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Okay, so we’re talking about potty, training and consistency, so are Tulsa area dog training, people when it comes to dog training and using pee pads. We highly recommend against using the pee pads and will potty pads sound, very convenient and it gives a dog a place to go in side really. We need to go back to where the puppy pads came from a lot of people use them, but they don’t know the history of them. They don’t know why they’re using them, they just know it’s up to call to potty pad, or it’s called a pee pad. So the dog will want a pot of your pee on it. Okay, well puppies when they’re about 45 weeks old and they are able to kind of be wandering around a little Dog Training Tulsa bit away from Mama. Then, when Mom and dog sees them start to indicate that they can use the restroom, what time she’ll push him out of a little Nest area, so mother’s kind of nests in the kind of have a little area that they they stay with with the pops. With a nurse and everything lots of animals to get they go to little hidey-hole or what not but Mama doesn’t want. The dogs, pooping and peeing, like all over where she’s laying right so she’ll, start to push him out just got to push him out once they’re able to walk around a little more in a little more mobile about 4 to 5 weeks old, so start to push Him, and so this is why a lot of good breeders use potty pads are newspapers and they have a spot for the puppies to go, Dog Training Tulsa so they don’t wet and poop in their sleeping area and still mom’s, not obviously wedding or pooping. Dog Training Tulsa Her sleeping area and she’ll start to teach the little pups 8 get out of here. What are you doing? Don’T do that and so that’s what the puppy pads are used for their used to start a potty training. Have it with young dogs starting a potty training habit is not the same as they should poop on it. For the next fourteen years, Frank cell pad should not be used for ever. I had an aunt her little Yorkie did go on pads and newspaper for next 14 years right, so you can train the dogs too, but that’s not our recommendation right. So it’s important to know that originally they’re taught just to teach the dog to not go where they sleep, but potty pads used for ever will become a potty mat on the floor party. Sweatpants party rock party, towel potty anything absorbent, my aunt who’s little Yorkie is about 4 lb to potty train. It would go on towels. It Go on rugs, bathroom rugs newspaper magazine it going anything on the floor right cuz, it was potty trained and they were pads in different rooms, there’s pads in different parts of the house, so it would go on all over the place right. So that is because the biggest issue with potty pads is: they do not promote consistency. What we’ve been talking about is potty trained, is all consistency, and when we use the pads there is no consistency, there’s a pad in room one or two bedroom. Two there’s a bat in the bathroom there’s a patent, different rooms of the house right and there is no consistency. There was one lady I went to everywhere.

Her dog pee in the house should put a potty pad and I’m not lying. I went to her house and she might have 30 pads down, but the dog I find a new place to be right. There’S no consistency. The dog is completely on potty train. The pads are not helping at all.. She was a very, very kind lady. She came to our group classes for a year and her dogs doing excellent this boy potty trained, but she didn’t know what to do. She knows the potty pads for potty right, but she has a German Shepherd at 6 months. Old he’s likes 55 lb and he’s urinating tons all over the carpet. So she just trying to save her carpet. You know, but there’s no consistency there. She would take the dog outside the dog pee outside in side of everywhere right. So if it all goes in all these different rooms – and it goes outside – there’s no consistency, so the dog cannot be allowed to potty inside and outside, and we just didn’t have the house – and it was like a very very nice house and the dog peed on Their Persian rug, cuz it makes the pad right. Dog Training Tulsa That’S not really, okay. So for all these reasons we will not use any mats or dog beds in the crate, so it cannot be used as a young dog as a potty pad just shoved off to the side. Very often, we’ve seen dogs use their mats and their bedding and blankets as a potty pad and some of them what does pee on it and just kind of scared that a little bit to the side, some of it will try to push it to the opposite Side of the crate, so it will just kind of flip it over and lay on it and will have a problem with it. So we want to take out all the bedding in the crate right, so it does not become a potty pad, especially if we got the dog from good breeder and the breeder taught the dog to they had a little area for the dog, and one side was To potty one side goes to sleep, not that far away right. We don’t want to create that thing, Dog Training Tulsa but now inside of a crate. So why tell people is what, if they are in, like a 10-story apartment building and they have to use either a grass pad or a potty pad? Okay. Well, if you want to – and I had one that really really wanted to – and I said – okay, I’ve had a few, but I’ve only had one that was like a taker for it. If someone really wants to train their dogs to go in side or use the potty pad or Grass Pad, then that must be the only spot. The dog goes potty. The dog no longer goes potty on the grass. Why? But his potty train is all about consistency. So if you’re going to use a pad Dog Training Tulsa and you use a pad only or if you want the dog to go on the Grass Pad on the balcony, then what I recommend is the potty pad be in a different place and a different surface, and that there Is only one spot in the house only that’s it. So what we found at work boy found the camp remote consistency is take a pan like a litter box type and that the cat has did the cat a cat, litter pan. But it’s for dog warden put one pad, and in that way the dog has to step into the area.

You can go potty and then it has to step out of the area right. This can promote consistency in that it can’t just hit a little and hit the floor, then what I recommend doing is eventually taking the lid and putting it on top of it, so it literally looks exactly like a cat box that way it is completely different. Everything else is going to be the same if the dog does not potty, it goes to the crate right, I’m going to take it to that little area, I’m going to set it in there. I want to say: go potty go potty, go potty. If the dog doesn’t use, the restroom is going to go to the crater of place so same exact method, but it has to be a one spot, only right, so obviously the inside of the rest of his life right. I have had a trainer friend of mine. He said he had them to do it, litter boxes and technically, I feel like if you’re consistent enough, you could teach a dog to only potty in one couch right now. If you want to talk to only potty on couches, you can do that, but the issue is, you have to be consistent. If the dog pees and the pad and the Grass Pad and outside and the carpet, then the dog is not potty trained. The dogs are going wherever it wants to Nexus we’re going to talk about crate training. Dog Training Tulsa We as a whole and dog trainers in the whole do recommend the crate. Now a lot of people think the crates bad, that the crate is not bad at all right. A lot of people say that dogs are din, animals technically and the scientific Dog Training TulsaCommunity dogs are not Den animals, but they do used Inns and they do have a den Instinct. If that makes sense, so a mother or a mother, dog or a hurt dog will use. Add in as a safe place, so in some one of the word, their den animal, but not like a badger or a fox, or something like that. So technically, scientifically there not a den animal, but they do used in Xanadu have Dan instinct the biggest thing with the crate is it helps the dog kind of fit into her life and a crate really helps the dog stay safe, not only from potting and spots. Are not supposed to, but also from eating stuff and destroying thanks, so I had a roommate a long time ago and his dog that was a new dog to him.

He didn’t really know was napping with him in bed and got off the bed and shooting electrical cord, and I heard a screeching awful scream from the other room, and this dog who is new to us, had to throw a fan cord and got electrocuted. And he didn’t die, I think God, but if he was a puppy, he probably would have right and the dog was scared to death and it probably took him Dog Training Tulsa an hour to calm down cuz. He got blasted by some electricity. So, if using a crate, when he wasn’t being watched as a brand new dog, until you know him that would have ever happened if it was a young that was an adult dog, he was 80 lb right. But if that was a young 10 pound dog, you know that dog could have died and it does happen so the same with eating plants, eating potting, soil, eating, poison, eating all types of stuff dogs, any all types of stuff. Little puppies don’t know they’re going to play with stuff with their mouth, so the crate keeps them safe. Okay, keep them safe from whatever in the house, the other big benefit for crate training. We will go over neck