.

Yes. Pretty big guy. Yeah. No I wasn’t worried with him around or anything. I was just with other dogs.

So I know a lot of people say like OK well instead of the color my dog doesn’t look like it can he just wear a harness which feeling in harnesses Robert.

I think our harnesses are OK for some things but not for training. And why is that. Because in training you don’t have as much control. You know when the train does not give us more control I feel like he can just manhandle the dog. That’s what people tell me anyway. No no you don’t get control. So what happens is if you are able to control that the head of the dog.

Dog Training in Tulsa  OK. You are able to get the dog to move in in certain directions you’re able to manipulate the dog in in certain directions to be able to train the dog when you have a harness on that hooks usually to the back of the dog’s back. Right. OK. Similar to the dog’s back at the center of the dog’s back which gives the dog the ability to go in whatever direction it wants. You know if it wants to spin three times it can spin three times. Right. Because you’re not able to manipulate the dogs in the direction that you want to go. So I don’t hate harnesses for training purposes. We’re not able to control the dog in the way that we need to.

Dog Training in Tulsa  I kind of hate him. I mean the sled dogs wear harnesses so when I see people I don’t I don’t hate him for some of the different exercises we can use him right. I know people use him for tracking him protection but basically sled dogs were harnesses so if you want to try to control your dog. I know we had a dog. You might remember it was. It was quite awhile ago and it was a Yorkie and he had a had a collapsing trachea and so he had to work him on a harness. You remember that. There’s a lady we did three boot camps for her at boot camp their dogs here in Tulsa. We take people’s dogs and we do a boot camp where they live with us for three or four weeks right and we fully train them we do all their homework 50 60 hours of work and then we go back and train them. And this lady did a boot camp with a little Yorkie and it had a collapsing trachea. So when we place when we had a jump on boxes and stay normal we use the call or we can lead the dog up. But this way you would walk up to the box and the dog would just turn sideways and they have no control. Yeah. And on heel turns right. And the dog would turn left because I can’t move his head and control own body. So it made it a whole lot harder. Yeah I definitely think the big takeaway from today’s show is we need a tight collar.

Dog Training in Tulsa  It needs to be a buckle color more like a belt buckle no plastic clips no adjusting really needs to be a belt buckle type collar where it fits in that hole it’s in the hole and you can’t move it on to a lot of people. For the bootcamps if I’m going to pick up their dog I need to not be able to wrestle the color off your dog’s head because if they’re in a new place with new people they don’t know what’s going on. Right. If they start trying to back out of the car which happens right we’ve seen that happen. They sure try. Yep. So belt buckle type collar needs to be tight. You shouldn’t be able to wrestle it off your dog’s head. And if you have that you’ll be good for training. So thanks for joining us. I know we just talked about callers but will we have some more exciting stories to tell our next podcast. So Robert thank you sir. Thank you Ryan. We’ll see you guys later